Rob Gronkowski Family Tree, Father, Mother, Siblings, Relationships

Rob Gronkowski Family Tree, Father, Mother, Siblings, Relationships
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A family is the part of the life of a person that is going to determine either you be a successful person or a one with a failure in his life. Celebrities are also like normal human beings when it comes to family. Before all the fame and fortune of today they also were once part of the normal family but due to the support is given by their family, they are at the current point of their life. Many of the NFL players of today claim that it was their family that stood by their side when the going got tough and eventually they made a mark for them in NFL.

Rob Gronkowski Family:-

Gronkowski is the Football Tight End player for the New England Patriots NFL team. He is known majorly by his nickname of Gronk due to his brute strength and a speed of a battering ram to smash the opponent’s defensive position. Rob was born in state of New York’s city Amherst. While growing up he had lots of motivation and pushing by his father towards sports that made him able to pursue football as a full-fledged career. For fans of Rob Gronkowski, we have gathered all the family details available in public records. These details are as follows.

Rob Gronkowski Family Lineage:-

Although not much is known about his family lineage expect the fact that they have Polish blood running through their veins. Their family since the time of this great-grandfather has been living in America. His great-grandfather was part of the Olympic Cyclist team of USA. He also participated in 1942’s Olympic Cycling sport that held in Paris. The name of his Great Grandfather is Ignatius Gronkowski.

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Rob Gronkowski Father Name:-

The name of his father is Gordon Gronkowski. He for a small time played as the Offensive Guard for the Syracuse Football team. After that, he focused mainly on raising his huge family of five children. According to Rob, it was his father that pushed and motivated his children to excel in sports. He would push them to play sports like Basketball, baseball, and football. This is the reason that all of his brothers have played some major sporting season for either their university or for professional teams. Rob also contributes bets part of his career achievements to his father.

Rob Gronkowski Mother Name:-

The name of Rob’s mother is Dianne Walter Gronkowski. She is a simple housewife that is still living happily with her husband in their hometown. He loves his mother and the fact is evident by him visiting her occasionally during his offseason to meet her and have her homemade Chicken Soufflé.

Rob Gronkowski Mother
Rob Gronkowski Family

Rob Gronkowski Siblings:-

Gronkowski grew up with four other siblings and all of them were brothers. Three of the brothers were older than Rob and only was younger. They all played sports with one another and are still on good terms with each other. The names of Rob’s brothers are as follows.

  • Gordie Jr. is the eldest of Gronkowski brothers’ played baseball for the Jacksonville University. Other than that he also played baseball professionally as an independent player in major baseball leagues. His last professional appearance was in the team of Southern Illinois Miners team in the 2011’s Frontier League season.
  • The second brother is Dan Gronkowski who played the tight end for his University of Maryland’s team. After that, he drafting in 2009 NFL draft by Detroit Lions and played a professional Tight End for Detroit Lions.
  • Third brother’s name is Chris Gronkowski and he plays for the University of Maryland and later for the University of Arizona as the football tight end player. He also played four professional NFL seasons.
  • The last and youngest of Gronkowski brothers is Glenn Gronkowski. He picking up by New England Patriots and is still a member of his brother’s team as the Fullback.
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Rob Gronkowski Relationship:-

Gronkowski is known for the habit of dating multiple ones throughout the year. These women include several types of women from different professions but none of them can be called a serious relationship. One particular relationship which rekindling by Rob is with her team’s cheerleader Camille Kostek.

Rob Gronkowski family

Rob Gronkowski Children:-

There are no children of Rob Gronkowski.

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