Bikram Choudhury Married, Wife, Divorce, Sexual Allgations, Facts, Wiki-Bio

Bikram Choudhury in a white dress while teaching Yoga.
Bikram Choudhury in a white dress while teaching Yoga.
Born Name Bikram Choudhury
Birth Place Calcutta, British India
Height 5 feet 4 inch
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality American-Indian
Profession Yoga instructor
Wife Rajashree Choudhury (divorced 2016)
Net Worth $75 million
Weight 63 k.g
Age 75 years old

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Bikram Choudhury is quite a recognized figure in the American-Indian Yoga universe. He is the founder of the reputed Bikram Yoga studio with global fame. 

The 75-year-old Yoga personality experienced a rocky married life and also multiple disputes in his professional journey, which caused his downfall. So, today, we let you know all the hidden details behind Choudhury’s married life and the controversies around him.

Bikram Choudhury’s Rocky Married Life

Bikram Choudhury married fellow Yoga expert, Rajashree Choudhury in 1984. The power Yoga couple were together for about 32 years, but ultimately parted ways. Thus, their divorce finalized in May 2016.

The perfect-for-each other duo tied the knot and moved from India to Los Angeles, California. Impressively, they worked together to create the Bikram Yoga studios. 

Just like Bikram, his wife is the founder of the United States Yoga Federation and International Yoga Sports Federation. 

During three decades of their marriage, they shared two children. The little family worked together with successful careers in different Yoga studios.

Why did Bikram and Rajashree File for Divorce? 

When Bikram and Rajashree entered their 32nd year of marriage, things looked pretty good for the Yoga-power couple. However, disaster struck in their relationship as they broke up after consistent sexual allegation came against the Bikram Yoga founder. 

The relationship between the married couple seemed to deteriorate gradually, as Rajashree revealed that they would barely spend ten days a month together at their residence. 

The lack of time together and arising allegations against Bikram was the boiling point in their marital affair. Thus, finally, his partner for so many years, Rajashree, filed for divorce to end their marriage. 

Numerous Sexual Allegations Against Bikram Choudhury

No matter how big, Choudhury built his legacy from his profession in Yoga; multiple allegations came against him leading a downfall. 

YouTube: Bikram Choudhury gives an interview on CBS.

It all started when five women sued him for harassment and sexual assault in January 2014. Out of those, two of them accused him of rape. However, Bikram and his lawyers successfully dealt with the case and handled it outside the court.

Bikram Assaulted Sarah Baughn

In the latest Netflix documentary, Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator, Sarah Baughn reveals herself as another victim to the Yoga expert. She said that Choudhury invited her to his hotel during a training session, but instead tried to force her to sexual behavior.

Consequently, she filed the case in the court, which obliged the criminal Yoga teacher to pay about $6.5 million.

Choudhury Raped Larissa Anderson

Another one of the 75-year-old‘s mischief is the incident where he assaulted and raped Larissa Anderson. The unfortunate event occurred at the millionaire’s residence itself. 

According to Anderson, in the Netflix biopic, Bikram invited her on a homestay promising to make her famous. She was left numb, and instead of speaking up, she pretended that nothing happened. 

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Many of the victims say that they couldn’t speak up since their lives depended upon the Yoga studios. 

Minakshi Jafa-Bodden won the Case against Bikram Choudhury

Former Head of Legal and International Affairs, Minakshi Jafa-Bodden was the only woman who won the lawsuit against the influential Yoga teacher. She filed a case on the unfair termination of her contract. Likewise, she was also the victim of the severe and offensive behavior of the Yoga expert while they worked together. 

Jafa-Bodden shared the workspace with Bikram for two years, where she experienced how bad the instructor was personally after being the victim and observing his behavior on others. Thus, she received $924 thousand from the jury for the compensation of the damage. She received a further $6.4 million on January 26, 2016, from the lawsuit.

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On the other hand, Choudhury denies all the allegations placed upon him to date saying, women love him; that’s why he never has to force on anyone. In 2017, he also filed for bankruptcy as his debts were higher than $16 million due to the multiple allegations.

Quick Facts: Bikram Choudhury

  • The founder of Bikram Yoga owns a whopping net worth of $75 million with luxury vehicles like Rolls Royce and Bentley.
  • Surprisingly, his wife Rajashree Choudhury also got into allegations for helping her husband to hide, abscond, and attempting to dispose of the assets.
  • When Choudhury lost the case against Jafa-Bodden, he fled the country without paying any compensation.
  • The American-Indian returned to India in May 2016 and opened Yoga studios.
  • He won the National India Yoga Championship for three consecutive years at a young age.

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