Who Died in “90 Day Fiance”?

Who Died in “90 Day Fiance”?

“90 Day Fiance” is an American reality television series centred around the concept that love is not bound by borders, as the show documents the experiences of American citizens hopeful of marrying foreigners whom they met through various circumstances.

The premise of the show follows the couples as they apply for K-1 visas, a unique travel permit extended to foreign fiances of American citizens for the purpose of allowing them to make the proper arrangements for the ceremony, and to then host the event in the United States if desired.

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The visas are only extended for a maximum of 90 days, and during that time the couples get to know each other better on a more personal level, but are also required to comply with the conditions of the extended visa permit. The K-1 visas are granted under the condition that both parties agree that they will marry, but if not upheld, the foreign national is required to leave the country.

Unfortunately, most of the couples featured on the series have hardly spent much time together, and although they’ve shaped the early framework for their romance via the means by which they met, difficulties and spicy drama quickly tend to rise to the top during the 90 initial days they spend together.

As one would expect, this provides riveting and entertaining drama that the TLC network would of course exploit, to attract as many views as possible. While often quite sweet and romantic, it’s the drama of the show that earned the popular reception “90 Day Fiance” is very well known for, and the series has stuck with a large, growing audience. Ultimately, the romance and drama, often based on culture and language barriers, as well as stigma and skepticism, created an entertaining reality series that has currently reached its ninth season since its debut back in 2014.

Despite its romance-sweetened premise soaked in dramatic flair, “90 Day Fiance” nonetheless plays host to sorrow-filled episodes, and might even be one of the most death-haunted reality series, even more so than other reality shows that feature greater danger, such as “Deadliest Catch”.

Naturally, this might surprise some “90 Day Fiance”s viewers, but fortunately, most of the deaths mentioned on the show only involved the loved ones of the many stars who made their appearances. However, one of the leading stars has sadly passed away, while another was comically rumoured to have died. With so much sorrow in the air, it would only be befitting to find out all who died on or after “90 Day Fiance”.

What To Expect?

As we dive into this surprising coffin of sorrow, we will take a look into all the stars of the series who experienced loss, though not necessarily on the show, initially keeping things slightly less upsetting. This will include stars who experienced the loss of children, some after birth, and one who experienced a miscarriage. Fortunately, no one died on the show itself while the cameras were filming, but the stars have never shied away from sharing their sad experiences with death.

Then we will move on to addressing the humorous rumours regarding the death of “90 Day Fiance” star Brandon Gibbs, and elaborate on how he trolled the internet in return while also clearing up all the lies concerning the false gossip.

Finally, we will dive into the sad story of Jason Hitch, a former “90 Day Fiance” star whose life was cut short at the young age of 45, discussing the details of how he passed away, as well as the aftermath of this tragedy.

Lisa Hamme’s Miscarriage

Lisa Hamme appeared in the spin-off series, “90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days”, became romantically involved with Nigerian national Usman and whose romance featured in the series, shared her experience with the public after experiencing a miscarriage.

While it was known that Lisa and Usman had a difficult relationship throughout their time on the show, the details of Lisa’s miscarriage were not publicly made available, and there seems to be no specific confirmation that Usman might be the father. Considering the state of their relationship, with them getting married and later divorced, it seems unlikely that Usman was the father.

As it stands, Lisa’s experience might have happened earlier in her life, but she nonetheless shared her experience with the public and her fans, earning her sympathy among “90 Day Fiance”s viewers, and of course the masses on social media. In addition to sharing her emotional trauma with the public, Lisa also shared her daughter, Jenny’s experience, who sadly suffered a stillborn birth.

While her tell-all interview might have earned her sympathy, it seems quite evident that Lisa needed it, as she has never been much of a favourite on the show. In fact, many of “90 Day FIance’s” fans tried to get her off the show, insisting that she is far too offensive to remain on air.

Unfortunately, Lisa’s relationship with Usman couldn’t survive their constant bickering, and during their last appearance in one of the show’s many spin-offs, things got seriously out of hand, as both flung some dirty insults at each other. Unsurprisingly, they never got back together, and their relationship is officially over.

A Villain’s Sorrow

Geoffrey Paschel, who quickly became one of the most disliked stars to appear in “90 Day Fiance” and its spin-off series, “Before The 90 Days”, had his fair share of sad experiences before earning his place as a villain in the “90 Day Fiance” franchise. Paschel’s villainy is mostly due to his dark past, and of course the way he treated his (supposed) romantic interest, Russian national Varya, which earned him little to no respect from the audience.

Regardless, listening to his past experiences, one can’t help but sympathise with the man. Geoffrey was previously married to a mostly unknown woman, identified only as Brittany, back in 2014, long before he would appear in the show. During his marriage to Brittany, Geoffrey conceived two children, namely Cayvan and Kazhem. Sadly, Geoffrey would experience the loss of a child, which might also have been the cause of his separation from his first wife, though he never confirmed it as the reason for their split.

Kazhem was hospitalised shortly after celebrating his first birthday, and according to Geoffrey, suffered from unidentified seizures. In March of 2018, two months after being hospitalised, Kazhem passed away; unfortunately, Geoffrey didn’t share the cause of death but explained how the emotional trauma impacted his life. Paschel would also state that his son’s death was unexpected, and he continues to struggle with the loss he experienced.

