Everything You Need To Know About Indigo White – Biography

Everything You Need To Know About Indigo White – Biography

Who is Indigo White? Wiki Bio

Indigo White, also known as ‘Cocochampange’ on the internet, was born in the USA on 1 September 1995 – her zodiac sign is Virgo and she holds American nationality. She is an artist, Instagram star, and a YouTuber, perhaps best known for her YouTube channel which she launched on 10 May 2015, and which is currently subscribed to by nearly 36,000 people, and which counts over 1.28 million views of all her videos combined.

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Indigo mostly uploads videos related to her everyday life; her first video – “Camming FAQ Part 1” – was uploaded on 16 August 2015, but the two most popular videos on her channel today are “The End of Belle Delphine” which has been seen over 340,000 times since 22 January 2019, and “Updates & WillNE, I have a bone to pick with you” which has been viewed over 130,000 times since it was uploaded on 11 February 2019.

Childhood and education

Indigo was raised in the US as an only child, by her father who is the owner of a small store, and her mother who is working as a teacher at a local high school.

Indigo became interested in playing video games at a very early age, and spent most of her free time talking about games with boys, and playing sports rather than to ‘gossip with girls’ as she has described it. She was physically very active while attending high schoo,l as she was playing soccer and learning how to play tennis, and then although her parents expected of her to attend college, Indigo decided to focus on her career on the internet after she matriculated from high school in 2013.

Career as an Instagram star and other ventures

Indigo worked several jobs to financially support herself, while working on her way up on the internet.

After gaining many followers on her Instagram account, she quit her job as a waitress which she had been holding for a year, and dedicated herself entirely to uploading her pictures, and growing her fanbase on Instagram, while she also moved to Seattle in Washington State. She mostly uploads pictures taken during her cosplay, and her buttocks and breasts are in focus in most of these which is why she became popular on the platform in the first place. Her account is now followed by nearly 150,000 people, and onto which Indigo has uploaded over 360 pictures.

Indigo was also active on Twitter, onto which she had gathered over 100,000 followers before the account was banned due to violation of their terms of usage, so Indigo is currently also focused on her Twitch channel. She is mostly chatting with her fans rather than playing video games, and has so far gathered over 60,000 followers and more than 60,000 likes. She launched her channel on 3 June 2012, but didn’t become active until years later.

Indigo is also making money by selling her merchandise on the internet.

Indigo White

She is also a writer, and has written and published two books  “The City Girl Cook Book” and “Do You Really Want to be a Cam Girl?”

Love life and relationships

Indigo often talks about her boyfriends and girlfriends in her videos on YouTube. The first boyfriend who her fans know about was Brandon, and they dated sometime in 2014 before splitting after several months, and Indigo went on to date another boy, Tyler whom she met on the internet.

They were together for around a year before she met a man who used the nickname ‘50shadesofsomething’ on his Instagram account, and who was a chef; their relationship lasted for several months, and was strictly internet-based as the two lived in different countries.

Indigo has been in several relationships with girls in the past two years. She has spoken about most of these girls, and it appears that she is currently in a relationship with a girl, but she hasn’t married, and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Indigo loves to watch animes such as “Death Note” and “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”, while she is also keen on watching Japanese Studio Ghibli’s movies, with some of her favorites being “Ponyo”, “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”, and “Howl’s Moving Castle” among others. She is a lover of animals and had two pet dogs Soul and Miso, while it is not known what has happened to them. She likes to travel, and has been to several US states such as Texas, New York and California, and she has also been to South America and Europe on several occasions. One of her main hobbies is dressing up as her favorite anime characters and attending cosplay events, while she is also keen on dressing up for Halloween.

Indigo also likes to watch live-action films, and some of her favorite actors and actresses are Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts, while some of her favorite movies are “Catch Me If You Can”, “Good Will Hunting”, and “Runaway Bride”.

She is suffering from anxiety disorder.

Indigo’s net worth

Indigo’s net worth is estimated at over $100,000 as of June 2020. Her hair color is brown while her eyes are blue. Her height is around 5ft 4ins (1.62m), while she weighs around 108lbs (49kgs). Indigo is 24 years old.

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