John Bradley Bio, Age, Height, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & More

John Bradley Bio, Age, Height, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & More
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Posted By: Saba Altaf | November 10, 2018

John Bradley is the famous actor who got the fame from his role in the HBO fantasy series named as Game of throne. He is playing the role of Samwell Tarly in the movie which suits his personality a lot. This series is for sure the biggest breakthrough of his career which he also admits. On the other hand, Bradley is the music lover and love to play drums. He is the biggest supporter of the Manchester United team. Bradley is one of the skilled artists of the game of thrones according to the media critics.

Who is John Bradley?

John Bradley got the fame with his role in the fantasy series of HBO named as a game of thrones. This series got a lot of attention from the audience, and his role is of Samwell Tarly which is the prominent role in the series. The series started in 2011, and till now it has covered five seasons almost. Bradley is one of the skilled artists and fits his role. This was the biggest breakthrough for Bradley. On the other hand, he plays drum and supports Manchester United team. Music also attracts Bradley.

John Bradley

Early life of John Bradley

John Bradley was born on 15th September 1988 in Wythenshawe, Manchester. He grew up in Catholic Wythenshawe district of south Manchester. Bradley attended the St Paul’s Roman Catholic High School. His elder sister is 13 years elder than him. Bradley attended Loreto College in Manchester in 2005. In this college, he studied drama and theatre. He did his graduation in 2007 from Loreto. Bradley received the degree of BA (Hons.) acting in the Manchester School of theatre from Manchester Metropolitan University and done his graduation in 2010. This is the reason that he became a skilled actor because acting is his passion and he loves to do it.

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Professional Life of John Bradley

Right after getting the diploma of graduation from University he was cast into the game of thrones in 2011 for a three-month audition. He was the friend of Kit Harington in the series, and his name was Jon Snow. In season one he was in the comic role and gave the relief to the audience.

Bradley always loves to do the comedy this is the reason he became one of the favorites for his audience. He came in the Canal+ drama named Borgia as Pope Leo X in the same year.

In the BBC radio Salford, he played Milos Hrma on the radio play pr0duction of closely observe trains in the year 2015. The biggest break of his career he believes is the Game of Thrones which gave him ultimate success in his career.

Achievements of John Bradley

John Bradley received a lot of achievements in his career life, and some of them are:

He got the biggest breakthrough when he cast in the fantasy series of HBO named as Game of Thrones.

Bradley is one of the best comedians, and this is the reason people love to see his movies and dramas so far. This is the biggest achievement for him.

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He won a lot of award nominations for his role in the drama Game of Thrones which he think are the biggest achievements.

John is the owner of his own brand named as Bradley motors. This is one of the bigger projects, and he is earning a lot from this.

John Bradley

Latest work of John Bradley

One of his projects was under production in 2017, and it was the film named Patient Zero his role name is Scooter. In this film, more actors from the game of thrones are also taking part. Some other projects are also under production, and he is working on them side by side. These will be aired soon on the TV for the audience.

Interesting Facts about John Bradley

John Bradley is 13 years younger than his sister which is quite a strange thing, and less audience know this.

Bradley is the owner of Bradley motors, and the company is making a lot of revenue every year this is the reason he uses to travel on different cars.

John is the drummer and the biggest supporter of Manchester United.

John Bradley and Relationships

He is single and does not have any relationship details in his past. He never was dating to anyone ever. Bradley has one sister, and she is 13 years elder than him. Both meet with each other quite often.

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John Bradley net worth

John Bradley

John Bradley net worth is $3 million according to the sources in 2017. He is working on more projects now, and this digit will increase for sure. On the other hand, he also has some endorsements which will give him more net worth.

John Bradley houses

John Bradley is also living in one of the small but luxury houses. The price of the house not known until now. But this house also has a swimming pool, small lawn, and a car porch for one car.

John Bradley car collections

John Bradley is the owner of Bradley motors also. He has a lot of cars from that point of view. He uses to travel in the luxury cars around the city. Bradley has a variety of cars.

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