Christine Brown and Fiance David Buy House in Utah

Christine Brown and Fiance David Buy House in Utah

“Sister Wives” is an American reality television series that airs on the TLC network, and documents the lives of the Brown family. Until recently, the Brown family was a polygamous family consisting of patriarch Kody, his wife, Robyn, and his now ex-wives Janelle, Christine and Meri, as well as their eighteen children.

The premise of the popular series, which will soon air its eighteenth season, focuses on the daily lives of Kody and his wives as they navigate their financial well-being, as well as overcome the difficulties and drama of a polygamous family. Part of the show attempts to provide an insight into the family dynamics of practising polygamy, in the hopes of both raising awareness on what many consider a taboo subject, and silencing the stigma surrounding polygamy.

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Over the past 13 years that “Sister Wives” has been on our screens a lot has happened, but the drama between the Brown family members has not always been quite as eventful as it was the past couple of years. Aside from Kody’s separation from three of his wives, certain members of the family also faced public scrutiny after their scandals were brought to light.

Despite all the drama that has been unfolding, both on and off screen, most fans and viewers expressed particular interest in the failing romance between Kody and his now ex-wives; of course, while the romantic drama is entertaining, people seem more interested in what the ladies are planning for the future.

One specific subject of talk among fans is Christine’s current affairs, as she not only found new love, but also seems to be making major improvements in her life, as well as quite clearly moving on from her polygamous past. As many might know by now, Christine and her fiance recently bought a family home, but fans continue to express curiosity about Christine’s new life.

What To Expect

As we look into the latest developments in Christine’s life, we will dive into all the changes she has made recently, which will include a discussion about her latest weight loss journey. We will also address accusations she faced not too long ago concerning an alleged scamming scheme she might have run on social media, hoping to find the truth about these rumours.

Following this, we will take a look into Christine’s newfound love, exploring how the romance developed between the former sister wife and her new fiance, David, while also trying to learn more about David.

Furthermore, we will discuss the recent developments in Christine’s life, specifically concerning the house she and her fiance recently bought, and how that’s impacted the Brown family.

Turning A New Leaf

Christine Brown earned her claim to fame as one of Kody Brown’s four wives in the reality hit series, “Sister Wives”. As fans and regular viewers of the show would know, Christine was engaged in a plural marriage with Kody for nearly 25 years, and while they went through a lot of ups and downs, the couple experienced really tough difficulties these past couple of years.

It’s happened quite often, sometimes even in front of the cameras, that Christine expressed how tired she has become of all the drama and problems associated with the struggles of being in an expansive, polygamous family. At times, Christine would even confide in her followers and fans on social media, and it became clear that the romance between her and Kody was steadily fading.

As such, for the last couple of years’ rumours about a potential separation between the couple continuously surfaced among gossip tabloids as much as among fans. Many of the show’s viewers expressed concern for Christine, constantly showing as much support as possible, but there was little doubt that the drama and her plural marriage weighed heavily on .her

As events would transpire, Christine eventually chose to move on with her life by officially ending her relationship with Kody. Following many rampant rumours, Christine took to social media to confirm her separation from the Brown family patriarch. While informing fans and viewers, Christine also took the time to confide her reasoning for making such a decision.

After nearly a lifetime together, the sudden but expected split between Christine and Kody still came as quite a shock to viewers, as their separation became the subject of “Sister Wives” 17th season. As Christine would explain during confessionals, there were multiple reasons to motivate her decision, though ultimately that she’s grown apart from Kody.

During her confessions, Christine described feeling like the ‘basement wife’ in the family, considering herself at the bottom in authority and importance, admitting feeling neglected, though believing that for many years she was unaware of her actual position in the family.

However, Christine would confess that she did it to herself to a certain extent, allowing the remaining family to walk all over her, saying that it was easier to play the weaker role. In the process, Christine believes that she lost contact with her true self, ultimately neglecting her own well-being, confirming that she would always put other people’s needs above her own, especially Kody’s demands. Assuming her place as the bottom wife, and constantly playing peacemaker among other members of the family left Christine exhausted, both physically and emotionally.

Because Christine felt tired, she turned to Kody for help, as one should within the union, but was met with disappointment. As Christine explained, Kody denied her requests, suggesting that she was neglecting to put the family first, and was going back on their agreement.

While fans on social media sided with Christine, making their disappointed opinions about Kody quite vocal, other members of the family did not so much as agree with Christine. Robyn, who became the latest of Kody’s four wives, stated that she didn’t believe that Christine was making any effort to improve, saying that she didn’t understand why Christine is so quick to give up if she hasn’t even tried.

Kody also thought that Christine’s choice was a deep betrayal against both him and the family, saying that she has been threatening to leave for many years. He also blamed her for killing the intimacy between them, because of her constant betrayal. However, viewers suggested that Kody chose to play the victim because of his failure to keep the family together.

