Eric Berry Net Worth, Salary Earnings, Bonus, Endorsements, House, Cars

Eric Berry Net Worth, Salary Earnings, Bonus, Endorsements, House, Cars
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Posted By: joy root | December 15, 2018

Eric Berry Introduction:-

Celebrities are becoming more and more part of our daily life discussions. Nearly everyone on this planet has at least one celebrity as their idol from various fields of life. The recent trend in celebrities has been seen from the entertainment and sports industry. The number of followers for actors and athletes is increasing rapidly day by day. As it is the age of technology this rise in popularity is only seen by the social media sites and the one factor that also contributed to this estimate is the search prefe4nece history. People are eager to know about every aspect of their beloved celebrity’s life. This includes their total net worth along with their lavish lifestyles. Here the below article ”Eric Berry Net Worth” contains ample information about Berry’s net worth.

In America, one of the most followed athletic events is NFL football and the NFL players are also becoming widely popular than ever.

Eric Berry Net Worth:-

Eric Berry has a net worth of about $30 million.

He is the Safety player for the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team. Eric joined the NFL back in the 2010 draft and since then due to his marvelous defense position and tactics. He’s earning a lot of fame in his short amount of time in not only Kansas City NFL lovers but also in the hearts of his opponent teams. This increasing fame has led to a storm of followers of Eric Berry. And they are eager to know all about his life, the past, present, and the future. Most of the searches related to Eric Berry online is about how much is his Net Worth and how much he is earning annually. To answer these and many other questions we have written this detailing article for the fans of Eric Berry.

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The current estimate of his net worth is around $30 million. This estimate does not include the deal he signed recently with Kansas City Chiefs for about $78 million. The various sources from which this estimate of net worth has been made are as follows.

  • Signing bonus
  • Salary from team
  • Brand endorsement fees
  • Private investments
  • House
  • Car collection

We will explain all of the above points one by one for a more clear view of the reader.


Eric Berry Signing Bonus:-

Eric Berry is perhaps one of the most highly paid safety players in all 32 NFL teams. The fact is evident from his both contract deal with Kansas City Chiefs team. Back in 2010 when he was drafting the rookie player for the team as the Safety player his contract among the highest paid safety players of all NFL teams. The contract of 2010 was of about $60 million that included $15 million signing bonus that acted as the foothold for the current net worth accumulation. In 2017 Eric has signed another deal with the Kansas City Chiefs in March. This deal is worth about $78 million dollars that gave him a total of about $20 million in signing bonus. This deal is bounding to increase his net worth exponentially from about $30 million to around $60 million along with the yearly salary earnings.

Eric Berry Salary:-

The previous details of the salary earnings by Eric Berry are not available but NFL officially releasing the salary earning estimate of Eric Berry under his new contract deal. The $78 million contracts offered him not only 20 million signing bonus but also ensured $40 million guaranteed salary earnings in six years period. The details estimated figure for the annual salary earnings of Eric Berry areas follows.

  • Eric Berry will make a total of about $5 million in 2017  including all bonuses.
  • In 2018 Eric will make about $13 million in salary earnings along with all bonuses
  • He will make about $16.5 million in 2019 including all bonuses
  • In 2020 Eric is bound to make about $13.5 million along with all bonuses
  • Eric will make a total of about $16 million in 2020.
  • The last year of his contract is the year 2022 and he will make annual salary earnings of about $14 million.
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Among these earnings annual workout, a bonus for each year is about $100,000.

Eric Berry Brand Endorsement Fees:-

Eric berry due to his speed and defensive tackling skills is gaining rapid popularity in the general public. NCAA commented humorously on his defense. By saying that we are considering to change the term Football Safety to Eric Safety. This comment says it all for this ability on the field and that is the very reason for his sudden increase in fame. This fame is also not left unnoticed by major brands that are always looking for a fresh face for endorsing their brands. He is already endorsing many of the local brands in the Kansas City area but is now being offered endorsement from some of the renowned brands. Few of these brands include the following.

All of these are major brands in today’s market and they are offering hefty amounts to Eric in name of Endorsement fees. He is also endorsing many sports or athletic brands at the same time. The current estimate of these earnings from Brand Endorsement fees is around $5 million annually.


Eric Berry  Private investments:-

Berry although did not have a rough childhood but still it was not that much of a lavish. One either and he simply is aware of the fact that fame and fortune can be only earning consistently otherwise it will just vanish.

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Keeping in mind this thought Eric Berry has invested. The majority of his salary earnings from his team into private investments and business ventures. The nature of these businesses disclosed in the general public but still, it is estimating that he is earning around $5 to $10 million via the investment amount of $30 million.

Eric Berry House:-

As we have discussed earlier that he is a humble kid with a middle-class family background from Tennessee. After receiving millions of dollars in salary earnings and signing bonuses along with brand endorsement fees and private investments.

He is using it to make his lifestyle a little more than better and that started with him buying a lavish house near his team in Kansas City. The house was purchased back in 2010 after finalizing his first contract with Kansas City Chiefs. The house is currently estimating to be at an amount of $4.8 million.

Eric Berry Car Collection:-

The next thing that Eric Berry spent his millions on was his style and what better is there to buy style than having luxurious sports cars. Eric Berry is the proud owner of decent luxury car collection of four. The cars are all from noted brands and they are combined estimating to be a net worth of about $2 million. The names of the cars are as follows.

  • Chevrolet
  • Volvo
  • BMW
  • Range Rover


Eric Berry Net Worth Conclusion:-

The Net worth fop Eric berry is currently estimating to be around $30 million. That accumulating over the period of 7 years since his joining in 2010. However, this net worth is bounding to increase in the coming six years from $30 million to about $100 million under his new deal.


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