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Five movies that can motivate you to study – Gossip Gist

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Can movies truly inspire you to get a degree? You may have many reasons for feeling that pursuing a degree right now is not the best option. You may not be in the best financial position or not know what you want to do.

However, a degree is still a great way to advance in today’s world. A degree does not guarantee success but it can be a useful bridge to help you reach your goals.

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It’s true that sometimes we just need a little motivation to push us out of our comfort zones. What better way to motivate yourself than with a movie? Especially when the thought “I need to find an help me homework site” is almost physically and mentally relieving, while the thought of actually doing it – is painful.

We have compiled a list of 5 movies that will inspire you to start or continue your studies.

The Paper Chase (1973)

This film tells the story about James T. Hart, a Harvard first-year student of law (Timothy Bottoms), who discovers quickly that life as a student is not easy.

Hart’s good fortune (or bad luck) is that he runs into a professor who is very demanding in his Contracts course. Charls Kingsfield Jr., (John Houseman) is a professor that believes in the Socratic Method of Teaching. Instead of lecturing a series concepts and expecting his students to be able repeat them, Charls W. Kingsfield Jr. asks them direct questions, and they have to answer.

The film shows that, even though all students have the same tools, it is the attitude and disposition of the student who determines their success. The film is made even more entertaining by the fact that our hero falls in love with the daughter of the teacher.

Mona Lisa Smile (2003)

This film, set in the 1950s, explores the struggles of women who want to change the status quo, study, and work.

The story revolves around Professor Katherine Watson, played by Julia Roberts, who wants to see her students achieve goals that are commensurate to their enormous potential. She soon learns, however, that her college does not agree with her and that an engagement is more important than education.

She encourages her students to be independent and not follow what the society dictates. She encourages her students to consider the many benefits that a college degree can provide.

The Great Debaters (2007)

Denzel Washington stars in this film set in 1935. It tells the story about the Wiley University Debate Team, which consisted of African Americans, and a woman of colour who was discriminated against because of both her skin color and gender.

The team started to dominate every debate it took part in, tackling very controversial topics of the day, like racial injustice and civil disobedience. They were so successful that Harvard, who had been the undisputed champions at the time, invited them to compete against them. This was a social event unlike any other.

The film examines the injustices faced by black Americans during the Great Depression in the United States. Jim Crow laws and lynching remained a constant fear for people of color. It also highlights the importance of education to overcome systems of ignorance.

The Student (2009)

Mexican cinema has some gems to inspire you to study. The Student is the best. It tells Chano’s story, a 70 year old man who decides to achieve his goal of graduating college.

The film is a comedy that humorously portrays the conflicts that arise due to the large generational gap between Chano, and the other students at the University. It is not a problem. Instead, it highlights the importance of preserving certain traditions, and appreciating what our grandparents and parents did.

This film is a great example of the importance of both knowledge acquired through education and personal experience.

Nil Battey – The New Classmate 2016

This Hindi film tells a touching story about Chanda (Swara Bhaskar) and Apu, mother and daughter.

Apu is an motivated student who, despite all odds, manages to graduate high school. She is also a student who struggles to understand difficult subjects such as math and science.

She is, however, convinced that if her daughter puts her mind to something, she can achieve greatness. Chanda, who used to be a maid for Doctor Diwan, asks him for help because the family does not have the money to pay Apu’s tuition. He tells her to enroll her daughter in Apu’s class to learn math and teach her the subject.

This event will trigger a series events that will test the relationship between them to the limit, and show the importance of effort and education.

Final Words

These films each explore education in a different way. They are all meant to make you realize that studying is worthwhile. Some are comedies and some are dramas. Let us know which one you liked best in the comments. We’d love to learn what you thought!

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