As it would turn out, Christine chose to separate from her husband of 25 years, and her brave decision eventually led both Janelle and Meri to follow in her footsteps. Despite the big change in her life, it appeared as if Christine moved on for the better, now living a far better life than she had before.

A Time To Change

Besides separating from her husband, Christine has also embarked on a journey to make a lot of changes in her life. However, the former sister wife hasn’t stepped away from the camera, as she moved on from one reality series to now hosting her own cooking show, “Cooking With Just Christine”.

Her new series also airs on TLC, and as rumour would have it, the show is set to guest star some of her children. As it would appear, making the difficult decision to break away from both a plural marriage and the Mormon religion did wonders for the former sister wife.

On her new show, as Christine shared on social media, she will be revealing some of her most beloved recipes, which she describes as both wholesome for the entire family, as well as delicious. Christine stated that she’s had a long relationship with food, and looks forward to sharing her love with viewers, and, of course, her adoring followers.

Aside from embarking on new heights in her career, Christine also began making some personal changes to improve her health and lifestyle. More specifically, following her separation from Kody, Christine began following a weight loss program, and shared her continued improvement and progress with her many social media followers.

In fact, while busy on social media promoting cosmetic products she endorses, Christine showed off the impressive results of all her exercise and dieting efforts, looking incredible, and even glowing in ways people hadn’t seen her in the many years she appeared on television.

However, her newfound glow might be related to more than just a health improvement, as the 51-year-old reality television star recently shared the good news about experiencing her first love story since separating from Kody. The star announced on social media that she was in love with a new romantic interest, a man by the name of David.

Unfortunately, not everything seemed to be going positively for the former sister wife, as she was recently called out on social media for promoting a potential scam. Like many social media influencers, Christine opted to run a competition on her platforms, but things quickly fell apart. The competition in question was partnered with a social media group called Social Stance, and Christine offered a very expensive giveaway to a lucky follower, which would include a MacBook, Canon camera, and a $1000 gift card.

Followers quickly joined her comment section, some hoping to compete, while others called her out as a scam artist. In response, Christine addressed the accusations, stating that another account that seems similar was running a scam, even asking for credit card details. Christine added that she would never endorse anything she did not believe in and that people should always remain alert of phishing scams on social media, and stating that she was innocent.

A Second Chance At Romance

Christine broke the news about her newfound love on Instagram in April 2023, confiding in her many followers about how she’s blessed to have found a second chance at love. Though people remain curious as to how she met her new man, David Woolley, Christine shared the news in three snaps of herself, showing off an impressive engagement ring while dressed in white.

Although the couple is already engaged, they seem to have decided to keep the details as private as possible. Nonetheless, the couple can’t help but constantly gush over each other on their respective social media accounts. With them constantly being vocal about how they adore one another, it seems clear that they are very much in love.

As Christine explained in one of her many posts, when David first held her, it felt like her soul took its first breath, and she remains confident that she has now finally met her true love. However, she did initially admit that it was incredibly awkward when she embarked on dating again, especially because most people knew who she was, and would be familiar with her past. It seems, though, that David appears to be accepting of Christine regardless.

With love in the air, and the couple set to say their vows, even David couldn’t keep his peace on social media, as he continuously praises his new bride-to-be, Christine. Aside from throwing around the usual compliments, David shared his appreciation for all the little things Christine does, saying that she’s a wonderful person, going so far as to call her his queen.

Despite the couple’s public relationship, David still remains something of an enigma. In fact, the only widely known fact about the man is that he’s nine years older than Christine, has eight children of his own, is a widower, and owns a construction company in Utah. Unfortunately, more than that, there is little known about David, but for those curious about Christine’s new love interest, there is a possibility that he might appear in “Sister Wives”.

Putting Up House

In the meantime, while Christine is making wedding plans, people have been expressing their interest in the latest development between David and Christine, as it seems that the couple decided to buy a home together.

It was recently confirmed by gossip publications that Christine and David bought a spectacular house in Lehi, Utah only a month before announcing their engagement to the world. The magnificent abode boasts four spacious bedrooms, a walk-out basement, and a stunning farmhouse-style kitchen.

The incredible home is said to have cost Christine and David $770,000, but for all the space on offer, and an impressive view of Mount Timpanogos, it would seem worth the price. The couple has shared a tour of their new home on social media, and seemingly couldn‘t be any happier.


Although the Brown family might not be what they used to be, with three of the four wives moving on with their lives, seemingly for the better, fans of the series can still look forward to the latest season and their favourite stars. Undoubtedly, all the new developments in the lives of the former sister wives, and the dramatic changes they achieved, will provide absorbing entertainment for the viewers.

In addition, rumour has it that Kody might be introducing a fifth wife onto the show, so if you can’t get enough of the Brown family’s antics, feel free to stay tuned as the series is far from being concluded.

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