David Johnson NFL, Bio, Age, Height, Salary, Personal Life, Family & Interesting Facts

David Johnson NFL, Bio, Age, Height, Salary, Personal Life, Family & Interesting Facts
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Posted By: Tyron Jones | December 1, 2018

David Johnson Introduction

David Johnson is an American football running back a player who plays for Arizona Cardinals. The young football player is considered one of the most celebrated football player of the era. His college football career starts form Northern Iowa. Currently, he is regarded as an outstanding player for his team Arizona Cardinals. Here below articles concerns with all the things about his personal and professional life including wiki, bio, age, height and all you want to know about him. Have a look.

David Johnson’s Personal life

From being brutal on the field to be pure family men off the field, this something most commonly associated with the lifestyles of NFL stars. Like all other celebrities, the NFL stars very much have the personal life and this is something their fans are curious to know about.

It wasn’t the roses of bed for David Johnson since his early age. Being upheld by his single mother along with five other siblings, it either not an easy job to do all of this with a parade of low-paying jobs. David is a triplet with sisters Darnecia and Danielle. Other than that, he has three other siblings. He along with his sisters started running track in grade school, and he was good at it. The unfortunate heart condition of his sister Darnecia led to her exit from the running track, and this change-of-events pushed Johnson to do more and more.  Once telling in an interview, he told that since the exit of his sister due to the heart condition, he never took on his sports participation for granted.

It will be pertinent to mention here that to be less of a burden on his mother; David remained most of the time interested in the organized sports.  The thing you can’t miss to know about Arizona star is that he was a three-sport star in his childhood, who was equally good in basketball, track, and football. With setting numerous records during his school days and then in college time, finally one day he was lucky enough to get drafted in NFL and that too against big bucks. He started off his new journey in April 2015 with getting married to Meghan Johnson. The couple was blessed with a son in January this year to whom they introduced David Jerome Johnson Jr.

David Johnson’s Family Tree

David Johnson’s Affairs:

He started off his new journey in April 2015 with getting married to Meghan Johnson.

David Johnson NFL Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Salary, Wife & Interesting Facts

The conclusive research deep down in the pages of history required when it is about the family tree of the person. It will be pertinent to mention here that fans are always curious to know about the lineage of their stars. Therefore, we are trying to bring out all the available family details in the section called family tree.

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David was fifth of six children born to a single mother, Regina Johnson. The day 16th December 1991 brought triplet in the life of Regina, who was already struggling to support her three children. Out of the triplet on that day, Danielle was the youngest, then David and Darnecia respectively. All of them had minutes differences from one and another.

Before this triplet, Regina had three children which include a son and two daughters. The son named Marcus and daughters named Vatina and LaToria. The oldest of all the siblings were Latina, who was born with a mental condition that restrains her from speaking, reading or writing. In short, David Johnson’s mother had troublesome life, and it also affected him and siblings somehow.  Besides all the poverty, and struggling to get a meal each day, Johnson took all the positives from it and tried to live life simple and easy as much as it could be.

After getting drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in 2015, Johnson thought to begin his new life journey, and for this purpose, he got married to Meghan Brock. The two are the happy couple as of now and are blessed with a son. Whom they named David Jerome Johnson Jr.

It will be worth mentioning here that David is spending good days of his life with his superb performances at NFL. And spending most of his free time with wife Meghan and 6-month old kid.

David Johnson’s Net Worth:

As fans are conscious of every single detail about their stars, they also have a sharp eye on the net worth of their favorite stars. To be very honest, net worth also counts for the popularity of the star as it has details about signings, endorsements, deals, and personal investments.

David Johnson is new to the NFL scenarios as he just drafted back in the 2015 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals. Before all this, the things were not very much smooth for Johnson, who used to play college football at Northern Iowa. The NFL draft 2015 came in as a ray of hope and light in Johnson’s longtime dark life.  Up the latest, he is into a happy life with his wife Meghan Brock and a son, to whom they named David Jerome Johnson Jr.

