All About Khaseen Morris’ Death and Beyond!

Khaseen Morris was stabbed to death in September 2019. Source: Dailymail
Khaseen Morris was stabbed to death in September 2019. Source: Dailymail
Born Name Khaseen Morris
Birth Place Mineola
Eye Color Black
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Profession Student
Age 16 years old
Sibling Kedeemah Morris
Parents Annmarie Morris

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Imagine sending your children to school and at the end of the day, and you hear that your child is no longer breathing. Khaseen Morris, a 16-year-old, suffered this horrific fate after getting stabbed in an after school fight. 

A few bullies stabbed the Long Island-born teenager in the streets ahead of a strip mall near to their high school. The Oceanside High School student indulged in a conflict against fellow boys over a girl. Thus, today we take you closer to all the details of the horrendous death of the juvenile teenager.

Khaseen Morris Got Murdered 

The 16-year-old Khaseen Morris died on 16 September 2019 courtesy to a fatal homicide. The incident occurred after he caught a fight between fellow guys from his school over the topic of a girl they liked. Sadly, seven boys in total stabbed Morris miserably outside a Long Island strip mall.

The investigators alleged 18-year -old Tyler Flach for stabbing a knife into the young lad multiple times. Simlarly, the police arrested seven others, including Haakim MechanMarquis Stephens Jr., Javonte Neals, Taj Woodruff, and Sean Merritt. 

All of them held the charges for second-degree gang assault beating the life out of Morris with countless punch and kicks. The other two 16-year-olds that were on the scene aren’t identified yet as they are underage.

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Morris, previously received threats from Flach as the former walked his girlfriend home in a weekend party. However, he ignored those texts thinking it won’t be such a big issue.

YouTube: A news piece on Khaseen Morris’s horrific murder.

In the same incident, Morris’s close friend also got badly beaten by the group of boys when he tried to help. He went to the hospital with a broken arm.

People Watched Khaseen Morris’s Death Instead of Helping

While the seven boys outnumbered Morris in an attempt to homicide, over fifty people watched it happening in front of them. The teenager was gradually losing his life, but the situation was some action movie for them. 

What baffled everyone from the case is that those fifty-sixty people caught the whole action on their cameras or broadcast it on Snapchat as if it was some party or a concert. Although the clips helped the police later to find the guilty party and catch them, it is one of the reasons why Morris is no longer with us.

Khaseen Morris Case: Pursuit of Justice and Court Charges 

Khaseen Morris is no longer with us; a consequence of a gang assault and murder by Tyler Flach and company. Thus, the Morris family today are willing to go the farthest to acquire justice for their late son. 

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Flach’s attorney, on the contrary, believes that his client isn’t guilty, and the reasons and aftermath of the homicide aren’t known. Despite that, the court added more criminal charges on him for assault and gun possession. 

In the Memory of Khaseen Morris

The adorable, late Khaseen Morris left a significant impact on many, including family and friends from college. Following his murder, over sixty people attended his funeral to mourn for the lost soul in Oceanside.

“I lost a brother. My siblings lost a brother. My parents lost their child, their youngest child,” his sister Kedeemah Morris said.

Quick Facts: Khaseen Morris

  • Even though Khaseen’s murder video was viral over the internet, his sister, Kedeemah, didn’t dare to watch it. 
  • In Morris’s funeral, his friends, family, and teachers came wearing purple, the favorite color of the departed. 
  • The Morris family put their trust on the national justice system and are adamant about getting it.
  • After a brutal assault, the locals rushed Khaseen to the hospital; however, he died shortly after. 
  • The police said that seven arrested boys were not a part of a specific local gang.
  • Khaseen was fond of skateboarding but stopped when his family moved to Covington, Georgia from Freeport.

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