Check Out Ladd Drummond’s Net Worth and Married Life!

Ree Drummond's Husband,Ladd Drummond's Net worth.
Ree Drummond's Husband,Ladd Drummond's Net worth.
Born Name Ladd Drummond
Birth Place Nebraska, USA
Height 6 feet (183 cm)
Eye Color Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Co-owner of Drummond Land and Cattle Co.
Wife Ree Drummond
Net Worth $200 million.
Age 50 years old
Sibling Tim Drummond, Todd Drummond(deceased)

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Ree Drummond is one of the most popular bloggers and food writers in America. Her blog posts have made her one of the most successful bloggers on the internet with her writings on ranch life and cooking instructions being one of the most read blogs by American audiences.

If we make a saying “Behind every successful woman, there is a strong man”, Ree’s husband, Ladd Drummond is an example, who stood besides her and supported her and contributed to her success to this day. If you are curious to know more about her husband, you’ve come to the right place; here we present you the complete information on the husband of one of the most popular women in America.

What is Ladd’s Net Worth?

Ladd Drummond is one of the leading ranchers in America. He belongs to the Drummond family who has been in the ranching business for over 100 years. He, along with his father, brother Tim, and cousin Thatcher Drummond are all owners of Drummond Land and Cattle Company.

The company Drummond Land and Cattle Co. has 433,000 acres of Cattle Ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma making it the 17th largest landowner in the United States spread over an area of 675 square miles.

The United States government pays an average of $24 million to the Drummond company for allowing wild horses and burrows into their large areas of land. Excluding the net worth of Ree Drummond at $8 million, Ladd has earned a total of $200 million from the successful cattle business.

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How did Ree and Ladd meet?

There’s a pretty interesting story about the first meeting between Ree and Ladd. Ree saw Ladd at a smoky bar and was extremely attracted by his handsomeness. She immediately fell for him and tried to be in contact with him after their first meeting. But she had to patiently wait for his call which did not come the next day. She had to wait for four months to get his call finally! Well, that’s a very long time for a girl to wait.

He has given her a lot of time

After Ree and Ladd got married, she went on to bear four children and had to spend most of her time raising them. But Ladd decided to ease off her of that duty so she could focus on what she was passionate about. He took all the responsibility for the upbringing of the kids along with his task of managing the ranch and other businesses. He could provide her as much time as she wanted which helped her reach where she is today.

The duo has four children. Their kids are Alex, Paige, Bryce , and Todd Drummond.

One of Ladd’s Brothers Died at a Young Age

Ladd’s oldest brother Todd was killed in a car accident. Todd was eighteen at the time. As Ree tells in her blog, the event “shook and shaped and changed this ranching family forever.” Ladd and Ree have named one of their babies after Todd in his memory.

So, this is all the information you need about the lovely husband of “the pioneer woman” of America.

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