Find Out About Lorne Balfe’s Married Life and His Two Children!

Lorne Balfe is married to Nina Balfe.
Lorne Balfe is married to Nina Balfe.
Born Name Lorne Balfe
Birth Place Inverness, United Kingdom
Eye Color Light Brown
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality British
Ethnicity Scottish
Profession Composer
Wife Nina Balfe
Net Worth $1 million
Age 43 years old
Parents David Balfe, Eva Balfe

Producing a soundtrack for a blockbuster is a difficult task, whether you believe it or not. And what is more difficult is to produce a soundtrack that perfectly reflects the plot and nature of the character.

Lorne Balfe does this task with such an ease that it is almost flawless. Balfe, the Grammy-winning composer recently came into the limelight with his soundtrack in the movie Mission Impossible: Fallout. But that is not his only work or even his best work. Let’s find out the net worth that one of Hollywood’s finest composers garnered over the years and stick around to find out if he is married or not.

Married or Not

Lorne Balfe is a married man. One of the greatest composers of our time, he is married to none other than Nina Balfe. The duo exchanged vows in the month of January 2014. Their wedding was a grand celebration and many celebrities attended the wedding including Hans Zimmer, one of the very best composers working today.

The Mission Impossible Scoremaker shared a selfie of their wedding day on January 18, 2014. Many people congratulated them through comments and the majority of the commenters said that it was definitely the best wedding ever.

At the Scottish themed wedding, many instruments were part of the nuptials including bagpipes and guitar. It was no surprise as the man of the hour is a composer himself and loves these instruments.”Best selfie ever” Balfe captioned the image.

They have two children together, Rufus Balfe and Marnie Balfe. Their first bundle of joy, Rufus David Esben Balfe came into this world on December 16, 2014, three days prior to the expected delivery date. Marnie Balfe, their second child came into this world on March 26, 2018.

The Balfe family are very happy and leading a peaceful life. Lorne and Nina are really happy and grateful for such a wonderful family and are showing no signs of separation which is really amazing.

Balfe Surely is Rich

There is no doubt that with more than 130 composing credits under his belt, Balfe is rich. But what is his net worth? Lorne Balfe’s net worth currently stands at $1 million.

The majority of his net worth comes from the scores he’s created over the years. Not to forget the breathtaking live shows he does.

Creating World Famous Scores

The Scotland born composer made a name for himself with some of the most amazing scores in movies, television shows, and video games. Some of Balfe’s amazing scores include the theme song for games like Assasin’s Creed, Call of Duty, and FIFA 19.

YouTube: Watch Lorne Balfe Introduced By Samuel L Jackson For a Live Performance

Not only that but he received BAFTA nomination for the majority of these scores. His work in movies is also really famous. He made scores for movies like Megamind, Sherlock Holmes, and The Dark Knight.

Ready For Some Lorne Balfe Trivia

  • Lorne Balfe comes from a family of composers, his father David Balfe was also a composer.
  • Michael William Balfe, the renowned Irish composer is a relative of Lorne.
  • He was the chef for the crew that recorded the Hamish Macbeth in Scotland.
  • Balfe’s nickname is Sirloin.
  • Hans Zimmer is the man who Lorne has worked the most with.

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