How Much Net Worth did Robert Z’Dar Have When He Died?

Robert Z'Dar in a black shirt.
Robert Z'Dar in a black shirt.
Born Name Robert J. Zdarsky
Birth Place June 3, 1950
Height 6 feet
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Nationality American
Profession Producer and Actor
Net Worth $1.6 million
Age 64 years old
Sibling Billy Zdarsky

Robert J. Zdarsky, popular as Robert Z’Dar, remains in the memory of millions of Hollywood followers with his works in different TV shows and movies. The American actor is not with us today, but his work surely marks his legacy forever.

With 121 appearances in movies and television, Z’Dar left the world at the age of 64, creating a massive void in the entertainment industry. So, today, we gather more details on his death and his life achievements.

Death by Cardiac Arrest

Robert Z’Dar left the world at the age of 64 on March 30, 2015. He suffered from cardiac arrest and consequently lost his life after a month of hospital admission.

The threatening signs came earlier when he struggled with chest pains while attending the Pensacon, in Pensacola. After the unfortunate event, he got hospitalized and continued to suffer ever since.

Owned A Massive Net Worth of $1.6 Million

The late actor, Robert Z’Dar left a huge fortune of $1.6 million for the well-being of his family. He worked as an actor and producer throughout the majority of his life until his final year.

YouTube: A tribute video for late superstar Robert Z’Dar.

The legendary actor was popular for his versatile roles in Tango & Cash, Soultaker, and Future War. Through his impressive works on television, not just he earned huge wealth but also amassed a large number of fans.

Breakthrough from Maniac Cop

The experienced actor played the role of a cop, a profession he worked prior to acting, in the classic American slasher film, Maniac Cop. He portrayed a New York City police Matt Cordell in the thrilling movie.

Z’Dar impressed alot of the television and Hollywood industry with his role and landed the same role in the sequel of the movie itself on 1990.

The first part of the movie series grossed $670 thousand, while it had a budget of $1.1 million.

Versatility on Screen

In pursuit of his acting dream, the dashing actor featured different roles in Hot Chilli, The Killing Game, and Badge of Silence. Furthermore, you could also witness his breakthrough in Tango & Cash and The Final Sanction.

The late actor shared the sets of Tango & Cash with Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone. Even though, he passed away in 2015, his latest movie High on the Hog released on 16 April 2019. In addition to that, he also appeared in an episode of The Flash in its early days.

Quick Facts: Robert Z’Dar

  • Surprisingly, the enthusiast actor was a former Chicago police officer.
  • Prior to his acting career, he used to sing and play keyboard and guitar for rock-band Nova Express.
  • Unfortunately, he struggled with Cherubism. a genetic disorder causing excessive bone growth in the jawline.
  • He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.
  • The American also held passion in football, since he was a star player on his university football team.

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