How Much Has Knight Kiplinger Earned from His Career?

Knight Kiplinger laughing, while wearing a black half sweater
Knight Kiplinger laughing, while wearing a black half sweater
Born Name Knight Austin Kiplinger
Birth Place Washington D.C
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Journalist
Wife Ann Sheldon Miller
Net Worth $5 million
Age 71 years old
Parents Austin H Kiplinger and Mary Louise

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Knight Kiplinger is a reputed name in the history of American journalism. The famous journalist holds exceptionally high standards of goodwill and reliability with his global economic magazine, Kiplinger.

Through his expertise in economics and finance, the 44-year-old heads the financial magazine and features multiple television and radio shows. So, today we delve into the professional journey of the veteran journalist and the livelihood he made out of it. 

Built a Massive Fortune of Millions

The veteran journalist, Kiplinger, earns a staggering net worth of $5 million as of 2019. Despite that, he prefers to spend a low-key livelihood and continuously focus on his editorials and publications.

The 71-year-old is the head of the monthly Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and featured widely popular networks like CNN and CNBC in the past. So, how did the multi-millionare personality end up where he is today? 

Continued the Family Legacy in Kiplinger

The charismatic leader took the responsibilities on his shoulders since he joined the Kiplinger media as the vice-president of the company. His grandfather, W.M. Kiplinger founded the company, and his father, Austin H. Kiplinger was the president until 1992

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In 1992, Kiplinger took over the presidential role in the magazine heading over all the operations of the much historic magazine. He also performed the role of editor in chief of the firm in 1999.

YouTube: Knight Kiplinger shares his 10 vital financial tips.

After serving the media group for more than three decades, he sold his firm to a British business group earlier in 2019.

Started from the Bottom

Even though the veteran journalist had his family business magazine safe, he chose to explore the real world for better learning and experience. He worked as a correspondent and bureau manager in Washington and Griffin-Larrabee News, respectively.

YouTube: Knight Kiplinger in an interview for Mr.Magazine

In pursuit of higher knowledge, he further performed as the chief at the Ottaway News Service for about six years. The service covered the significant happenings at Washington, Albany, Boston, and Harrisburg.

Following all these works, the talented journalist finally found himself ready to work in his own family media group, Kiplinger, in 1983

Featured on Radio and Television

Kiplinger appeared on different television shows to share his views on the happenings on the economic world like CNN, Fox, and CNBC. Furthermore, he also featured in The Today ShowWall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser, and Marketplace.

There is no doubt that these appearances gave him a huge paycheck considering the names and demands of the charismatic Kiplinger head.

As a respected reporter, Kiplinger gathered a full frame of knowledge, especially on the field of economics, philanthropy, and history. Therefore, many media groups invited and interviewed the veteran to distribute his experience.

Married with Ann Sheldon Miller

The face of Kiplinger magazine tied the knot with Ann Sheldon Miller. He met his special-education teacher wife at a chorus rehearsal session in 1979, a year before they exchanged the vows.

The duo shares three children, Brigham Cobb Kiplinger, Sutton Elizabeth Kiplinger, and Daphne Lambert Kiplinger. All of them are currently on their 30s, fully focused on their respective lives.

Quick Facts: Knight Kiplinger

  • Despite his birth in Washington, the on-demand media personality moved to Northfield, Illinois as a child.
  • Beyond journalism, he is interested in music, playing piano and folk guitar.
  • During his twenties, he graduated from Cornell University, in government and science in 1969.
  • Alongside his media group, he serves as the trustee of The Kiplinger Foundation, the family foundation established by his ancestors.
  • Kiplinger owns an ambitious vision to establish a whole new town on the coast of Florida.

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