Durv – English YouTube vlogger

Durv - English YouTube vlogger

Durv, or Dylan McEvoy, is the infamous YouTuber who had his channel suspended at the platform due to multiple community guideline violations. He is still often mentioned in other YouTubers’ videos as the worst example of a YouTuber.

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Early life and family

Dylan Adam McEvoy was born on 14 March 2003, in Crawley, England, so his zodiac sign is Pisces and he holds British nationality. As of 2020, Dylan lives with his parents and younger brother in Manchester, England. Almost nothing is known about his family or childhood, except that from his early age he was attracted by YouTube and video editing, and used this passion to pursue his online career.

Educational background

Dylan is still studying in his local high school in Manchester, due to matriculate in 2021. He hasn’t shared any future plans for his further education.


Launching the YouTube channel

He launched his channel in July 2016, introducing himself as ItzDurv in a video called “Shoutout Sunday #01 – Grow Your Channel! Gain Active Subscribers!”

In early 2017 his channel reached the 50 million overall views milestone of his videos which had the titles that are now widely called ‘clickbait’. He posted videos with shocking titles, such as “My school is deleting my channel” or “My teacher has a crush on me”, telling stories which were hard to believe, but stating that they were true.

He claimed his school authorities saw his channel and found reasons to threaten him and make him close it down. He also told the story of his teacher who had feelings for him when he was in sixth grade, and some of his subscribers believed his stories, but most soon understood that he was simply lying to attract more views.

Among the videos Dylan posted were “I am dropping school on the age of 13”, “YOUTUBE sent me the wrong play button”, and the video which became his visiting card – “Wanna join my free gift card giveaway?”. In his “giveaway videos”, he asked his followers to like and comment on his videos in order to get a new iPhone or other gadgets.


He also allegedly gave away several XBox Live gift cards, but in fact he never gave away any, as he simply didn’t have them at all, but was just a trick to get more subscribers, likes and comments. On 31 May 2017 Dylan’s YouTube channel “Durv” was officially terminated as it was reported many times for having violated the community guidelines of the platform.

Returning to YouTube and getting banned again

In less than a year, on 12 April 2018, the channel was reinstated to give Dylan a second chance, but he only used it to repeat his stories all over again. He returned with his video “Dear YouTube, I’m back…”, and claimed he was not going to post any giveaways.

However, he still used the clickbait tags so that his videos attracted more views, and was consequently reported many times by viewers. In September 2017 Dylan uploaded the video entitled “Commentaires End”, in which he rapped about such popular YouTubers as ImAllexx, Memeulous, LeafyIsHere and many others, who, as he thought, were responsible for his videos being deleted from the platform. Some of his followers later re-uploaded the video, so one can still find and watch it.

He was also very active on Twitter, posting links to his clickbait videos on YouTube, so his Twitter account was soon suspended too.

As of 2020, he has an alternative Twitter account -“DurvTM” – but doesn’t have a YouTube channel, as the platform won’t give him another chance to start posting his fishy videos again.

The life after fame

Dylan is still posting his photos on Instagram now and then, and some of his tweets get likes from his former YouTube subscribers. On 23 July 2019 he tweeted: ‘Haven’t upload on Durv in 3 months, yikes’, adding on 26 July: ‘Hey @TeamYouTube can you review my video please, it’s been under review for a while now :/’. In fact, he was not uploading anything, as he doesn’t have any YouTube channel, but still tried to get some attention from YouTube authorities, hoping he could get his channel back – but useless.

A popular YouTuber – Memeulous, who has over 3.37 million subscribers as of February 2020 – shared his thoughts on the video Durv launched when he tried to get back onto YouTube in January 2018, making a lot of jokes on Durv and his shameless attempts to get more comments and views, saying he was ruining the reputation of other YouTubers. He also mentioned him in his video “THE WORST YOUTUBERS OF THE DECADE”.

A lot of Durv’s former viewers keep asking a lot of questions about YouTube’s policy on clickbait tags on videos, which are still used by many other YouTubers, such as LispyJimmy (who has 6.17 million subscribers on his channel) and Sernando (who has 5.4 million subscribers).

Only a few of them get notifications from the system about violations, and sometimes have their videos taken down, but none of them get suspended permanently.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Done with his YouTube channel, Dylan is now enjoying his spare time playing video games; among his favorites is Fortnite, GTA 5. He likes boxing, and sometimes attends boxing matches with his friends. He likes travelling around the world, and enjoyed visiting New York in 2018. He has a cat.

Appearance, clothing style

Dylan has short naturally black hair which he once dyed grey blonde and later a golden shade of blonde, eventually getting back to his natural color. He has hazel eyes. His height, weight and vital statistics are not available. As to his clothing style, he often mentioned his passion for Gucci clothes in his videos, boasting of his opportunity to buy expensive hoodies and T-shirts with Gucci prints. However, it became another visit card of bad taste, as a lot of his viewers simply laughed at his bragging.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, only $90,000 is left from the net worth Dylan managed to accumulate during the successful period of his YouTube career.

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