Antonio Brown Car Collection; 5 Cars Owned By Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown Car Collection; 5 Cars Owned By Antonio Brown
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Posted By: joy root | December 18, 2018

The cars are the second item that is considering as a necessity of life in these modern ages. Antonio Brown Car Collection. The means of transportation are also now converted into means of showing off one’s luxury lifestyle. Celebrities now not own a single car but instead, they own a collection of most luxurious and lavishing cars from noted brand names. These cars are sometimes to just feed on the media with news or other times to fulfill a deep longing from the past of celebrities with a poor background. Whatever the case may be these car collections are now the hottest topic among the fans of their idols.

Antonio Brown Car Collection:-

Antonio Brown is a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. As we all know that he had had a rough childhood and later teenage he has deep longings regarding these basic necessities of food, home, and transportation. After his long-term struggles, he finally made enough to fulfill his all wishes to a great extent. This resulted in him buying a luxurious mansion in one of the expensive locations of Pennsylvania and also having one of the most expensive and versatile car collection. Antonio Brown Car Collection. The cars in his collections are a testament to his great taste. The cars are driven by him on regular basis, sometimes when he travels with his kids or arriving at parties and games. Different cars are for different occasion with one common feature of them being capturing the eye of public and media.

The names of the cars owned by Antonio are as follows.

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Antonio Brown Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta Pininfarina:-

The first car bought by Antonio is the Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta of the 2010 concept Pininfarina car. Antonio Brown Car Collection. This car was a tribute to the Pininfarina’s 80 year anniversary by the company. They made a limited number of these cars and this was bought only by sport and other car collector celebrities. The cost of this car is about 1 million dollars. Not based on the first car for a newcomer player.

Antonio Brown Car Collection; 5 Cars Owned

Antonio Brown Mercedes Benz:-

The second car of the collection of Antonio is the Mercedes Benz G550 an SUV car. Antonio Brown Car Collection.  This car bought for a price of $100,000 in 2016.

Antonio Brown Phantom Rolls Royce:-

Antonio is a fan of Rolls Royce and especially the Rolls Royce Phantom due to his love for the James Bond movies. One other reason was that he had betted with Brandon Marshall for a Rolls Royce Ghost if he lost the bet. Antonio Brown Car Collection. The cars cost him a total of about $1 million dollars combined.

Antonio Brown Ferrari:-

The second car of the Antonio Collection is the Ferrari F12. Antonio Brown Car Collection. The car is a testament to beauty, power, and speed. The car was also purchased by Antonio in 2016 for an amount of about $500,000 dollars.

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Antonio Brown Car Collection; 5 Cars Owned

Antonio Brown GMC Yukon XL:-

The last car in his collection is of the GMC Yukon, an SUV of XL size. The car bought by him in 2017 and cost him about $50,000 dollars.

Antonio Brown Car Won In Bet:-

He made a bet with Brandon Marshal of the New York Giants wide receiver for seeing who will revive more yard runs. Antonio won the bet by quite a margin. Antonio Brown Car Collection. The car won by him is the Porsche and is waiting for its delivery by Brandon after tweeting and reminding him of the bet.

Antonio Brown Car Collection’s Net Worth:-

Currently Antonio Brown is a proud owner of car collection with 6 expensive and branded cars. Antonio Brown Car Collection. These cars are at a total net worth of about $4 million.

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