Girlfriend, Net Worth, Son, Pregnant, Parents, Money

Girlfriend, Net Worth, Son, Pregnant, Parents, Money

Who is Welven Da Great?

Welven Harris, popularly called asWelven Da Great, is a Instagram celebrity. The world wide web has made celebrities from many men and women in the 21st century to get varied reasons.Welven Da Great attained net fame when his humor movie titled Deez Nuts went viral in March 2015. Following his movie moved viral, Welven Da Excellent became an overnight sensation. You know that you are famous if you’re known by plenty of individuals. But when already famous men and women get to learn about you and wish to connect with you, then you’re made. That’s been the event of Instagram celebrity Welven Da Great. Which range from American version Amber Rose to professional wrestler Jeff Cobbs as well as audio mogul Dj Khaled, Welven Da Great is your celeb which other celebs wish to be with. Finally, Welven started a series of webisodes on YouTube that detail his daily pursuits. He launched a video game at October 2015.

His Bio

Welven Harris was Created May 31, 1988, in Long Beach, California, Usa. His aunt raised him together with his cousins. In a young age, Welven has ever been hilarious. But while growing up, he had been a victim of bullying on many occasions. The movie was followed by yet another titled Deez nuts that became much more popular than the original. Welven Da amazing first uploaded the Deez nuts movie on Instagram at March 2015. The movie garnered over 58,000 viewpoints in the very first month. Because of this, his social websites after soared high along with his Instagram followers reaching 1 million. But he fell victim to hackers and needed to begin his own accounts around. Beyond his viral movies, Welven Da Great also owes his fame to his infectious personality. Where he goes folks are usually very open minded of him. As a result of the global reach of the world wide web, Welven has fans throughout the world. But some are of the view he’s being tapped to get money and fame but the online celebrity admits he enjoys all of the love he’s been getting. Additionally, Welven’s managerAnthony “Lefty” Bradfordclaims he started recording Welven Da Great 4 decades until he became famous.


Many who encounter Welvin Da Great are inclined to believe that he has some type of disability. The Instagram celebrity has confessed he endures a medical challenge. But, his loved ones and supervisor prefer to not disclose the particular challenge he’s. On account of this handicap, Welven didn’t have it rather simple growing up. He’s blessed to have very supportive and inviting family members that always treated him with dignity and love. While he’s attained some amount of fame, they nevertheless give him all of the support and care that he needs every step along the way. Image resource

The Girlfriend of welven Da Great

Wherever he goes, Welven Da Great receives much enjoy his fans, particularly the women. Therefore it was rather perplexing whether he had a girlfriend viewing that the web is littered with images of the Instagram celebrity and different sexy women. It was Welven includes a girlfriend revealed in a movie he shared through YouTube at October 2017. The identity of this woman was not disclosed. However, both packed on a great deal of PDA on that movie that everybody just assumed she had been the one.

Net Worth

Picture source as a result of his star status, Welven Da great currently has paid to make appearances at parties, shows and other similar events. At present, he has paid less than $4,500 to make short looks and socialise at occasions. Talk about the fantastic life! There are varying amounts on what the online feeling is worth right now. His net worth is presently set between $100,000 and $300,000. For anyone who has paid to have fun, Welven Da Great’s net worth is surely likely to have higher.

Were He Arrested?

Back in April 2015, rumour filtered during that Welven Da Great was detained. It had been alleged that he had sexually attacked some girls at a nightclub. On the other hand, the rumour turned out to be untrue. Both the arrest as well as the allegations of sexual misconduct were unfounded. The Instagram celebrity granted an interview along with his supervisor Anthony “Lefty” Bradford to clean the atmosphere on the situation. Welven imputed the rumour into “haters”.

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