Details about Adrian Vitoria’ Married Life

Born Name Adrian Vitoria
Birth Place Suffolk, England
Nationality English
Ethnicity English
Profession Director and Screenwriter
Wife Rosie Fellner
Net Worth $1.5 million
Age 48 years old (Demise)
Sibling Simonetta Vitoria

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The beautiful life of film director and actress, Adrian Vitoria came to a stop after doctors found tumors on his brain. He was married to wife Rosie Fellner at the time!

Adrian was paving his way to success with his hard work and all but, life had other plans for him and the people around him. He died of cancer in 2016! Before getting into his death, let’s talk a bit about his married life, shall we?

Adrian Vitoria Married Life with Wife Rosie Fellner

The film director Adrian Vitoria was tied in a marital bonding with the love of his life, Rosie Fellner, fellow English actress. They were blissfully married but cancer took Adrian away from Rosie.

The duo didn’t give birth to any kids during their matrimonial ties. The lovebirds were busy in their career so, they didn’t ever think about having children.

Demise of Adrian Vitoria

Adrian cheated death two times but in 2016, he couldn’t do so! When he was still an infant, he had to go through a pulmonary stenosis surgery and survived.

Adrian, similarly, was present in Srilanka with his wife, when the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami hit and claimed 280,000 lives.

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The third time was never in Vitoria’s favor! This time around doctors spotted tumors on his brain. He went through surgery to remove most of his tumors but, it didn’t work for him.

By December 2015, the cancer cells were already spreading like fire. He was bedridden and on November 20, 2016, at the age of 48, he succumbed to the pain.

Vitoria’ Net Worth and Earnings

Talking about Adrian Vitoria’s Net Worth details leave us lost for words because he was more than secretive about his life. Though he didn’t ever mention his fortune, his partner, Rosie owns $1.5 million of net worth by 2019.

Adrian started his career as an actor in 1995 with Playing Dangerous as Javier. Another one of his videos surfaced in the same year with the title, Venus Rising.

As for his directing debut, it was in 1999. He started out with directing an episode for the documentary TV series, Driven. Following this, he has, in total, directed as much as 12 movies and TV series.

His final movie was Leni. Leni. in 2016. Though he has already passed away, a movie with his directing and screenwriting is going to release in 2020/2021. The movie is titled A New York Story and it’s currently in it’s pre-production phase.

Something About Adrian Vitoria

The actor had already decided on what his career ought to be at the age of 9 after he watched the movie, The Great Escape with his grandpa.

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Vitoria was born in England but he grew up in the USA. He enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Actors Studio on a scholarship and learned a great deal from director Abel Ferrera.

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