Talking about is net worth, experts suggest that he has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. Out of which personal investments have maximum share with $1.3 million.  Back in 2015, Johnson became the Round 3 pick for the Arizona Cardinals, which offered him a 4-year contract worth $2,919,373 including $639,373 as the signing bonus and the same amount as the guaranteed money. Roughly the annual salary of Johnson is around $0.7 million. Specifically, in 2017, he will be earning a salary of around $615,000. Along with the workout bonus of worth $25,000. His base salary will be maximum in 2018 under the contract. As it will be his contracts’ last year with AC. According to the experts, in 2020 Johnson will be set as a free agent. But even before this, there are some strong indications that Cardinals will went on to have a contract extension with him.

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Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much regarding the brand’s endorsements so far. But as he is exponentially showing off his talent, in the next several years. He will have more of this field in his hand.

It will be pertinent to mention here that, Johnson’s story is the perfect rags-to-riches story. As throughout in his childhood he went through some serious troubles. Being one of the six children of a single mother. It was never that easy for Johnson to achieve that much in life.  Johnson has been quite vocal about his struggling past, and feel blessed for the change of fortunes.

David Johnson’s Cars Collection:

David Johnson NFL Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Salary, Wife & Interesting Facts

All the celebrities tend to move around in luxury cars and planes all across the globe. Since being very rich have some of the luxuries cars in their fleet that depicts their physiological taste.

Unlike many other football stars, David Johnson has not many luxuries or supercars to his name. Making it precise, he only owns one luxury car and that BMW X6 M Mansory. A microscopic view of his life tells that he is not one of the car enthusiasts. And now with having much more into his vault he loves to have only one car. That is purely for comfortable traveling.

So far in his journey, David Johnson seems to be humble and very down to earth man as even being new to the stardom. He very well knows how to make the right decisions which keeps his foot very much on the earth.

David Johnson’s House

David Johnson NFL Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Salary, Wife & Interesting Facts

Usually, the sports stars love flaunting their extravagant lifestyles, which includes their cars collection, houses and much more. There is no second opinion that these houses. Which are simply for the residence purpose got on to become the luxurious villas or mansions when it is about the superstar’s living.

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The aforementioned statement doesn’t go on same for the Arizona Cardinals Running Back David Johnson. Who is quite choosy and limited about his lifestyle. Unlike many of other co. Players, he doesn’t flaunt much of his lifestyle and remains humble of whatever he has been blessed so far. After getting the NFL signing, he went on to buy a house. Worth $0.4 million in his birth place area Iowa. And other than that, he seems to have no other piece of land.

David Johnson Best Friends:

David Johnson Controversies:

The fantastic-going career stands miles away from the controversies. His passion and plan to execute it rightly is something. That restricts him from being in the headlines for the negatives. In his third season overall at NFL, the most depressing or the hurting thing David’s fans came to know about him was his serious injury in the first week of January this year. Due to this injury, he remained far away from the game. Actually more than the prescribed rest time by the physician.

David Johnson Facts:

  • David Johnson is fifth of six children born to a single mother, Regina Johnson. He was born triplet along with two sisters.
  • During his childhood, he did detasseling corn so he could support his family along with mother’s earnings.
  • His mother worked in around every of the fast food restaurant from Burger King, Long John’s to McDonald’s.
  • In his childhood, he along with his family struggle to get a single meal per day.
  • Due to the burden of responsibilities, his mother started taking drugs and alcohol.
  • During his school days, Johnson was equally good in playing football, track, and basketball.
  • At Northern Iowa, David Johnson appointed a wide receiver. And later on, got a shift in his position to get recruited as the running back.
  • Johnson went on breaking 15 school records during his senior year at Northern Iowa.


David Johnson currently has 4-years contract with Arizona Cardinals. His score of 13 touchdowns as a rookie indicated. That he would surely be a big star of NFL in future. Like his performance and fandom, everything is exponentially moving in his favor. At the same time, experts are of the view. That he will also witness upward blow in his net worth and bank balance. His 4-year contract with Cardinals will be having a full stop in 2018. That means he will be available as a free agent in 2019. Meanwhile, many other NFL franchises have close eyes on the Johnson-Cardinal contract due date.

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