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Bader Shammas is a well-known financier and banker by job who has been making waves in the business world for his exceptional work in the field. Apart from his professional achievements, his personal life has also been the subject of much interest. He made headlines after he began dating Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, and the couple got married in the year 2022. 

Bader has gained widespread recognition for his work as the assistant vice president at Credit Suisse, an international wealth management company based in Dubai. His expertise in finance has helped him to rise through the ranks of the company, earning him the prestigious title of vice president. With his experience and knowledge in the field, he has contributed significantly to the growth and success of the company.

Where is Bader Shammas from?

Bader Shammas was born in the United Arab Emirates in the year 1987, making him 36 years old as of 2023. He is of Emirates nationality and belongs to the Kuwaiti ethnicity. Despite being a private individual, Bader’s achievements and accomplishments have brought him into the limelight, making him a popular figure on social media platforms. He has not disclosed the name of his parents and siblings details. 

Regarding his education, Bader pursued a Mechanical Engineering course at the University of South Florida from 2007 to 2010. Later, he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance in 2012 from the John H. Sykes College of Business at the University of Tampa. His educational background in two distinct fields highlights his diverse interests and his commitment to pursuing excellence in whatever he sets his mind to. His academic achievements and commitment to learning have undoubtedly played a role in shaping his career path and contributing to his personal and professional growth.

What does Bader Shammas do for a living?

  • Bader Shammas’ career in finance has been quite successful, as he has worked for some of the world’s leading financial institutions. 
  • His first job was at BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking in Manama, Bahrain, where he worked as an analyst. 
  • He later moved to the company’s branch in Kuwait City, Kuwait, where he gained valuable experience in the finance industry.
  • After working for BNP Paribas for a few years, Bader moved to Dubai and worked for BNP Paribas Wealth Management as an associate for over a year and a half. 
  • He then moved on to work for Credit Suisse, where he currently serves as the vice president of the international wealth management firm. His role involves managing high-net-worth clients’ investment portfolios and providing them with financial advice and guidance.

Who is Badar Shammas married to?

Bader Shammas and Lindsay Lohan tied the knot in July 2022, after dating for over two years. In 2022, his wife took to Instagram to share a picture with Bader that confirmed their marriage. In the post, she wrote, “I am the luckiest woman in the world. You found me and knew that I wanted to find happiness and grace, all at the same time. I am stunned that you are my husband. My life and my everything. every woman should feel like this everyday.” After the couple tied the knot, Bader and Lindsay decided to celebrate with a gorgeous vacation to the Turkish Riviera in July. ‘The Mean Girls’ star shared a few different shots from the pair’s honeymoon where they stayed at the Bodrum Edition on her Instagram. She shared a few different photos of herself lounging in the sun at the beautiful resort, and it’s clear the couple had a blast! 

Everything To Know About Lindsay Lohan

The couple’s relationship first made headlines in February 2020 when Lindsay shared a picture on her Instagram, referring to Bader as her boyfriend. They got engaged on November 28, 2021, and in early July 2022, Lindsay announced their marriage news on her Instagram. The couple has been going strong since then, and in March 2023, they revealed that they are expecting their first child together, which has been received with much joy by their fans. By profession, Lindsay Lohan is an actress, businesswoman, and fashion designer. 

Sam Bader is married to Lindsay Lohan

Bader and Lindsay’s love story is a beautiful testament to their affection for each other. With their shared passion for life and adventure, it is no wonder that they have become one of the most talked-about celebrity couples in recent times. As they look forward to welcoming their bundle of joy, their fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this power couple. Their love bond is going intense with the passage of time. 

How much is Sam Bader’s net worth?

Bader Shammas is a highly successful financier and banker based in Dubai, who has made a name for himself in the world of international finance. His primary source of income comes from his role as Vice-President at Credit Suisse, one of the most prestigious wealth management firms in the world. His success in the financial world has earned him a reputation as a shrewd businessman and a skilled negotiator, with a keen eye for identifying profitable investment opportunities. 

Bader’s expertise in stock investment and wealth management has made him a valuable asset to the firms he has worked for, and his net worth is estimated to be around $110 million, with an annual salary of over $5 million as per online sources. His success has also brought him into the public eye, thanks in part to his engagement with the famous American actress Lindsay Lohan. While he prefers to keep his personal life private, his relationship with Lohan has sparked much media attention, with many curious about the couple’s lavish lifestyle and their future plans. Despite this attention, Bader remains focused on his work, and his dedication to his profession continues to drive his success in the world of finance. 

How tall is Badar Shammas?

Bader Shammas is not only a handsome man but also an individual with a charming personality. His fair complexion and slim body type enhance his overall physical appearance. With his brown pair of eyes and dark brown hair, he exudes an aura of confidence and sophistication. Badar has got a healthy body as of now. He has a body measurement of 40-32-12 in (chest-waist-bicep).

His perfect height consists of 5 ft 10 or 178 cm, and his body weight is 78 kg or 172 lbs. He has a well-proportioned physique. Additionally, his thick eyebrows, beard, and mustache add to his attractive features. Despite his physical attributes, Bader’s charming personality is what truly sets him apart. He has a magnetic charisma that draws people towards him, making him an excellent communicator and an effective leader. With his combination of good looks and charismatic personality, Bader has the potential to make a lasting impression on anyone he meets. 

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