Ericka Bozeman (Smosh) Wiki: Age, Height, Boyfriend, Dating

Ericka Bozeman (Smosh) Wiki: Age, Height, Boyfriend, Dating

Ericka Bozeman is a YouTube personality, gamer, and Twitch star, who rose to fame being featured on the Smosh community YouTube channel, especially on the Smosh Games from 2017 to 2018, featuring in a number of videos and shows created by Smosh members. She has since left Smosh to focus on other interests.

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Ericka Bozeman Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Ericka Bozeman was born on the 4th February 1992, in Virginia USA, of African-American ancestry.

She grew up in her hometown with her siblings, a brother, and a sister, however, she hasn’t shared any details about her parents and her educational background, though she has claimed that she has been interested in mathematics and statistics.


Ericka struggled at the start of her career; she worked as a bartender in Virginia and was living with a roommate who was a stripper. She struggled to even pay her rent, but she had the ambition to succeed, so moved to Las Vegas, where she continued as a bartender, but didn’t like the new environment and moved back to Virginia.

Once back she started her Twitch channel, and began playing video games. Gradually she was becoming more popular, and with the advice of her roommate, she started showing skin in her videos, which attracted more people to her channel. However, after a while, she decided against such exposure, and continued building her fame based on her skills, not her looks, becoming more focused on her career in the video gaming industry. She began sending her biography to video gaming companies and YouTube enthusiasts for collaboration, and was eventually called by Smosh and went to Los Angeles for an audition.

Ericka Bozeman

Rise to Stardom

She went through two auditions before she was hired by Smosh, and made her debut appearance on the channel in 2017 in the video entitled “BUCKET OF DOOM W/ FLITZ AND BOZE”, and from then on featured in a number of popular videos, which boosted her popularity. In addition to her work with Smosh, Ericka continued to build her own fame through her Twitch channel, on which she has over 40,000 loyal fans, known particularly for playing Apex Legends and other popular games. Nevertheless, her time with Smosh meant that Ericka has become a star, but she still decided to leave the group.

Why She Left Smosh and Later Career

Ericka was a part of Smosh through 2017 and ’18, and was featured in Smosh Games videos. During this time she became an international star too, thanks to her wit, humor, and personality on the whole. In 2018, Smosh stopped operating for a while, as Defy Media that was behind Smosh went bankrupt, and they were in need of a new sponsor. Before that happened, Ericka and several other members were left without a paycheck, although they continued making new content.

This made her angry; she started feeling unwelcome in the group and before Smosh found a new sponsor, which is now Mythical Entertainment, Ericka left the community.

One more reason was that she grew tired of the content the group was creating, and wanted new challenges outside YouTube. As a result, she started learning about digital marketing, and is now the social media manager for former adult film actress, webcam model, and now a sports commentator and a social media personality, Mia Khalifa.

Ericka Bozeman Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Ericka is an online star, and her personality has taken her so far that her success has increased her wealth by a large margin. According to sources, Ericka Bozeman’s net worth has been estimated at $500,000 as of mid- 2020.

Ericka Bozeman stands at 5ft (1.52m) tall, while she weighs approximately 100lbs ~ 46kgs. Her vital statistics are unknown, but she has a slim figure. She has brown eyes and black hair.

Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend

When it comes to her personal life, Ericka doesn’t like talking about it; though she has shared some of her struggles during her early career, she has stopped revealing her personal aspirations. During one interview with DavidSo, Ericka talked about her previous relationship with a guy named Esteban, who is from Korea, but who had to move to Argentina with his family, and then to the USA. Their romance was troubling, and she said that she has dealt with racism in her past relationships, but has now been single for around four years.

News, Facts

Ericka, or Boze as she likes to be called, has become very popular with the YouTube community, and many YouTube podcast hosts have fought for an interview with her, once she left Smosh. Since then, she has been featured in DavidSo, and Tim Chantarangsu podcasts among others, during which she has talked about her life and career as well.

In addition to Twitch, Ericka is also popular on Instagram, with over 225,000 followers, sharing pictures and videos from her life, and has even bragged about being friends with comedian Dave Chappelle.

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