A Story of Wealth and Loss

A Story of Wealth and Loss

Who is Jackie Siegel?

American actress, model and socialite Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Siegel (nee Mallery) was born in Binghamton, New York State USA, on 19 January 1966, making Capricorn her zodiac sign. She’s had roles in only seven movies and a single TV series, and is perhaps known best for playing the main character Jessica in the 2015 horror thriller film “Let Me Out”, written and directed by Luis F. Montalvo, and which also starred Michael Placencia and Bill Houskeeper. It tells the story of a haunted house in which a married couple and their two daughters were murdered.

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Education and early life

Jackie was raised alongside her sister Jessica and brothers John and Jason in Endwell, New York State ,by their mother Deborah and father John Mallery; not many details have been shared about Jackie’s family, because they respects their privacy.

She studied at a local high school in Endwell, and was mostly into dancing and playing sports during her time there; Jackie was a cheerleader, and played volleyball for the school team.

She matriculated in 1984 and a year later enrolled at Rochester Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in 1989.

Modelling and business ventures

Jackie launched her modelling career upon graduation, but only began attracting attention in 1993, when she won the beauty pageant Mrs Florida America; she’s since become the owner of the contest, and works as its director.

She’s today also a member of the board of directors of Ocoee Thrift Mart, and the company Westgate Resorts, and is the owner of the charity foundation Locals Helping Locals.

David Siegel and Jackie Siegel, Queen of Versailles hosted a book signing today for our team members. Published in 2019,…

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Acting credits

Jackie made her debut film appearance in the 2002 horror “Night Terror”, written and directed by Ric La Monte, and in which she starred alongside Dan Baccelliere and Jeff Speakman; it follows a group of college students as they’re using spells at the Mystery Fun House, and have inadvertently brought a dead serial killer to life.

Jackie’s following film role came in 2011, when cast to appear in the thriller comedy “My Trip to the Dark Side”, written and directed by Shane Stanley, and which starred Jason Pace, Ryan Judd and Brienne De Beau. It follows a man who was once a successful actor, and is now forced to act in pornographic movies; the film won a 2011 WorldFest Houston Award for Television and Cable Production.

In 2013, Jackie starred as Jennifer in the horror thriller “The Magician”, written and directed by Luis F. Montalvo, and which also starred Bill Houskeeper and David Tyler Cook; it follows a once successful magician Dave Parker as he’s killing teenagers who have trespassed onto his property.

Jackie’s only TV series role was appearing in two episodes of the 2015 comedy “The Hotwives of Las Vegas”, and the following year saw her star as Therapist in the short comedy film “Monsters Anonymous”. She made a guest appearance in the 2019 “NotBasicBlonde Podcast”, and her most recent role has been portraying Concerned Mother in the 2020 action thriller movie “Shooting Heroin”, written and directed by Spencer Folmar, and which starred Sherilyn Fenn, Cathy Moriarty and Nicholas Turturro. It follows the residents of a small town as they’re trying to eradicate a heroin usage pandemic, and the movie won six of its seven award nominations.

Other credits

Jackie and her then-billionaire husband David starred alongside in the 2012 documentary film “The Queen of Versailles”, which Lauren Greenfield directed. It follows the two as they’re building a mansion inspired by Versailles, but it also follows the failure of David’s businesses because of the economic crisis; the movie won eight of its 35 award nominations. The two also starred in the movie’s sequel, the 2022 reality series “Queen of Versailles Reigns Again”.

Jackie produced the 2015 horror thriller movie “Let Me Out” and the 2016 short comedy film “Monsters Anonymous”.

Some of Jackie’s most recent talk-show appearances have been in “Celebrity Page”, “Daily Blast Live” and “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen”.

Love life and marriage

Jackie doesn’t shy away from sharing the details of her love life with her fans, and it’s known that she’s been married to American multimillionaire David Alan Siegel for more than 20 years now.

The two exchanged vows in a large Jewish ceremony on 2 January 2000; David’s perhaps only known for being the owner of the timeshare resort company Westgate Resorts Ltd, while he’s today working as its CEO and president. David’s 31 years older than Jackie, as he was born on 3 May 1935.

Jackie and David have six children together, while Jackie also had a daughter Victoria from a previous marriage; Victoria was 18 when she died from a drug overdose in June 2015. The two have also adopted Jackie’s niece Jonquil.

Jackie’s yet to speak about other men whom she’s been with, and the name of her late daughter Victoria’s father remains undisclosed; she’s married to her second husband David Alan Siegel as of May 2023, and they have six biological children together, as well as an adopted daughter.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Jackie’s four step-children are Susan, Richard, Valerie and Steven.

She’s followed by more than 100,000 people on Instagram, and has uploaded over 1,300 pictures and videos onto the network, with most of these showing Jackie spending time with her husband and their children.

She’s a huge lover of animals and has recently rescued a dog from a shelter, while she’s named it Goose.

It’s widely believed that Jackie’s enhanced her breasts, but she hasn’t openly spoken about this.

She’s a philanthropist and has donated money to several charity organizations working with underprivileged children.

Jackie’s favorite actress is Mila Kunis, while some of her favorite movies include “Friends with Benefits”, “Bad Moms” and “Jupiter Ascending”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Jackie’s age is 57. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall and weighs around 150lbs (68kgs).

Jackie’s net worth’s been estimated at over $60 million, and her husband David’s at over $500 million, as of mid-2023.

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