74 year old Don McLean’s 25 Year Old Girlfriend

74 year old Don McLean's 25 Year Old Girlfriend

Paris Dylan is an Instagram model also known as Paris Roxanne, but who is mostly famous for being involved in the catfish with the basketball player Chris Andersen in 2011-2012, and for being the present girlfriend of Don McLean, the famous American singer and songwriter.

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Early life and family

Paris Roxanne Dunn was born on 21 February 1994, in Riverside, California USA, so her zodiac sign is Pisces and she holds American nationality. She was brought up by her parents alongside her younger sister, Courtney Crone, who is now a professional racer; in 2018 Courtney won the Formula Speed 2.0 class. From her early years Paris enjoyed modelling, and dreamt of doing it professionally.

Educational background

Little is known about Paris’ educational background except that she matriculated from her high school in 2012. She didn’t enroll at any college, instead pursuing her modelling career.


Paris started posting her pictures on her Instagram account in 2011, gaining a lot of attention from the audience and soon reaching the first milestone of 100,000 subscribers in 2012. As of 2020, her profile is followed by more than 500,000 people. She also created her YouTube channel, but hasn’t been very consistent with uploading new videos there.

Controversy with Chris “Birdman” Andersen and Shelly Chartier

Getting involved in the story

Paris got involved in a catfish with the famous basketball player, Chris Andersen, nicknamed “Birdman”, who played for the Denver Nuggets back in 2011. In December 2011 Paris commented on Chris’ Facebook post, leaving him her number and asking him to call her. Chris didn’t call her, hardly even noticing her message, but Shelly Chartier did. Shelly is a woman from Easterville, Manitoba Canada, who got bored sitting at home for several years taking care of her bedridden invalid mother. She took Paris’ phone number, and wrote her as if she was Chris Andersen, and Paris believed she was chatting with him. Paris started sending her nude photos to Shelly, thinking she was sending them to Chris.

Shelly decided to make it full circle and reached Chris Andersen himself, forwarding the photos of Paris, but writing to him from a fake account. Chris and Paris communicated with each other through Shelly, not even guessing she was standing between them and their correspondence. Eventually Shelly suggested that Paris to come to Denver to meet Chris, at the same time Shelly informed Chris that Paris was coming to meet him. When Chris and Paris met in real life, they couldn’t even guess their meeting was organized by Shelly. Paris lied that she was 18, though in fact she was only 17, and had intimacy with Chris.

Further investigations

Soon after Paris left Chris, she saw his pictures with another woman and started writing insults, blaming him for cheating on her – she still didn’t know that she was writing to Shelly. Not knowing how to get rid of Paris, Shelly decided to end the story by blackmailing Paris, threatening to post her nude photos online, and eventually did it. When Paris got the link to her posted nude photos, she asked her mother to help her, and her mom called the police. The investigation soon uncovered all three people involved in the story. At first, Chris was accused of possessing child pornography, but he was soon exonerated as he took steps to identify the real age of Paris. Shelly was jail for 18 months for her actions, after pleading guilty in August 2015.

Paris Roxanne

As soon as Shelly was released in 2016, Paris came to MTV and asked the hosts of the show “Catfish” to reach Shelly, in order to prevent another case of her catfishing other people. Shelly agreed to meet the MTV hosts, and shared she was planning to leave the city with her husband, Rob Marku, as soon as she finished parole. Paris is still suffering from other people using her nude photos, and creating fake accounts with her name.

Personal life, boyfriend Don McLean

Paris has been dating Don McLean since 2017. Despite the gap of 49 years between the lovebirds, Paris still insists she fell in love with Don’s personality, not his fame or money. She insists that she is a big fan of music of ‘60s and ‘70s, and even took the alias “Dylan” as she was also a huge fan of Bob Dylan’s music.

The couple often share mutual photos on their Instagram accounts, posting pictures from Don’s tour, their holiday vacations, etc. They often travel around the globe, even if Don doesn’t have any concerts – they just like visiting new places and enjoy getting back to the places they have already been to, but miss a lot; thus, they’ve visited Paris, France, more than five times.

Who is Don McLean?

Donald McLean III was born on 2 October 1945, which makes him 74 years old as of February 2020. He is mostly famous for his hit song “American Pie”, released in 1971- he is also called “The American Troubadour”. Don started his music career in 1969, recording his debut album “Tapestry”.

5 standing ovations in Oxford,AL

Posted by Don McLean on Friday, June 28, 2019

All in all, Don has released 21 studio albums, among them “Homeless Brother” (1974), “And I Love You So (UK Release)” (1989), “You’ve Got to Share Songs for Children” (2003). One of his latest works is his studio album “Botanical Gardens” (2018). Don still tours around the world, collaborating with such talented musicians as Ed Sheeran and many others.

Before his relationship with Paris, he was married twice. His first wife, Carol Sauvion, who Don married in 1969, is holding the position of the director and executive producer of the documentary series “Craft in America”, aired on PBS. Don divorced from Carol in 1976. In 1987 he married Patricia Shnier, who gave birth to their two children, Wyatt and Jackie. The couple divorced in 2016, when Don was first rumored to have an affair with Paris. However, Paris and Don officially confirmed their relationship only in 2017.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

  • Paris likes pastel shades of color, among her favorite ones are lavender and very light-yellow.
  • Her favorite animal is a sea lion, and she wishes to have one in her pool.
  • also likes elephants, as she finds them beautiful, intelligent and caring.
  • Her favorite music band of all times is the Monkees; her favorite song by the Monkees is “Daydream Believer”.
  • As to modern bands, she enjoys listening to Coldplay.
  • The first music concert she attended as a child was Alice Cooper’s show, as she was a fan of him and his music for many years, so when Paris was seven years old, her father took her to Las Vegas to see Alice’s show.
  • She also really enjoyed watching the show of Rage Against the Machine, she attended with her sister.
  • Her favorite actor is Mike Mayers.
  • One of Paris’ passions is watching wedding shows, as she loves wedding dresses, wedding ceremonies, etc.
  • Her favorite actress and beauty idol is Jean Harlow.
  • Her favorite Disney cartoon is “Beauty and the Beast”.
  • She underwent plastic surgery, getting breast implants.

Appearance, clothing style

Paris has long dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall and weighs around 120lbs (54kgs); her vital statistics are 36-24-36.  As to her clothing style, she likes bright colors, and enjoys wearing high heels and short dresses. She also likes to emphasize her curves, so she can often be seen in tight jeans or trousers, etc.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Paris owns a net worth estimated at over $500,000, while her boyfriend, Don McLean, has an accumulated net worth estimated at over $50 million. He also owns several houses in California, as well as his primary residence in Camden, Maine, a large house with 300 acres of backyard. Don is reported to still earn up to $500,000 per year.

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