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Therica Wilson-Read plays the role of Sabrina Glevissig in The Witcher. Source: Instagram
Therica Wilson-Read plays the role of Sabrina Glevissig in The Witcher. Source: Instagram
Born Name Therica Wilson-Read
Birth Place United Kingdom
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Eye Color Green
Nationality British
Ethnicity British
Profession Actress
Net Worth $500 thousand

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You must have come across the much-hyped Netflix show The Witcher in recent times. Therica-Wilson-Read plays an influential character in the show as Sabrina Glevissig in the so-called replacement of Game of Thrones for the television universe.

The British actress had little experience in the television world earlier in Fred and Fox Trap. However, it was the Netflix show that gave her the much-needed limelight to alleviate her professional career. So, today we take you closer to the personal life and journey of Therica Wilson-Read. 

Therica Wilson-Read’s Breakthrough as Sabrina Glevissig in The Witcher

If it weren’t for The Witcher, maybe Therica Wilson-Read would never reach the stature that she is on today. Previously, she appeared on Fox Trap and Suicide Club but failed to garner much exposure. Ultimately, her hardwork paid off when she received the role of Sabrina Glevissig, an influential character in The Witcher. 

Read’s character, Sabrina is a powerful sorceress and an advisor to King Henselt.  

In the show, Wilson-Read portrays one of the critical characters from the novel. She is known as the ‘true daughter of the Kaedwenian wilderness’ and is a member of the Lodge of Sorceresses. Fans saw the actress in the second, third, and eighth episodes of the highly-rated television show.

YouTube: Therica Wilson-Read from The Witcher gives an interview.

Thus, Wilson-Read will continue with her role in the second season of the Netflix show. Likewise, with the tremendous amount of reception she got from The Witcher, fans will be seeing her a lot more on the screen shortly. 

Fans Crazy Over Therica Wilson-Read from The Witcher

The Witcher actress, Therica Wilson-Read, became a recurring name in the mouth of millions of global fans after the premiere of the Netflix show. She was responsible for the soaring amount of discussions on Reddit, the homepage of the internet. 

The fans poured their heart for the beauty with praise for her character and dashing figure. Wilson-Read went from an average television supporting actress to the very top in a matter of a week. 

Therica Wilson-Read Started her Career Very Young

The rising superstar from The Witcher, Therica Wilson-Read, always had an interest in acting and drama. She made her on-screen debut at the mere age of 21 in the UK movie, The Last Call in the role of Sharon

The actress was phenomenal on the movie but failed to gather media and fans’ attention. She later burnt the midnight oil with yet another top performance in the 2018 thriller, Suicide Club.

How Much is Therica Wilson-Read Net Worth?

The British sensation is a global icon today following a breakthrough from The Witcher. Therica Wilson-Read owns a staggering net worth of $500 thousand as of 2020. The diva is an experienced artist with earlier works in Fox rap and The Last Call.

Olivia Bell Management, UK foresees all the contracts and agreements of the budding The Witcher actress. Courtesy of such vast fortunes, she lives a lavish lifestyle. 

Quick Facts: Therica Wilson-Read

  • The Netflix actress has around 25000 followers on Instagram.
  • In 2017, she ran two marathons to support the cause of Cancer for Children in the UK. 
  • She suffered a severe left foot injury in April 2018 after another marathon for the same cause. 
  • The Witcher actress is fond of cats. 
  • She shared the screen with Henry CavillFreya Allan, and Jodhi May in the sets of The Witcher.

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