From Lost to Goliath – What is Tania Raymonde doing today?

From Lost to Goliath - What is Tania Raymonde doing today?

Tania Raymonde

Born on 22nd March 1988, in Los Angeles, California, USA, Tania Raymonde Helen Katz is an artist and actress with dozens of acting credits to her name. Her father, Jon Katz, is of Polish-Jewish descent, whereas her mother Anne-Marie is French; according to the actress, her parents met in Paris. Tania, who has been active in the entertainment industry since 2000, studied at Le Lycée Francais de Los Angeles, an international private school which boasts Jodie Foster and Christie Brinkley amongst its notable alumni.

Career Beginnings

Tania took up acting at the age of nine, when she participated in a school play and was cast in the leading role due to the intended actress skipping out on rehearsals. “I didn’t have much of a concept of what an acting career was, but I kind of liked the whole audition process right away,” she shared in a 2022 interview.

Since her childhood, Tania was encouraged by her parents to watch all sorts of movies, with her favorites being the ones she saw with her father: “Chinatown”, “Stranger than Paradise”, or anything with Peter Sellers or Shirley MacLaine. Her love for film, along with the unconditional support from her parents, undeniably influenced the decision to pursue an acting career while juggling her studies.

Tania’s first TV role in an episode of the TV series “Providence” soon led to other acting jobs, such as appearances in “The Nightmare Room”, “Malcolm in the Middle”, “NCIS”, and “The Brothers Garcia”. Her first feature film role came about in 2002, as she played Lily Jane Bobbit in “Children on their Birthdays”.

The multi-racial actress’s first recurring role was in 2003, when she interpreted Lauren O’Keefe in the family sitcom “The O’Keefes”. However, Tania will always be most remembered for her portrayal of Alex Rousseau in the ABC drama “Lost”.

Career Highlights

In the “Lost” universe, Tania was the biological daughter of Danielle Rousseau and Robert; a week after her birth, she was taken from her mother by Benjamin Linus and raised as an Other.

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The Others, also described as the Hostiles or the Natives, were a group of people who lived on the island and followed a mysterious leader named Jacob who never revealed himself to them. During her time with the Others, Alex helped the plane crash survivors on many occasions. At sixteen years old, she was finally reunited with her mother – but in a shocking plot twist, she was executed by Martin Keamy less than a week later.

The main characters created a metaphysical realm, dubbed by fans of “Lost” the “flash sideways” world, to find each other after their deaths. The goal of the sideways world was to allow those who died on the island to reconnect and remember their time together before moving on to the afterlife. In the flash sideways world, Alex and her mother lived normal lives; Ben, her adoptive father on the island, was her high school history teacher and the closest thing to a father figure she knew.

Tania was part of the “Lost” universe for four years, appearing in a total of 21 episodes. From 2006 to 2010, she also had movie roles in “The Garage”, “Japan”, and “The Other Side of the Tracks” to name a few. Other recurring roles include her interpretation of Frankie Rafferty in the sixth season of “Cold Case”; however, the actress failed to replicate the success of her “Lost” heydays.

Unbeknownst to many fans, at the tender age of 17, Tania wrote, edited, and directed a short film entitled “Cell Division”, which she submitted to film festivals around the country. Although the short film didn’t win any notable awards, Tania used her experience 11 years later to direct the music video of the Dream Dana single “Without You”. However, it’s, evident that Tania prefers to be in front of the camera, as she has only directed those two projects since 2006.

In 2013, she was cast in “Chicago P.D”, a spin-off of the popular NBC series “Chicago Fire” – however, she and her co-star Scott Eastwood quietly left the series due to unspecified creative differences.

Tania has also been part various music video cameos over the years, including a starring role in Maroon 5’s 2014 single “Won’t Go Home Without You”.


In 2016, Tania’s career finally began regaining traction when she was cast as Brittany Gold in the award-winning Amazon series “Goliath”. Starring Billy Bob Thornton, the legal drama was created by David E. Kelley and Jonathan Shapiro and has a total of four seasons. Billy played Billy McBride, a disgraced lawyer who gets a case that could change his life – or, at the very least, allow him to get his revenge on the firm that unceremoniously expelled him.

Brittany Gold, Billy’s old friend and occasional colleague, was a complex character with many self-esteem issues. Despite being a brilliant paralegal, Brittany also worked as an escort in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles. Brittany and Billy had an unshakeable bond, as the lawyer valued her intelligence and sharp wit; Brittany, meanwhile, took her job as a paralegal so seriously that she worked for free most of the time.

When Brittany became too emotionally attached for Billy’s liking, he lost respect for her and began distancing himself. The death blow to their relationship came when Brittany degraded herself using her escorting skills to help Billy trap a cop. In an unforeseeable turn of events, Brittany later turned on Billy at trial, as she was still hurting from the rejection.


If you’re wondering what Tania’s up to these days, her Instagram profile is a good place to start. With over 310,000 followers, the brown-eyed brunette uses the social media platform to keep her fans up to date with her latest projects. As recently as April 2023, Tania was spotted at the 11th Annual Reimagine Gala for CASA of Los Angeles, a volunteer-driven charity that strives to give L.A foster children a voice.

Other recent photos of Tania’s reveal that she’s been busy attending renaissance fairs and other social events with her friends, working on her art, and perfecting her toned physique with at-home workouts.

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