FaZe Rain (Nordan Shat)’s Wiki: Net Worth, Married, Parents, Children

FaZe Rain (Nordan Shat)’s Wiki: Net Worth, Married, Parents, Children

Who is FaZe Rain (Nordan Shat)?

He’s famed for being YouTuber and a gamer. The title Faze Rain is his nickname and YouTube station name.In a brief time, his station Faze Rain had accumulated countless readers. Though he didn’t begin making videos when he combined to the 28 th of December 2010, by 2014, he needed a million readers.

Bio, Wiki

Growing up, he lived with his sister and parents. As a young child, he had been troublesome and was well known in college to get cracking jokes and making people laugh. He was able to keep his grades in college for a tier “A” pupil even though he had been constantly called to the main ‘s office. He was likewise a fat child but at age he dropped the weight. After he was 7 years old, his parents began arguing a lot. Melancholy was caused by this for his sister along with Nordan. He chose to concentrate his attention on playing with video games and recognized he discovered joy whenever he played his play station two. His father left the melancholy state worsened as Nordan felt.

New Family

The mommy of faze Rain got married to her supervisor. His mum ‘s new union was a step upward as Nordan connected together with his mum ‘s boss and shot him with open palms because his step-father. Since Nordan became a teen, he got involved with a woman and after three decades, they awakened. This led him to melancholy back, this time it had been so bad he attempted to take his own life by overdosing on Advil. He had been at the hospital for a week and began seeing a therapist that lasted for 3-4 decades. Histherapist not counseled nordan to concentrate on a hobby. He began by supplying the trick slots for call of duty and then, moved on by beginning his own YouTube channel. YouTubing and video gambling was Faze Rain managed to take care of the situations that attracted him melancholy.

YouTube Channel

At 2016, 4 million readers had been accumulated by Faze Rain. He’s managed to assemble millions of readers on his station because his gambling skills and strategies are regarded as the finest in the business. On the 20 th of January 2016, he combined the “Faze Clan”. The Faze Clan came to life in 2010 and they had been to performing trick shots in call of duty. The Faze Clan are still an American esports company possessed by Thomas Oliveria that compete in call of duty, counter attack: Global Offensive, along with other games such as EA game FIFA tournaments. His Faze clan penis, Oliveria has played games on his station.

Nordan Shat

Aside from the YouTube station that’s about video games, he also conducts a private channel called Nordan Shat where he interacts with his supporters more personally and arranges vlogs regularly. His movies are almost always filled with positivism.Faze Rain shares the way YouTubing helped him deal with his tough times. Courses are shared by him . In one of his vloghe shared how he walked away from a man who’d beaten him since he doesn’t encourage violence. He made an alter ego for himself called Vape Lord Nord. His alter ego looks in a hat, shades and a dress.

Rain — Girlfriend

AlthoughNordan got sad due to a breakup previously, in November 2014, he began dating a woman named Taylor. She made appearances. Nonetheless, in ancient 2016they broke up because they argued that a lot and also the longstanding relationship wasn’t working for them. He’d explained this in one. Ever since that time there hasn’t been some mention of a brand new woman in his entire life. He’s currently single.


Nordan has an older sister named Sally and 2 step-siblings. In one of his movies, he stated he isn’t so near his step-sister, however he likes and appears into his step-brother. His sister has made appearances in his vlogs and in among his vlogs “Satisfy with my sister”; he and his sister had shared that they had too many conflicts climbing up. The sister of faze was the reason. This was because he sucked his thumb for a youngster and that as she pushed his thumb into his mouth when he cried.

Height — Dimensions

Nordan is 6 ft 3inch tall (180cm) and weighs 75kg (165 lbs ). He’s got a slender body and a huge shoe dimensions of 15 (US). Faze Rain has dark brown hair with dark brown eyes to match.

Net Worth

Picture origin As of April 2017, Nordan had a net worth of over $2.5million that’s no surprise he receives patrons for his movies. He’s worked with brands like FanDuel and GFuel. Faze Rain also gets additional income from his product (Faze product ) that deals with the earnings of Faze hoodies and T-shirts. His net worth has assisted with his taste in automobiles. He possesses a Tesla Model X. along with an Audi R8 V10 Plus

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