A Dad’s Farewell

Tiffany and Roland, who shared one of the most adorable romances in the series, earning them a special place among the viewers’ favourite stars, and who appeared in the spin-off “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way”, shared the sad news with their fans in 2019.

As Tiffany would reveal, her ex-husband, and the father of her teenage son, Daniel, sadly passed away, and although she never shared the cause of death or the exact date, went on to state that he fully supported her decisions, and always supported her as the mother of his child.

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Spending The Last Few Moments Together

In 2020, Angela Deem, who originally appeared in season 2 of the show, documenting her tumultuous relationship with Nigerian national, Michael Ilesanmi, shared the sad news of her mother’s passing with fans and viewers, shortly before starring in the “Happily Ever After” spin-off show.

Angela didn’t share any details of her mother, Glenda’s death, though stated that she will be dearly missed by herself and all her surviving family, which includes her sisters, Patricia and Christene, her granddaughters, Scottie and Skyla, and numerous great-grandchildren. Sadly, although it was Angela’s wish that her mother be present when she tied the knot with Michael, Glenda passed away before the magical moment took place.

It seemed that 2020 was a year of sorrow for a few stars from “90 Day Fiance”, as Annie Suwan, who appeared in Season 5 documenting her romance with Kentucky native, David Toborowsky, shared the sad news of her father’s death.

The news was revealed following a trip the couple took to Annie’s homeland of Thailand, where fortunately, she was able to spend some time with her father before his untimely demise. While Annie didn’t share any details regarding her father’s cause of death, she went on to say that he played an important role in her life, both as a teacher and a role model, and that he would be dearly missed.

The Living Dead

Brandon Gibs, who first appeared in “90 Day Fiance”s eighth season as he romanced Russian national, Julia Trubkina, and went on to marry following their initial meeting in Iceland, comically trolled the internet in 2021 after rumours surfaced suggesting that he died. Brandon, quite fortunately, went on to appear in the “Happily Ever After” spin-off, bringing both any doubts about his relationship with Julia and the rumours of his death, to complete silence.

In 2021, after concerns for Brandon’s father’s health were raised, an unspecified gossip outlet misinterpreted the information, assuming that it was Brandon who struggled with his health, and went completely overboard with the gossip they later published. According to this outlet, Brndon was presumed dead; although no supply any accurate information or any cause of death were given, fans of the show nonetheless took it seriously.

Subsequently, more rumours concerning Brandon’s demise surfaced on social media, and before long, everybody believed that he’d passed away. However, Brandon decided to respond in a comic fashion, perhaps even further fuelling the rumours by posting a picture of himself with a caption that read ‘RIP Brandon 1992 – 2021”.

Obviously, these were false rumours, and Brandon is still alive, but many still wonder who was to blame for raising the rumours in the first place. Some people have suggested that his wife, Julia, might have been behind it, as a viral video emerged in which Brandon was playing video games. The voice of a woman off-camera could then be heard urging him to rather wash the dishes, then Brandon replied with a sneering comment, suggesting that she acted too much like his mother. The video then cuts to an ‘RIP Brandon’ message, perhaps just another stab of a joke at the rumours. Since Julia was tagged in this video, fans began blaming her for spreading false rumours.

Regardless, it’s safe to say that Brandon is still alive, and he seems to be quite happily married to Julia, as they live their lives on the Gibbs farm in Virginia.

The Death of Jason Hitch

Jason Hitch appeared in “90-Day Fiance”s second season, documenting his romance with Cassia Tavares from Brazil, who was previously in a relationship with one of Jason’s friends. The two met through Facebook, and Cassia later moved in with Jason and his father in Florida. They married, but separated in 2017 before divorcing in 2018, when Cassia made a domestic abuse case against Jason.

Sadly, Jason passed away in 2021, as was confirmed by his sister Shannon, who stated that it was due to complications arising from a COVID-19 infection. According to Jason’s family, he didn’t suffer from any underlying conditions, and his death came as a surprise to them.

Jason wasn’t vaccinated, but while it was a sad time for the Hitch family, Shannon confirmed that they were with him during the final moments of his life, holding his hands and saying their farewells as he passed away.

In the wake of Jason’s untimely death at the age of 45, his memory will live on, not only with his surviving family, but also with the fans he made after appearing in “90 Day Fiance”, and although his relationship with Cassia ended on a bitter note, certainly he’ll be missed and remembered for all the memories he made.


While death is not something one might think would earn a mention in a romantic reality television series, it seems as though the stars of “90 Day Fiance” lived through their fair share of sad experiences with loss. On a show idolised for its drama and romance, mentioning such a grim subject makes it seem even more saddening than usual, and holds quite the dramatic punch.

While no one may have passed away on camera, those who lost their lives, and Jason Hitch in particular, will be missed but also fondly remembered. However, as far as the rumours surrounding Brandon Gibbs’ death is concerned, while it was funny to some, it certainly wasn’t true.

For more romance and drama, feel free to catch the latest episodes of “90 Day Fiance”, as more couples attempt to cross the international border barrier, to find lasting, true love.

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