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Abhijit Banerjee is an Indian-born American economist who has been awarded the “2019 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences” along with Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer for their combined experimental approach to alleviating global poverty. Banarjee is also the Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also the co-founder of “Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab”. 

What is Abhijit Banerjee famous for?

  •  Famous as the recipient of the 2019 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Abhijit Banerjee Wife

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Who is Esther Duflo?

When and Where was Abhijit Banerjee Born?

Abhijit Banerjee was born on born February 21, 1961, in Kolkata, India. His birth name is Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee. His nationality is Indian with American citizenship. Banarjee belongs to Indian-American ethnicity while Pisces is his zodiac sign. 

Abhijit Banerjee was born in a well-educated family as his mother, Nirmala Banerjee was a professor of economics at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences and his father, Dipak Banerjee was also a professor and the head of the Department of Economics at Presidency College. 

Abhijit was so influenced by his parents that he intended to carry on his career in the educational field.

Banarjee attended South Point High School, a renowned educational institution, after which he graduated from the “University of Calcutta” in Presidency College with a B.Sc.(H) degree in economics in 1981. In 1983, Banarjee graduated from the Jawaharlal Nehru University with an M.A. in economics. 

In 1988, Banerjee went to Harvard University to get a Ph.D. in Economics. Besides, he was even arrested and jailed during a protest gathering by students during his college days. 

Abhijit Banerjee Career

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What are Abhijit Banerjee’s Works?

  • Abhijit Banerjee started his professional career after he started teaching at Harvard University and Princeton University.
  • Banerjee co-founded the “Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab” in around 1998-2000.
  • He was elected a fellow of the “American Academy of Arts and Science”s in 2004.
  • Banerjee is a research affiliate of “Innovations for Poverty Action” and a member of the “Consortium on Financial Systems and Poverty”.
  • Banerjee also serves on the academic advisory board of Plaksha University, an upcoming science, and technology university in India.
  • Banerjee was honored with the “Infosys Prize 2009” for the category of social sciences(economics) in 2009.
  • In 2011, Banerjee along with his co-author and his wife, Esther Duflo published the book title “Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty”.
  • In 2012, Banerjee earned the “Gerald Loeb Award Honorable Mention for Business Book” for the former book.
  • Banerjee was named by United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon to a panel of experts in 2013.
  • Banerjee then received the Bernhard-Harms-Prize from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy in 2014.
  • Banerjee was awarded the “2019 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences”, together with Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer, for their work alleviating global poverty on October 14, 2019. 
  • Currently, Banerjee is the Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Who is Abhijit Banerjee Married to?

Abhijit Banerjee is married twice throughout his entire life to date. Banarjee was first married to Dr. Arundhati Tuli Banerjee who is a lecturer of literature at MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The couple together had a son named Kabir who unfortunately died in March 2016. Their marriage couldn’t last long and they divorced. 

Later in 2015, Banerjee married Esther Duflo, an MIT professor, and his co-researcher. Duflo is also a Professor of Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics at MIT. Duflo and Banerjee together have two children now. The couple is the sixth married couple to jointly win a Nobel Prize ever.

Currently, Banarjee and his wife, Duflo is living a great life together with their children. 

How much Does Abhijit Banerjee Earn?

The 58 years old economist, Abhijit Banerjee has a well earned through his career as a lecturer, professor, researcher, and activist. Banerjee has managed to amass a great fortune of the amount in million dollars through his years and years of works. Banerjee enjoys his fortune which is estimated to be around $6 million. 

How Tall is Abhijit Banerjee?

Abhijit Banerjee has an average body build. Banerjee stands tall with a height of 5ft. 8inch.(1.73m) while his body weighs around 72kg(154 lbs). Banerjee has black hair with brown eyes. 

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