Annie Katsura Rollins Net Worth from Movies and Shadow Puppetry!

annie katsure rollins is trying to save the chinese puppetry art.
annie katsure rollins is trying to save the chinese puppetry art.
Born Name Annie Katsura Rollins
Nationality American
Ethnicity Chinese and Japanese
Profession Artist and puppeteer
Net Worth $500 Thousand

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Annie Katsura Rollins is an artist who’s trying to preserve the Chinese Shadow puppetry without a fight.

Rollins, actually, is a Chinese and Japanese descent American. She is specialized as a scenic designer, and puppeteer, who is working for Chinese Shadow Puppetry. Apart from this, she also appeared in some films and TV series.

Annie Katsura Rollins Staggering Net Worth

There is an assumption that the American puppeteer holds an astonishing net worth of $500 thousand. As a matter of fact, she made most of her fortune engaging in the field of theater, puppetry, designing, educating and researching ancient cultural arts of China.

Not only did she work in the field of cultural arts but she also worked in seven movies and TV series altogether. Some of her remarkable appearances are Julia Crane in the 2006 American romantic drama film, Americanese. And also, in Threshold, an American science fiction drama television series (2005-2006) as Davis alongside Peter Dinklage and Carla Gugino. Undoubtedly, she collected decent money from her acting career.

Annie’s Efforts in Saving Disappearing Art

The American artist stated that she won’t let Chinese shadow puppetry fall without a brawl. In fact, she fears the Chinese art is going to vanish. That’s why she’s trying her hardest to preserve the art.

Meet the artist who’s trying to save a disappearing art with her bare hands.

Since the Han Dynasty, the Chinese shadow puppetry became a substantial tradition in China. Actually, the art is about moving the puppet in a precise, choreographed manner. Unfortunately, it’s masters are rarely found in the present context.

Rollins did lots of research on it and also traveled to China to learn about the art. As a result, Annie became the Enter Montreal-based artist.

You can go through her researches, creations, theater design, teaching & presentation, publications on her personal website.

Early Life of the Artist

Annie Katsura’s Chinese mother with Japanese ethnicity raised her in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Meanwhile, she took dance classes plus voice classes and then, eventually performed in plays and musicals.

Rollins was residing in China until she completed her high school and regional theatre credits in China. Then, she went to study BFA in music theater at Carnegie Mellon University, where Annie graduated in 2002.

Further, the artist received an MFA in Scenography from the University of Minnesota in 2010. Recently, she earned a doctorate on traditional vernacular performance forms in China.

Annie Katsura Rollins’ Professional Career

The puppeteer learned the Hua Xian Shadow Troupe with Master Wei in Shaanxi, China in 2008. She experienced the method of carving and animating figures there.

In 2011, Rollins received a Fullbright Fellowship award. She also spent a year learning Traditional Chinese Shadow Puppetry in China. Together with many fellows, she enrolled in manipulating shadow puppets from the master of the Zhonghua shadow Company. Apart from this, she got trained by Master Shi and Master Liu.

After then, Annie returned to the USA and created There’s Nothing to Tell. She even performed at the In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater in Minneapolis.

Rollins worked with the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry. Moreover, she became the artistic director of the Continental Divide Festival’s Puppet Pageant for two years.

Rollins currently resides in Montreal and is pursuing an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in the Humanities at Concordia University. She even created the informational website

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