Ayse Giray: Everything you need to know about Hamdi Ulukaya’s Ex Wife

Ayse Giray

Hamdi Ulukaya, known to be a Turkish billionaire businessman, activist, and philanthropist, highly recognized to be the founder of “Chobai” yogurt company, is not only the news just for his business achievements but also for his personal life relationships. His marriage life has been quite a matter of topic as he has got married twice to date. 

For billionaire entrepreneurs, getting divorced or even having an ex-spouse in your rearview mirror can turn into a huge matter, Ulukaya has learned through his relationship with his ex-wife, Ayse Giray

Nothing matters more than the first marriage as his first wife was Ayse Giray who sued him just after their divorce. Ulukaya whose international Greek-style yogurt made him a billionaire, had a past that included Ayse Giray who claimed to have given him the money/invested in the precursor to his wildly successful yogurt company when it was at its lowest phase. 

Hamdi and Ayse who were quite skeptical about their relationship had managed to work out together to build the empire of Chobai whose worth is now counted as billion dollars. 

Who is Hamdi Ulukaya’s Ex Wife Ayse Giray?

Here, Everything to know about Hamdi Ulukaya’s Ex Wife Ayse Giray

1. Hamdi Ulukaya and his ex-wife, Ayse Giray were briefly married in the 1990s.  

While Hamdi Ulukaya was in his initial phase of developing the factory, the woman behind him as claimed by herself was his ex-wife, Ayse Giray. Giray and Hamdi were married around the late 1990s however their marriage didn’t last long. They never had a child together. 

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2. Ayse Giray filed a lawsuit against Hamdi for the business. 

After years of their divorce when the business was in the high sky, Ayse Giray came out of nowhere and sued her ex-husband, Hamdi for a 53 percent stake in the $2 billion-plus worth company claiming her family had lent him $500,000 for the business back then. 

The suit was settled for an undisclosed amount. There were still a lot of other claims that emerged from the divorce proceedings including her accusations claiming Hamdi stole the recipe for his yogurts. However, those accusations were proven unfounded and dropped. 

3. Ayse Giray is not the only one suing him, he was also sued by Albany residents Hikmatullah Siraj and Mohammed Siraj. 

Back in 2004, the Albany residents Hikmatullah Siraj and Mohammed Siraj sued Hamdi claiming that Ulikaya promised them a 50-percent stake in the Euphrates in exchange for the money.  They even claimed he owned them 112,000 following their investments of around $324k in 1999.

4. Ayse Giray is a Turkish doctor and surely had helped him before. 

Born in her hometown, Turkey, and raised in the United States, Ayse was a brilliant student during her school days that she aspired to become a doctor. She completed her MBBS degree from a reputed university and is now a renowned personality in her field. 

Currently, she works as a physician and pediatrician. Looking at which, she must have a hefty net worth and it now makes sense that she must have helped Hamdi with $500k before. 

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5. Her ex-husband is married to Louise Vongerichten while her new marriage life is a mystery. 

After more than a decade long of his first divorce, he got married to his second wife, Louise Vongerichten. Louise is a French-American personality who is known as the co-founder and president of Food Dreams Foundation, founder of sustainable’s kids’ clothing line Mon Coeur. 

She is the daughter of famous French-American chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Hamdi seems to be quite happy with his new family while there’s no information about Ayse’s marriage life if she had ever remarried or is single. However, she has a son, Eric Giray whose father’s name is not disclosed yet. 

He is the father of two with his first son, Aga born in 2015, and his second son, Miran born in 2018. 

6. Giray was also mentioned about the lawsuit filed by her son Eric Giray. 

Her 21-year-old son, Eric Giray also had filed a lawsuit claiming a former classmate at Calhoun School, Daniel Dworakowski had bullied him restlessly, that one time in 2004 he even pushed him down the bleachers.

7. She stands tall with a height of 5ft. 8inch. 

Giray is a gorgeous lady with a well-maintained healthy body physique. She must be probably in her late 30s or early 40s. She takes off her health well and even does a lot of exercises regularly. She has a height of 5ft. 8inch. which is 1.78m while she has a bodyweight of 58kg. 

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8. She is reported to have an Instagram account. 

Though it’s not confirmed, there’s an Instagram account created under her name: @deforaygiray with just 61 followers. 

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