Sela Vave Dating Affairs, Jamie Foxx, Rumors, Wiki-Bio

Sela Vave in a grey shirt poses for a picture.
Sela Vave in a grey shirt poses for a picture.
Born Name Sela Vave
Birth Place Utah, America
Eye Color Brown
Nationality American
Profession Singer and Model
Net Worth $500 thousand
Age 21 years old

Sela Vave recently came into the headlines as Jamie Foxx‘s new girl. The paparazzi spotted Vave, who is also a musician with the Robin Hood actor in Los Angeles in November 2019

There are rumors indicating Vave as the new girlfriend of Jamie Foxx, but how true is it? Let’s take a deep dive into Sela’s life and the men she dated over the years.

Is Sela Vave dating Jamie Foxx?

The well-known Jamie Foxx, despite held hands with the juvenile singer, Sela Vave on public, isn’t looking to make a new girlfriend. Instead, he told he wanted to support the rising star like he did many times in his career to aspire to their dreams. 

The 21-year-old Sela surprisingly is the part of Foxx’s family now as they try to crack her professional ambitions at the top level. Despite the two left Bootsy Bellows nightclub in November 2019 holding hands, the Robin Hood artist said he was escorting Vave to the car and how the rising singer is as young as his daughter. The Collateral actor also talked to Vave’s mother and acquired her trust to help her daughter. 

Thus, it is safe to say that Sela Vave and Jamie Foxx aren’t dating but are aiming to build on the former’s singing career. 

Sela Vave isn’t the First One 

The teenage singer, Sela Vave, isn’t the first name that Jamie Foxx supported to acquire her dreams. Everybody knows the Perfect singer, Ed Sheeran, today, but who was he in the past? Foxx guided the soothing singer on the right path to achieve his goals. Surprisingly, he also let him sleep on his couch for six weeks. 

The father of Corinne Foxx and Annalise Bishop, also let Nick Cannon, the American actor cum producer to live in his old house when he was trying to figure out his life. Similarly, he also sublet his place for the renowned singer, Ne-Yo, when he was only 13.  

If things go as per the trend of Foxx’s mentorship, then no doubt, great things lie in the future for Sela Vave

Vave’s Ongoing Singing Project with Foxx

Kristin Grannis‘s ex-husband’s new student, Vave, is continuously working under Foxx’s mentorship to build her journey. She spends around 8-12 hours a day in the studios working on her music. 

YouTube: Sela Vale singing a Beyonce song in the streets.

In between, she felt homesick many times and went to visit her Mom at Utah in September 2019. She faces the hardship to work under the Hollywood sensation’s tight schedule. However, Foxx keeps a close eye on Vave and agrees to let her visit her family but come back within three days to continue the work. 

Amidst all sorts of pressure, they often travel to different locations to relieve the tension. Earlier, media spotted them at Disneyland and also at a party in Hamptons.

Vave’s Works in Acting and Modelling

The 21-year-old actress did work in a couple of televised series and movies before getting the limelight. She was an extra in the 2017 film, An Hour Behind. Further, she also played a minor role in the TV show, Relationship Status.

Besides her singing career, she enjoyed great success as a supermodel for different magazines and editorials. Impressively, she was on the cover of New Face Model Magazine in the 16th issue in April 2018.

Sela Vave: Quick Facts

  • Sela Vave has a dog named Tommy.
  • The aspiring diva, Sela Vave crossed paths with reputed artist Snoop Dogg in the past.
  • Foxx’s student, Vave released her first song, ‘I am a Child of God’ when she was 13 in iTunes.
  • Likewise, she released her documentary, Another Broken Heart in August 2016.
  • Her favorite cuisine is Italian.
  • The multi-talented artist was fond of playing basketball and played as a forward for Providence Hall High School.
  • To pursue her dream, she signed with Talent Management Group in 2014.

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