David Draiman Wife, Net Worth, Wedding, Family, Son, Married, Spouse, Salary

David Draiman Wife, Net Worth, Wedding, Family, Son, Married, Spouse, Salary

Who is David Draiman?

Metal music that found its place at the 80’s appears to have lost its flair one of the millennials but many of its leaders continue to push boundaries to show their staying power. David Michael Draiman aka David Draiman is among people who have brought the genre to new heights, valiantly maintaining it. Heis an American songwriter and also the vocalist for the metal band Disturbed, famous for their fist banging anthems in addition to for the group Apparatus. He began his own record label called Intoxication Records in 2003 and has been voted number 42 onthe Hit Parader’s “Best 100 Steel Vocalists of All Time” in 2006. David was one of five musicians who sang the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, together with Wayne Static of Static-X, Jay Gordon of Orgy, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, and Marilyn Manson. Permit’s take the dip.

David Draiman’s Bio (Age, Religion)

The Disturbed frontman was created on March 13, 1973, at Flatbush hospital, situated in a suburb of Brooklyn, New York, the USA. His mom is Miriam Draiman and his dad, YJ Draiman was a property developer, a business owner in addition to an elected member of theNorthridge East Neighborhood Council. In addition, he conducted for the post of mayor ofLos Angeles at 2017. His maternal grandparents are survivors of the Holocaust along with his grandma lives in Isreal. His parents have been observant and religious Jews, so his faith is Judaism. Although he didn’t follow the spiritual path, he’s completely pleased with his own Jewish heritage. He’s only one musician in the household, his younger brother Benjamin was a pianist and singer-songwriter sinceage13. He’s a social worker as well as an ambient/folk stone artist located in Isreal and plays in Jerusalem.


Being born into Orthodox Jew (dati) parents has its attendant expectations. For David, his parents wanted him to become ordinated as a rabbi or a cantor (semikhah) resulting in his regularly spending some time in Isreal throughout his life. And that would also reflect on his own schooling; he attended several Jewish day schools Including Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Valley Torah High School, Los Angeles, Fasman Yeshiva High School, Chicago, Illinois. He also didn’t wish to get restricted to the criteria, rules along with the strict religious necessities of the colleges, ” he instead chosen to be a typical teenager. He had been expelled from all of the colleges that he attended and abandoned the fourth among his own free will. David formed his first group throughout his days in one of these colleges — the Valley Torah High School, Los Angeles, California. Although he had been resentful of his analysis from these colleges, he invited his family to discover the Jewish day of rest also called Shabbat or Sabbath and could afterwards train as a hazzan (cantor, a person who directs the Jewish congregation in prayer). Even though his rebellion at high school, he had been a fantastic student and obtained great grades to show for this. For another one year following his graduation, David Draiman was in Isreal studying in the Yeshivas Neveh Zion at Kiryat Ye’arim, on the outskirts of Jerusalem. According to him, he wished to start looking into faith by himself and determine what he wanted to think and that which he didn’t. On his return to the USA in 1992, he revealed a real thirst for understanding and registered for pre-law research at Loyola University Chicago where he triple majored in Political Science,Philosophy, and Business Administration and earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1996. Heworked as a bank teller and in telephone sales while he was at the university. After his graduation, David worked as anadministrative helper in a health club facility, and following his first year at work he gotan secretary’s permit and began his own health club center. He was employed as a health care administrator for five decades and was contemplating law school until he put up camp together with all the Disturbed band.

David’s Music Career

From his days as a cantor, he’s got a little vocal training that he completely used in his later years as a vocalist. He got involved in music when he had been in the college in Los Angeles, he did so with apunk stone group which coated Ramones and Sex Pistols and a few originals. He said which Disturbed was. He became the frontman of the group group and is well known for his distinctive rhythmic outspoken personality and percussive singing fashion. Disturbed released until they went to a hiatus five studio albums nearly all of that slipped at Billboard 200. David collaborated within a industrial undertaking with Geno Lenardo of Device. But, Disturbed came together in 2015 and published their sixth studio record, Immortalized. Though the majority of the other group members will concentrate only on the genre of songs that they profess, David Draiman is a exception.He draws inspirations from different genres too. They include classic rings, seminal metal rings, hair metal bands, punk and new wave, amongst others.

David Draiman’s Net Worth

The lead singer of this heavy metal group, Disturbed, has composed commercially successful songs for his group that has added to his handbag. The majority of the singles found favor using all the Billboard 200 and generally topped the charts. A Few of the songs he composed are Sound of Silence, Stricken, Stupify, Down with the Sickness, Prayer, Ten Thousand Fists, Deify and the other Way to Die. All these have augured well with his earnings and his net worth is a cool $10 million.

Daughter, wife, Son

He’s a married into a former pro-WWE wrestler, Lena Yada because the 25th of September, 2011. Lena is an expert Japanese-American model and celebrity. Both are parents for their son, Samuel Bear Isamu Draiman, who had been born on September 12, 2013. Samuel is David’s only kid for the time being. There’s not any report of him with a different child, kid anyplace else.


The Disturbed vocalist is in the class of average height man Americans. He stands in a fair elevation of 1.69 m (5 6) tall.

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