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Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is 36 years old daughter of Mötley Crüe lead vocalist Viance Neial and his first wife Beth Lynn.
Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is 36 years old daughter of Mötley Crüe lead vocalist Viance Neial and his first wife Beth Lynn.
Born Name Elizabeth Ashley Wharton
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Husband Will
Net Worth $50 million (father’s)
Age 36 years old
Sibling Neil Jason Wharton, Skylar Lynnae Neil
Parents Vince Neial and Beth Lynn

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Elizabeth Ashley Wharton, born on 23 October 1983, is the eldest daughter of Vincent Neil Wharton, aka Vince Neil, lead vocalist and co-founder of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. Elizabeth is also known by the name Elle Loomis.

The Scorpion-signed girl came to limelight, being the celebrity kid of Vince Neil and Beth Lynn, the superstar couple of 1981. She had two younger siblings, Skylar Lynnae Neil and Neil Jason Wharton, from her father’s second relationship but lost her more youthful sister Skylar at the age of four to cancer.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s Parents

Vince Neil and Beth Lynn are the parents of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton. They started as one of the most promising couples in 1981 while Vince was setting off his career as the frontman of the band Mötley Crüe. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 1985 after almost being married for more than five years.

Ellie was not even two years old while her parents headed in different directions. During that time, her father was going through a divorce and fighting drugs and alcohol abuse.

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Personal Life of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Elizabeth, being under the limelight from a very young age as the celebrity kid, is rarely seen in the media. The 36-year-old herself is inactive in her social media platforms after her marriage on 18 October 2014 with husband Will.

Vince Niel, Elizabeth’s father, posted on Instagram about the birth of her daughter Hailee Marie on 13 January 2015.

The Net Worth of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

As the daughter of a celebrity father and the connection Elizabeth bears with him, there is no doubt she inherited a large chunk of his fortune.

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Vincent Neil Wharton estimated net worth is $50 million as of December 2019. Neil Collected an exceptional amount of greens from his career of almost a decade as a lead vocalist for the band Mötley Crüe (1981-1992). He released multiple solo albums like Exposed(#13), Carved in Stone (#134) in 1993 and 1995, respectively.

In 2005, his record deal with Warner Bros was put to an end following his underperforming album Carved in Stone; though it charted at number #134 in billboard. But that did not stop the superstar from adding up his stack. He was consistent with his solo band and toured different venues. Vince Neil reunited with his band around 1998 which led his bandmate Tommy Lee who is rumored to date Daisy de la Hoya, leave the band then.

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Eventually, in 2005 Vince and Lee put aside their differences and reunited for the band and released album Saints of Los Angeles in 2008. The band altogether released nine albums.

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Apart from being a heavy metal vocalist, Vince owned a club named Bar One until 1994. After the unification of the band in 1998, they opened a store focused on clothing lines, music, and liquors. Following his business venture in 2006, he inaugurated a tattoo parlor in Las Vegas, winemaking venture named Vince Vineyards in 2003 at Sonoma County, Chardonnay.
The megastar also featured in several films and reality television shows adding millions to his fortune.

Tattoos of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Elizabeth has followed her father’s footsteps to get inked. We could see her tattoos in several of her older Instagram posts. It seems she was on the verge of following her father’s footsteps into the Hollywood music scene. There was an image of her in a recording studio playing guitar where she had a single needle tattoo on her top side of her bicep, numerous lines, and markings in a spiral from her wrist to the deltoid.

There are several other tattoos under her arms in the form of scales, while on her right hand, she has a flower-shaped swirl spanning from the front of her bicep to back of her elbow. In comparison, her right arm is mostly covered in ink than that of her left.

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Elizabeth once posted a picture of her neck getting inked with 3d tattoo where it looked like her throat was slit by a knife, but later on, revealed it was just a nail polish art. Although her arms are covered in ink, there is no sign of ink in her entire body.

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