Husband, Net Worth, Married, Today, Salary, Parents, Brother

Husband, Net Worth, Married, Today, Salary, Parents, Brother

Who is Lis Wiehl?

Lis Wiehl is a multi-talented American lawyer, author, legal analyst and a former Fox News Network contributor. She’s worked as an associate professor in University of Washington Law School in Addition to an Adjunct professor at New York Law School. While at Fox News, Wiehl appeared in a lot of displays such as Bill O’Rielly’s radio program amongst others. She’s the daughter of an ex-FBI official called Dick Wiehl and has been formerly married to a fellow lawyer called Mickey Sherman.

The Bio of lis Wiehl

Lis Wiehl was born in Yakima, Washington in the USA on August 19, 1961. She has a brother called Christopher and they were raised by their own parents Dick Wiehl who functioned as a FBI agent and a brand new mother. While she was growing up, she moved into West Valley High School and following her graduation; she enrolled at Barnard College where she obtained her freshman ‘s diploma in 1983. She went into theUniversity of Queensland where she got a Masters of Arts in Literature in 1985. Lis studied further at Harvard Law School where she graduated as a Juris Doctor in 1987.


Following her graduation, Lis Wiehl began working as a litigation associate at Perkins Cole Law company and afterwards, in 1990, she was employed as a federal prosecutor at the United States Attorney’s office before 1995. Throughout her stay in the lawyer ‘s office, Lis functioned as a legal correspondent and contributor to National Public Radio. She served at the United States House of Representatives as a Primary Deputy Chief Minority Investigative Counsel for Democrats throughout Clinton’s impeachment. Afterward, she became a law professor in the University of Washington’s School of Law at Seattle from 1995 to 2001. She conducted Trial Advocacy Program while in the college.

Fox News Career

The multi-talented legal analyst combined Fox News from 2001 as a legal commentator for its favorite series titled The Radio Factor complemented by Bill O’Reilly. She had been given a corner branded Lis on Law on Fox site where she writes on legal problems. Lis also emerged on other Fox shows such as The Kelly using Megyn Kelly, The O’Reilly Factor, Lou Dobbs Tonight in Addition to Your World with Neil Cavuto. Lis Wiehl abandoned Fox News at 2017 after some problems of sexual harassment against Bill O’Reilly for that she later received $32 million at the settlement. Asides from being a Fantastic legal adviser, Lis is a successful author and has published several books including New York Times Bestsellers like the Separatist, Face of Betrayal, The Newsmakers, The 51 percent Minority, Eyes of Justice, Snapshot, and Walking Hours Amongst Others.

Personal Life?

Lis’s ex-husband Mickey Sherman Being the daughter of a former FBI agent, Lis enjoys keeping advice regarding her private life under the colors with no interference of the press. She is mom of 2 kids. The duo tied the knot in 2006 at a lavish wedding gown in Old Greenwich, Connecticut restaurant. Large profile individuals attended their marriage. Their union surfaced until after six years after they began experiencing plenty of issues that could not be solved. The power couple eventually split in 2012 and Lis Wiehl obtained the custody of the two kids. Since the divorce, she’s been concentrated on raising her children and there’s absolutely not any news of her connections.


Lis and Mickey have two children, a boy called Jacob and also a girl named Danielle, there’s not any information regarding her kids ‘s present standing, their date of birth, educational status and other particulars. Danielle and Jacob are both residing with their mom in new york.

Body Dimensions

Lis Wiehl is a woman with an attractive character. She’s quite tall, standing at 6 ft (1.83m) that is above the normal height for American girls and she weighs 78 kg (171 lbs). Lis has body dimensions of 37-29-39 inches plus a bra size of 34C. Her dress size is 10 and shoe/feet dimension is unknown.

Lis Wiehl’s Net Worth

The professor has produced a great deal of cash from her law career, tv profession in addition to in the sales of her novels. She’s spent decades working as a professor at New York Law School and she’s also a legal analyst for Fox News, National Public Radio Program, and Bill O’Reilly’s radio program. Lis Weihl gets got the net worth of $32 million, so she earns her net worth from her profession as a lawyer, her job in Fox News,and other jobs. She was allegedly paid $32 million in January 2017 by Bill O’Reilly because of settlement for sexual harassment allegations. You can connect on Twitter and Instagram with Lis

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