Benji Madden Bio, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & More

Benji Madden Bio, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & More
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Posted By: Ejaz Abbasi | March 11, 2019

Benji Madden Introduction:

Benjamin Levi “Benji” Madden was born on Benjamin Levi Combs on 11 March 1979. He is recognized as an American guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, as well ass producer. Benji is known as the guitarist and vocalist for the band labeled as Good Charlotte, and pop rock collaboration The Madden Brothers. He produced both of these performances with his identical twin brother, named Joel Madden. Benji is presently a coach on The Voice Australia.

Benji Madden

Benji Madden Early Life

Benjamin “Benji” Madden was born to his parents in Waldorf, Maryland on March 11, 1979. His parents are Robin Madden and Roger Combs. He blessed with an identical twin, who is called Joel Madden, with whose cooperation he produced the band and titled as Good Charlotte. He has got an older brother who is known as Josh and a younger sister, known as Sarah. All went to La Plata High School in La Plata, Maryland for their studies.

Benji Madden Career

Benji Madden began her fashion business under the name of Made Clothing, with the cooperation of his brothers Joel and Josh, but that became too terrible. Later on, they turned it into DCMA Collective, in the year 2006, A DCMA Collective store was opened in Los Angeles on 15th of March, 2008, but later it was closed.

In the year 1996 Madden also began a band with his twin brother Joel and titled the band as Good Charlotte. The band explores still now.

When he was acting in Good Charlotte, Madden and Joel composed and formed for other artists. Madden was also known as a co-writer and co-producer of a few of the songs on Hilary Duff’s Most Wanted, released in 2005 compilation album. He afterward also tried helping to write the songs (Amnesia) for pop rockers 5 Seconds of Summer and (No Ordinary Girl)for pop artist Kalin and Myles.

He has also performed his appearance as a backup vocalist for artists like MxPx, Kill Hannah, Apoptygma Berzerk, Mest, The 69 Eyes, Sean Kingston, Three 6 Mafia, Chamillionaire, as well as Matisyahu. In the year 2009 Madden has also performed his appearance playing in the band Taintstick, followed by radio talk show host, known as a professional MMA fighter, and pro skateboarder, Jason Ellis.


In the year 2010, Madden also participated in a boxing match against MTV and VH1 host Riki Rachtman at Ellismania 5, Get These Brawls. The occasion was led by Jason Ellis at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas eventually. Madden defeated Rachtman by knockout at 1 minute and 42 seconds into the first stage.

In the year 2011, Madden and his brother Joel Madden launched a free mix-tape, titled “The Madden Brothers: Before Volume 1”. It involves new artists the brothers were desperately interested in that. Their brother Josh Madden also stood with them to form the mix-tape. Later,

Benji Madden

In the year 2012, Benji played his performance on the TV show The Voice Australia, along with Joel as their joint mentor-judges.


In the year 2013, Benji Madden cooperated to write Tonight Alive’s song titled as “Breakdown”. He also performed singing backup vocals at the end of the song and also performed an appearance in the movie.

In the year 2014, an electronic dance music artist TJR launched his track titled as “Come Back Down”, which highlights Benji on the track’s vocals. The Madden Brothers launch “Greetings from California” was premiered on 16th September 2014.

In the year 2014, the Madden brothers was found performing  their characters as coaches on The Voice Kids Australia in a double chair, after the sample of the Dutch The Voice of Holland and The Voice Kids (Netherlands season 1) launch in which the singer’s duo Nick & Simon performed as a judging duo between the year 2010 and 2015. In the year 2015, Benji paired with Joel as a coach on the main launch of The Voice, taking the number of coaches up to more than 4.

The year 2015 Madden and His 2 Brothers opened their Music Company under the name of MDDN, which Benji is known as the Ceo, providing services of Artist Management, Artist development, and Creative services as well.

Benji Madden Personal life

Madden is living in Beverly Hills, California, along with his wife, known as Cameron Diaz.

In the year 2008, media news informed that Benji Madden and his long-time fiancée, Australian starlet Sophie Monk, had broken up their relationship. In the reply to the rumors, Good Charlotte’s rep stated to Us Weekly that Benji Madden and Sophie Monk are still with each other and very happy. Although, in Feb it was declared by Monk’s Sydney worker, that

Madden started having a relationship with an actress Cameron Diaz in the year 2014. They were not officially engaged before the Christmas Day in the year 2014. And got married on 5th January 2015, in a Jewish ceremony, at their Beverly Hills house.

He has worn many tattoos on his body, especially wore a tattoo of Benjamin Franklin, which encloses his whole back.

Madden is also known as an avid MMA and boxing fan as well. He has participated in different amateur fights since the year 2010. Madden and his brother were included in the list of the biggest fans of the Baltimore Orioles. And the Washington Redskins. He also got the Orioles O’s tattooed on his ear.

Benji Madden

Benji Madden Net worth:

Benji Madden is known as an American music creator, vocalist as well as musician. With a net worth of the US $16 million approximately. He started a band along with his brother.

Benji also performed his performance in different movies like Not Another Teen Movie and Material Girls. Not only music and acting Benji Madden also submitted to the clothing firm. And started a clothing line, which is titled as MADE Clothing. He along with the cooperation of his two brothers and a friend started a DCMA collective store in California.

He is also known as the backup vocalist for different supporting artists like Kill Hannah, Mest, Sean Kingston, and Matisyahu. Benji is also the co-writer for the theme song of the famous reality shows. Titled as My New BFF which was hosted by Paris Hilton. All these resources help him increase his net worth.

Benji Madden Body Measurements:

American reality TV star and musician is a gorgeous guy. Having the Height of 5 ft 7 in or 170 cm and weighs 76 kg or 167½ pounds. He has got Bald Hairs and Hazel eyes. His sexual orientation is straight and distinctive features are many tattoos on the body including chest, arms, back, legs, etc. His measurements of Chest-Arms-Waist are 43 in or 109 cm-16 in or 41 cm-34 in or 86 cm.


Benji Madden who was born in Maryland is known as an American reality TV personality, Musician, and a singer. He has appeared in many films and music shows. Benji has also produced a brand with his brother. All these resources took him to the peak of success, fame and wealth. He has dated many actresses in the past and got married. To an actress Cameron Diaz with whom he is living a quite happy life.

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