David Threlfall Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, and Many more

David Threlfall Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, and Many more
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Posted By: Saba Altaf | November 12, 2018

Who is David Threlfall?

David Threlfall is one of the famous actor and director. He has worked in several dramas, movies, stage, and theatre. He got famous with the name of Frank Gallagher in the channel named channel 4, and the serial name was Shameless. David also directed some of the episodes of the show. He is a versatile actor and portrays the role of Tommy Cooper in the film with the name “Tommy Cooper: Not like that, like this.”

Early life of David Threlfall

David Threlfall was born on 12th October 1953 in Burnage, Manchester, UK. His father was a plumber by profession. Threlfall studied in the art college in Sheffield which became a university later. He consulted a magazine in which drama colleges ads were published and applied to different colleges. David was successful in taking the admission to Manchester Polytechnic School of Drama. When he graduated, his audition was with Mike Leigh. Threlfall wants to help a lot Manchester city. He wants to become an actor from childhood and in the school shows teachers love his acting skills. David also gave the performance in the school production drama named “Ann Jellicoe’s rising generation.” The audience appreciated his acting skills, and from that time David is working hard to get more work. He has done his graduation from the Manchester Metropolitan School of theatre.

Professional Life of David Threlfall

David has given the debut from 1977, and the play was “Play for Today,” and it was a version of the film named “Scum.” He also has appeared in many plays on TV from 1977 that includes ”Kiss of Death,” “Paradise Postponed with the name Leslie Titmuss,” “King Lear which was the production of Granda Television this role opposite to Laurence Olivier,” and Many more. Threlfall is a good comedian also and get the regular roles in comedy situations. David played comedian in Nightingales and Men of the world. Threlfall has also given guest appearance in many dramas such as The Knock, Cutting It, and Spooks. He paid tribute to Prince Charles and became Prince in the Diana: Her true story.

He was the central character of the series as Frank Gallagher in the series named Shameless. David also played a role in the famous drama of HBO/BBC named Conspiracy. Threlfall worked for a lot of theatres and got a lot of name from that.

Achievements of David Threlfall

David has gotten an honorary doctorate from the Manchester Metropolitan University on 15th July 2013.

He also has the honor to tribute the Prince Charles role, and that means a lot to him.

He also once nominated for the award of best actor in 1982 in the Broadways award.

Latest work by David Threlfall

Threlfall was working for the series of Shameless in which he also has shown direction skills of him also. Along with that David has played in the movie of Peter with the name the Black Sea. Also, he has an upcoming project for 2018, and it is his new TV show named “Troy: Fall of a city.”

David Threlfall

Interesting Facts about David Threlfall

David is working from childhood in the dramas, and this is the reason he is the most skilled person in the entertainment industry.

Threlfall is not a smoker and never like the nicotine a lot. He said that he has the role of the chain smoker in the series Shameless, on the other hand, he never done smoking in his life.

David Threlfall and Relationships

David married to the Bosnian actress named Brana Bajic. They met in the theatre which is in Manchester when they were doing a show in 1994. No other marital status details are present until now. David once says that he does not like nicotine and never did smoking in his life.

David Threlfall Net Worth

Threlfall has the net worth of $950,000 this year. He has more big projects in the coming years which will surely increase his net worth more than this. He is the richest person.

David Threlfall

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