Everything to Know About Karla Souza’s Husband

Marshall Trenkmann

Marshall Trenkmann is a banker from the United States, and many people know him as Karla Souza’s husband. Karla is famous for acting as Lauren Castillo in the TV series How to Get Away with Murder.

Marshall was born in Texas, which is in the southern part of the United States. He prefers to keep his life private, meaning he doesn’t share a lot of information about himself with the public.

Early Life & Education

Marshall Trenkmann was born on July 19, 1981, in Texas, United States. While information about his parents and siblings is not publicly available, Marshall has maintained a private stance on his family background.

Marshall Trenkmann attended Texas A&M University, where he focused on accounting and earned his bachelor’s degree. His dedication to education led him to continue at the same university, achieving a master’s degree.

During his time at the university, Marshall discovered a keen interest in Spanish and Latin American studies, eventually becoming fluent in these languages. Following the completion of his studies, Marshall embarked on a successful career in the banking industry. He held positions in prestigious financial institutions in both Mexico and the United States.

Marshall and Karla Souza’s Meeting & Marriage

Marshall Trenkmann and Karla Souza’s love story began when they first met at a party in Mexico in 2011, introduced by mutual friends. Their connection grew stronger over the following two years as they dated and got to know each other better. In November 2013, Trenkmann decided to take the next step, proposing to Souza and initiating the journey toward marriage.

Marshall Trenkmann and Karla Souza has been married for nearly a decade.
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They chose to have a civil wedding in California as the starting point of their marital adventure. Subsequently, in June 2014, they joyously celebrated their union with a three-day ceremony. The picturesque setting for this celebration was Tequesquitengo, Morelos, a lakeside town near Mexico City. Surrounded by the warmth of family and close friends, this event marked the joyous beginning of Marshall Trenkmann and Karla Souza’s married life together.

Father of Two Children

Marshall Trenkmann and Karla Souza are proud parents to two wonderful children. Their daughter, Gianna Trenkmann, entered the world on April 19, 2018, bringing immense joy and happiness to the family. As the firstborn, Gianna undoubtedly holds a special place in their hearts, marking the beginning of their journey into parenthood.

Marshall Trenkmann’s wife, Karla Souza with her babies Gianna and Luka.
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Adding to the joyous family moments, Marshall and Karla welcomed their son, Luka Olivares Trenkmann, on June 12, 2020. Luka’s arrival further enriched their lives, creating a dynamic and loving family environment. With two beautiful children, the Trenkmann family continues to embrace the joys and challenges of parenthood, creating lasting memories and nurturing a bond that grows stronger with each passing day.

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Who is Karla Souza?

Karla Souza, born on December 11, 1985, in Mexico City, is a famous Mexican actress. She’s known for her amazing acting in movies and TV shows. With her determination and talent, she became a well-known figure in the entertainment world.

Marshall Trenkmann’s wife, Karla Souza is a famous actress.
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One of the roles she’s really good at is playing Laurel Castillo in the TV show “How to Get Away with Murder.” People really liked how she acted in that role because she made the character feel real and interesting. This made Karla Souza well-respected, not just in Mexico but all around the world.

Marshall’s Banking Career

Marshall Trenkmann has done really well in his career in banking, where he uses his knowledge and skills in finance. Although we might not know all the details about his job journey, we do know that Marshall held an important position as the Director of Credit Risk at J.P. Morgan, which is a big and respected investment banking company.

As the Director of Credit Risk, Marshall’s main job was to handle and figure out potential financial risks for the company. This means he had a big responsibility and a lot of expertise in the finance field. Looking at Marshall’s career path, it seems like he is really dedicated to doing a great job and understands how the complicated world of banking and finance works.

Net Worth & Luxurious Lifestyle

Since Marshall Trenkmann entered the banking world, he’s not only survived but also thrived, becoming a recognized name in the corporate scene. This seasoned banker’s estimated net worth is approximately $5 million. Having worked with major companies like CIB Group before joining JP Morgan as a director, it’s no surprise that he has built a substantial fortune.

Marshall Trenkmann has accumulated a net worth of $5 million.
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Marshall’s successful actress wife, Karla Souza has also contributed to the couple’s combined net worth. Known for her role in “Home Economics” and other film projects, Karla has accumulated a net worth of $2 million. Together, Marshall and Karla form a financially successful couple, combining their individual achievements in the banking and entertainment industries.

Social Media Presence

While many Hollywood stars like Karla use social media to connect with fans, Marshall’s wife is no exception. She loves sharing updates and staying in touch with her audience through her Instagram account @karlasouza. She has around 4 millions of followers with nearly 2.5k posts.

On the flip side, Marshall does things differently. Unlike his wife, he doesn’t use any social media. Marshall likes to keep his life private, especially moments with his family. He chooses not to share much about himself on the internet. This shows that Marshall prefers a more personal and quiet space, keeping away from the public eye. His choice to stay off social media underlines his desire for a more private and reserved lifestyle.

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