Celebrities Who Are Secretly Huge Gamers

The croupier holds a roulette ball in a casino in his hand

It is a well-known fact that celebrities love to splurge. While some people utilize their money to help regional nonprofits and worldwide aid, others are more impulsive with spending, buying luxury automobiles, multimillion-dollar homes, and other things that most of us can only imagine owning.

Many celebrities have spent a few thousand dollars online and offline at the poker table and come away smiling. Others soon acquire a love for the game and turn it into a skill that frequently offers them a sense of identity.

Before we outline the most popular celebrities at casinos, here’s a list of the games they play.

Blackjack—The Favorite Game of the US Celebrities

Without question, blackjack is the most well-liked casino table game among both celebrities and regular players. The game’s simplicity is one of the reasonsit is so popular. Blackjack is also a game of strategy.

So, once you find a good blackjack casino through a review platform like worldcasinos.info/online/blackjack/,take time to learn the best strategies to use to win at the game.

The game’s strategic elements mean you don’t have to rely on luck to win every time. You can follow a formula to try and beat the house.

Other Top Casino Games Played by Celebrities

Some other top casino games played by celebrities include:


Roulette is one of the few games that draw participants from all diverse backgrounds. The game’s high level of danger and the abundance of betting alternatives make it the perfect choice for celebrities with large incomes and a need for intense thrills.


Although not everyone enjoys playing craps, it does have its fans. Many celebrities think playing craps would be fun. Michael Jordan, a former professional basketball player, also likes to play this kind of game. He is, like other craps players claim, highly skilled.

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Although this game may not have the same historical charm as Blackjack or Poker, some celebrities genuinely enjoy it. The author of the James Bond books, Ian Fleming, is a well-known figure connected to baccarat. His love of the game was evident in his writing, as he frequently had 007 play Baccarat during some of his casino exploits.

Celebrities Who Love Casino Games

Below is a list of the most popular celebrities at prestigious casinos:

Tobey Maguire

For his appearances in Spiderman, Tobey Maguire was well-known. He had, however, devoted most of his teenage years to playing poker games before he rose to fame as a Hollywood star. Even though he lost against Ben Affleck in 2004 and suffered a significant financial loss, he persisted in doing what he loved.

Ben Affleck

This two-time Oscar winner superstar is a well-known poker player and is most known for his parts in the Hollywood blockbusters “Good Will Hunting,” “Justice League,” and many more. He has participated in numerous tournaments and even won some of them.

Still, sadly for him, this has resulted in a gambling issue for which he entered rehab after suffering significant financial losses at poker. In addition to poker, blackjack is one of his other favorite casino games.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, a legendary basketball player, reportedly finds it impossible to refuse a bet from all celebrities who gamble. Along with casino gambling, he has also been known to place bets on the results of games like rock-paper-scissors. Additionally, he places bets on various game-related outcomes whenever he plays golf (which is frequently because it is his second favorite sport after basketball).

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50 Cent

One of the most well-known Hip Hop performers to have emerged in the 2000s is Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent. Because of his fame and fortune, he could place sizable wagers and indulge in his preferred gambling style.

But unlike other prominent people who adore playing casino games, 50 Cent is well known for his love of sports betting. Because of that, he was fortunate to win several significant sums of money. He wagered up to $2 million on the San Francisco 49ers and Manny Pacquiao, respectively (in a match versus New York Giants).

George Clooney

George Clooney was the major star of Oceans 11, 12, and 13. He performed with Brad Pitt. But George Clooney is well-known for playing at casinos around the world. He has spent his entire life playing casino games and frequently participates in them in Hollywood.

These games were the primary motivation and inspiration for the hugely successful film Molly’s Game. Clooney has even begun constructing his casino in Las Vegas because of his intense interest in gaming.

Matt Damon

Aside from being famous, Matt Damon is a skilled blackjack and poker player. When he portrayed law student and talented poker player Mike McDermott in the enormously successful movie Rounders in 1998, the five-time Oscar contender and one Academy Award winner came to appreciate gaming.

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Damon decided to study under Johnny Chan to perform the part as best as possible. One of the top players of his sort in the world, he is a professional poker player. He taught Damon everything he knows about the game, which he still practices frequently.

Floyd Mayweather JR

Although many have gambled on Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s fights, the flashy fighterhas a history of placing significant wagers on sporting events.

Mayweather would favor placing bets on significant occasions like the Super Bowl. Though 4-5 years ago, Floyd Mayweather would frequently publish images of his multi-million-dollar wagers on his Instagram account, it appears that he doesn’t bet as often as he once did.

Brad Pitt

Like many of his coworkers, the Ocean’s series piqued his interest in casino games like poker and blackjack. Pitt visited several casinos to hone his gaming abilities.When he has the time, he continues to indulge in a casino table game.

Paris Hilton

In Las Vegas, it’s not uncommon to run into Paris Hilton. You already know that this is the heart of gambling and that casino games are relatively widespread in this city. She participates in online casino games, so you may watch and play with a celebrity in a casino game. Hilton also regularly participates in both offline and online casino games.

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