All About Nolan Arenado’ Net Worth and Dating Affairs!

All About Nolan Arenado' Net Worth and Dating Affairs!
Nolan Arenado is a famous baseball player.
Born Name Nolan James Arenado
Birth Place NewPort Beach, California
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Eye Color Black
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Baseball player
Net Worth $14 million
Weight 215 pounds
Age 28 years old
Dating Laura Kwan
Sibling Fernando Jr. and Jonah
Parents Fernando Arenado(father) and Millie Arenado(mother)

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The year 2019 is almost at its end and baseball fans can’t get enough of their eye-candy, Nolan Arenado. He is the star player of Colorado Rockies.

After his arrival in 2013, the man led his team to National League home runs in 2015, 2016, and 2018. His contract got renewed in 2019 which makes him the longest contract holder of the Rockies.

Let’s Explore Nolan’s Net Worth

With all the assets, contracts, and salary accumulated, Nolan Arenado boasts an estimated net worth of $14 million.

Talking about his roots, Nolan’s baseball craze and ascend started from his high school days. He attended the Southgate High School. The athlete had previously contributed as the star pitcher and shortstop during his time at the East Los Angeles based high school.

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No matter how you look, the man has a gifted build. His 1.88 meters height and a solid 97 kgs meat to support that stature definitely helped him in his craft. His catching and batting skills are also hugely appreciated by the critics.

The young stud embarked on his major league career from 2013. He quickly sharpened his skills and took the title of a star player. With all said and done, he took home five Gold Gloves from his first five seasons. This is a feat rarely achieved by professional players and thus, Nolan became the first third baseball player to grab the achievement.

At the end of this year, the player has added a sixth Gold Glove under his name. With him slaying his game, it is of no surprise that Colorado Rockies offered the guy with an extended contract. The contract includes an extension of seven more years and an overwhelming amount of $260 million.

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As for the payment, he will be grabbing $26 million in his first year and the rest $234 million in the following seasons. Also, the star can choose to close his deal after the first three years if he feels like doing so. With such huge contract money involved, Nolan is considered one of the highest-paid baseball players according to current statistics.

Nolan’s Personal Life

With such a famous jersey and a strong portfolio, Nolan is always on the other end of cameras and flashing lights. His personal information is often queried by fans on social media and discussion forums. So, what is the actual information?

To be honest, there is very less to talk about Nolan’s personal information. He keeps his personal credentials extremely secretive which makes it hard to point out the actual thing and leave a more widened area for speculation. To top that, the player does not involve himself on social media.

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So, does he not interact with his fans? Well settle down, he does consider the feelings of his fans and often interacts with them through the team’s social media outlet. Pretty safe, isn’t it?

Baseball freaks or fan girls to be precise started panicking back in 2013 when young Nolan opened about his relationship via the common page. He confessed that he had been dating a girl but chose not to reveal her identity.

The particular discussion got followed by years of his romantic life under the shadows. From there to 2018, the athlete never slipped his love relationship among the fans. Either the boy remained single or he is extremely good at keeping his affection away from the cameras. But I highly doubt the former one.

The curtains rose in 2018 and people got introduced to Laura Kwan. Nolan was spotted with the girl in Cuba. As it happens, Cuba is the home country of the Rockies’ star. He took the girl with him on his family holiday. This definitely rings some bells, doesn’t it?

People even speculate that Laura is the girl Nolan had confessed back in 2013. There are no exact details to support the fact but Laura did attend the batter’s baseball match that year. It could have been a coincidence but the facts seem too good to be true.

When we are on the topic of speculations, some also came up with the thing that the two met during their California University days. Again, no witnesses or proof from our sides but a little spice here and there wouldn’t kill us.

With all said and done, Nolan and Laura have not commented on the matter to this day. We might hear their marriage news coming soon enough or maybe, the fact that the two had always been friends might pop the fan bubble. Only time can tell the truth.

Quick Facts: Nolan Arenado

  • Nolan is good at golf asides from his baseball excellency.
  • His brother Jonah is contributing as a corner infielder in San Fransico Giants’.
  • Wow Freestyle” by Jay Rock is his 2019 walk-up song.
  • In the team, he sort of has a bromance with his teammate Charlie Blackmon.
  • Nolan is the first third baseball player to win the Gold Glove in each of his first five seasons.
  • His favorite baseball movie is The Sandlot.

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