Adopting Fashion In The Entertainment Industry- The Pressure Or Opportunity?



The term fashion has both manipulative and beneficial implications. Some people see it as a wastage of money whereas, others consider it essential. Following fashion trends is a choice for a common person while for those belonging to the entertainment industry it is both the pressure and the opportunity. Confirming to fashion trends is becoming vital to fit into the societal fabric, be it a kaftan dress or a regional-specific outfit fashion makes you wear a diverse range of clothing. Whatever we see in our newspapers, televisions or social media, it is all an amalgam of fashion and entertainment. Both industries have been fused in an inseparable manner.

Scrolling down your social network’s feeds, seeing the celebrities wearing trendy clothes from recognized brands gives you an urge to follow them. Being considered the epitome of fashion they always make an effort to have an impactful social media presence. Seeking refuge in fashion is the outcome of the pressure they face to have an engaged following. Looking at the positive aspect of it, celebrities nowadays are not specifically thin girls with a fair complexion, as were in the last few decades, rather there are over-weight and darker ones too in entertainment industries worldwide. When they follow fashion, it inspires a common person to confidently follow the fashion trend of his/her choice. The frequency with which celebrities adopt fashion depends on their level of popularity. If they are an A-list star it is not necessary for them to follow fashion. They have a tendency to literary wear anything of their choice and turn it into a fashion overnight by inspiring millions through social media platforms. Whereas, the emerging or B-list stars are bound to follow the fashion trends of high street stores to be upgraded as A-list stars.

On the contrary, the endorsement of the entertainment industry’s celebrities with the retail brands is an opportunity that celebrity wants these days. They earn a lot by being a brand ambassador of any recognized brand. Moreover, they get lots of free outfits, shoes, and accessories which is vital to be fashion a diva. Other than this, after gaining popularity as an actor or a singer, many celebrities are heading to introduce their fashion lines. They try to redefine fashion trends by coloring them in their style. Taking good advantage of their popularity they are more inclined towards building their brands which have turned adoption of fashion into an opportunity for them. The fashion industry is more beneficial for the entertainment industry than those belonging to the fashion industry itself at the present time.

Speaking of merging of fashion and entertainment industry on a wider scale, it is an opportunity for the film, drama or web-series production houses. Unlike the 80’s or 90’s era, it has become effortless to have a chic and themed wardrobe for the entertainment project. All they had to do is to hire a designer and give him an insight into the character and themes of the movie or the drama and they can design the clothes as per your preferences. When designer-tailored outfits appear on the tv or cinema screens, they enhance the beauty of visuals and give the film or drama a quality outlook. Suiting to the demand of character, outfits transform the appearance of the movie or drama. Thus, giving it an impressive finishing. This blend of fashion and entertainment helps both the industries to flourish in a better way as attracting more viewers and inspiring them with the trendy outfits will be a money-making opportunity for the movie and the designer.

Hence, it is tough to categorize the mantra of adopting fashion as either an opportunity or a pressure for the entertainment industry. The pressure of adopting fashion is what morphs into opportunity over a course of time. When a celebrity is known to trendy or is often seen carrying an outfit in fashion with elegance and beauty, it is obvious for her to get more opportunities from the fashion or entertainment industry. The fashion industry cashes the popularity and needs the celebrity with millions of social media followers for the promotion of their brand. While the entertainment industry mostly works on good-looks. To win the race of reaching the summit of their carriers, fashion is both an opportunity and pressure for the entertainment industry.

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