Does Pixee Fox Really Look Like the Barbie?

Pixee Fox in a beautiful black dress clicks a mirror selfie holding her highlighted hair.
Pixee Fox in a beautiful black dress clicks a mirror selfie holding her highlighted hair.
Born Name Pixee Fox
Birth Place Gavle, Sweden
Eye Color Sea Green
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality Swedish
Ethnicity Swedes
Profession Actress
Net Worth $1 million
Age 29 years old

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Pixee Fox is a renowned figure in the glamor world with over thousands of fan following. The gorgeous artist rose to fame after performing several plastic surgeries to change her appearance.

Despite a wide range of criticisms, the Instagram model is proud of who she is and started to make appearances in the television industry lately as well.

Famous for Plastic Surgery

The 29-year-old diva got the limelight after getting numerous plastic surgeries in order to change her appearance. Throughout her twenties, the artist constantly disguised herself with different surgeries such as changing the eye color, removing her ribs, and whatnot.

Everyone is curious about her decision to change her nature’s gift. Upon that, she says that the trend will continue until she achieves her goal of a perfect hourglass figure.

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The Disney-obsessed model already went through about 200 cosmetic changes so far on her pursuit to become a barbie star.

Numerous Death Threats

While the artist worked constantly to become a real-life Barbie, the society did not support her as she would like. With every Instagram post she makes, she gets infinite criticisms from her followers regarding her appearance and desires.

Most of them body-shame the beauty and often tend to give her depressing and murderous death threats. Doctors even claimed her to be suffering from body dysmorphia, refusing to operate on her.

It is sound to say that the actress is a strong figure to mind her business and focus on her dream, no matter how many barriers are placed on her path.

Featured E!’s Botched

The Swedish model also appeared on the glamorous channel, E! Entertainment‘s show, Botched. The show mostly covers all sorts of celebrities who undergo variant cosmetic changes in their appearance.

YouTube: Pixee Fox featuring on Botched.

Fox requested the doctors on the show to lower her hairline but unfortunately, they denied.

Star of Plastic Fantastic

Following her dream in the acting career, Fox represented herself in the Amazon series, Plastic Fantastic. The 29-year-old shares her story of transformation and all the hardships she dealt with throughout the six-episode show. You can stream the show on Amazon for $4.99 dollars.

Ken and Barbie with Justin Jedlica

Pixee Fox shares a special bond with fellow model, Justin Jedlica, who himself is famous for physical transformation. The duo aims to live as Disney’s dream characters, Ken and Barbie.

The cartoon couple shared a romantic relationship prior to going through such significant changes. They believe that their collective obsession was the reason behind their destroyed love life.

Quick Facts: Pixee Fox

  • Fox went to a Plastic Surgery award ceremony in Las Vegas during 2016.
  • During the fall of 2018, she went to Seoul, South Korea to undergo dangerous face alignment surgery.
  • Fox started the transformation path in 2010 when she remodeled her eyelids, nose, and breast.
  • Prior to the glamor world, she worked as an electrician.

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