Amy & Tammy Slaton’s Biggest Feuds – Ranked

Amy & Tammy Slaton's Biggest Feuds – Ranked

TLC’s “1000-Lb Sisters” gives viewers a glimpse of the struggles and difficulties of the weight loss journey from the perspectives of two sisters, Tammy and Amy. In the three years during which TLC has aired four seasons of the show, fans have walked with the sisters through their initial visits to the doctor, in their attempts to follow strict diets and exercise plans, their respective weight loss surgeries, and through their life long journeys of maintaining their desired weight to avoid regressing. At the beginning of the reality television series, the sisters pledged to walk the journey together and have continued to support each other, even when Amy reached her goal years before Tammy. Despite the sisters’ close bond and vow to be there for each other, they have occasionally butted heads and served-up one of their classic shouting matches before quickly making up and going back to their dynamic of loving and protecting each other fiercely. Here are Amy and Tammy’s biggest feuds.

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  1. “I am Not Your Mother!”

Over the seasons, Tammy has dated a few men. Around the time when she and Amy made the pact to lose weight she was dating Phillip, but Amy was worried that Phillip didn’t have good intentions for her sister, particularly since he was rumored to have a fetish for big women. Furthermore, Amy felt that Phillip was distracting Tammy from her weight loss goals.

Tammy lashed out at Amy, accusing her of being overbearing. An angry Amy told Tammy she could not be her mom to which Tammy responded that she’s a grown-up and knew that Amy was not her mother. In their feud, Amy revealed that Tammy had been in other relationships with men who had ulterior motives, such as Jerry, an enabler who had a fetish for watching Tammy eat. The feud ended with Tammy asking Amy to stay out of her business. and shouting that she’s a grown woman.

  1. “I Am Your Sister, Not an Animal.”

When the sisters made the pact to transform their lives, it quickly became evident that Amy was more motivated and put in more effort to lose weight. She had just married Michael, and wanted to expand the family they had created by having a child. Her dedication paid of,f and her doctor declared that it was safe for her to have a child after a successful gastric bypass and her determination to keep off the weight. She had her and Michael’s first child in November 2020.

While the birth of Amy’s son and Tammy’s nephew was a happy moment for the sisters, it brought on more responsibilities for Amy, who was forced to evaluate her previous responsibilities. One of the duties she had to abandon was taking care of her older sister, Tammy. Ever the responsible sister who put Tammy’s needs ahead of her own, Amy suggested getting Tammy a nurse, and reported that she’d already set up some interviews for the following week, starting a feud between the sisters.

This time, the feud involved other members of the family as well. However, Tammy directed most of her vitriol at Amy, calling her a “dumbass” and warning that the suggestion was just making her angry. In a confessional, Tammy claimed that, by getting her a home aide to help her as Amy took care of her son, the family was treating her like an animal. She rubbished the suggestion as one that disrespected her, robbed her of her dignity, and treated her as if she was invisible. As usual, fans and viewers sided with Amy, and accused Tammy of refusing to take charge of her life, do things for herself, take responsibility for her choices and actions, and treat other people, particularly Amy, with the respect she demanded for herself.

  1. “Who is the Bad Guy?”

Amy had taken the doctor’s advice seriously, followed the recommended diet and exercise regimen, lost enough weight, and had weight loss surgery. She went from weighing 406lbs to 250, while Tammy’s weight remained unchanged. Fans noted that Tammy blamed Amy for reaching the weight loss goals they hoped to achieve together, without her.

Fans’ observations were confirmed when the sisters had a feud in their therapist’s office during a session, during which Tammy complained that Amy refused to bring back the food she asked her to buy every time she went food and grocery shopping. Amy responded that she only wanted to help Tammy manage her diet, to which Tammy responded by accusing Amy of being equally terrible at making and eating healthy food. Tammy insisted that Amy only lost weight because of the surgery, not because of any effort on her part to lose weight. When Amy attempted to interject and defend herself from Tammy’s accusations, Tammy accused her of being callous. The heated feud ended with the sisters trading accusations of making each other out to be the bad guy, before their therapist took over and changed the topic.

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  1. “I Am Not Your Slave!”

Amy and Tammy’s biggest feud started on a spa day two weeks before the sisters were due for their final check-up, to determine whether they’d qualified for weight loss surgery. Amy treated her sister to a mani-pedi, but getting to the nail salon required them to go up a flight of stairs. The minor inconvenience had Tammy lashing out, much to the chagrin of viewers who called her an ungrateful perennial complainer. Amy noted her sister’s lack of gratitude, and expressed her frustration over trying to help someone who gave up at the first instance of discomfort, and was rude to any person who tried to get her to look beyond her comfort zone.

The sisters’ feud at the nail salon was minor but the seed of disagreement that Tammy had planted earlier bloomed once they got home to Amy’s house, after having manicures and pedicures. Tammy was sitting on a couch while Amy walked across the room. Tammy asked Amy for some water, which Amy delivered dutifully before joining Tammy on the couch. A few moments later, Tammy asked Amy for some peanut butter. An exhausted and frustrated Amy complained that Tammy kept asking her for things separately when she could ask for everything she needed all at once, or get what she needed herself. 

Amy’s response triggered a barrage of complaints from Tammy, who accused her younger sister of having an attitude, and spewed the characteristic and hostile vitriol she reserves for Amy. At the height of the feud, Tammy cursed at Amy, telling her to shut up, and adding that she would start getting up from the chair and engaging in any physical activity when she chose to, not when any other person told her to. Typically, Amy calms down or tries to pacify Tammy when she throws a tantrum. This time, she didn’t back down, accusing Tammy of turning her into a slave and called her out for being blind to every other person’s pain besides hers. Amy ended the fight by telling Tammy to grow up before walking out of the house. The feud left both sisters frustrated and in tears.

Evidently, the sisters feud often. Fortunately, they make up every time and go back to holding each other up and being each other’s support systems. Amy has stood by her sister’s side when she went to a food rehabilitation center, almost lost her life and fell into a coma, and had weight loss surgery. Tammy reciprocates by being there for Amy when she needs help, such as offering her a place to stay for a few months during her separation from Michael.

All of this apparently makes for good television, as viewer numbers are constantly maintained!

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