David Mleczko Married, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Facts

David Mleczko in a black suit with wife Daphne Zuniga.
David Mleczko in a black suit with wife Daphne Zuniga.
Born Name Davd Mleczko
Birth Place America
Eye Color Brown
Nationality American
Profession Businessman
Wife Daphne Zuniga
Net Worth $8 million

David Mleczko is a reputed business officer in the corporate world and the recently wedded husband of the experienced actress, Daphne Zuniga. Despite his professional endeavors and success, he got into the limelight after marrying the One Tree Hill actress.

Mleczko and Zuniga were successful in turning their long-term love affair into a marital agreement. Since it was the first marriage of his counterpart Zuniga in her fifties, their marriage caught widespread media attention.

David Mleczko Married 56 Years Old Daphne Zuniga

The corporate worker David Mleczko tied the knot with the Melrose Place actress, Daphne Zuniga, when she was 56-years-old. The lovely pair walked down the aisle in a ravishing location at Oleana Restaurant, Cambridge, Massachusetts, on June 8, 2019, in front of 30 people.

The celebrity marriage broke the internet and media headlines because it was the first marriage for the reputed actress, Daphne Zuniga. 

Mleczko and Zuniga: Lovers for 12 Years and Forever

The charismatic male, David Mleczko, and Daphne Zuniga used to date each other for 12years before finally deciding to take things to the next level. Finally, after more than a decade into their relationship, Mleczko got down on one knee to propose Zuniga and engage in 2016

YouTube: Mleczko and Zuniga attend the 41st AFI Life achievement awards.

Even though Zuniga and Mleczko were lovers for such a long-time, Zuniga was quite scared for a wedding. Mainly, she was afraid of the commitment that marital relation brings, and she never shared the feeling of marriage until her fifties. However, even if she was insecure, her husband comforted and supported her to tie the knot. 

Mleczko and Zuniga Met Via a Blind Date

When two people are destined to be together, then nothing can separate them. David Mleczko and wife Daphne Zuniga met for the first time on a blind date in 2006. Ever since that, they felt a strong bond and started to date.

According to the Melrose Place artist, her spouse is the perfect husband who always has her back and would never betray her. 

David’s First Marriage 

While it was Zuniga’s first marriage, her counterpart David Mleczko married for the second time. He is a father to three children, who are adults now from his past relationship. 

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Despite the past affair, his current wife, One Tree Hill actress, doesn’t let that be an issue in their marital ties. 

David Mleczko’s Corporate Career and Net Worth

Contrary to his wife, David Mleczko’s profession doesn’t let him be in stardom. However, that doesn’t mean his work is any less because he is the founder of Signature Green Marketing and Public Relations, a marketing company based in Los Angeles.

From his resounding corporate career, David Mleczko accumulates a staggering net worth of $8 million.

Quick Facts: David Mleczko

  • Mleczko received the acknowledgment in the movie, TED: The Future, We Will, Create i2007 and Welcome to the Max in 1993.
  • He co-founded his firm Signature Green Marketing and Public Relations, fifteen years ago in July 2004
  • His counterpart, Daphne Zuniga, last appeared in the movie Gates of Paradise on August 17, 2019.
  • Mleczko and Zuniga’s close friend, Sharon Salzberg, officiated the wedding ceremony.

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