Is Actor Harry Kirton Dating Someone; Find Out More?

Harry Kirton works part-time in a vegan cafe
Harry Kirton works part-time in a vegan cafe
Harry Kirton is single and not dating anyone.
Born Name Harry Kirton
Birth Place Birmingham, England
Height 6 feet
Eye Color Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality British
Ethnicity British
Profession Actor
Net Worth $100 Thousand
Age 21 years old

Many people’s dreams come true when they step into the acting world, many do not. Twenty-one years old Harry Kirton, who is in the starting phase of his promising career, is one of those young lads aspiring to become a superstar one day. 

Famous for the hit British crime drama series Peaky Blinders, he may have already shown signs to become a top-notch actor one day. So, let’s take a closer look at the young man’s personal life!

Is Peaky Blinders Star In A Relationship?

Like another young actor Lorenzo Zurzolo, Harry Kirton appears to be single at the moment. He prefers to remain tight-lipped about his life, especially about his love life. 

Nothing is sure, however, as the actor might be in a dating relationship but opts not to share it to the public. Who knows he might already be in a secret romance?

The 21-year-old is occasionally active on social media and only shares his professional works on it. Whatever the situation might be, hopefully, he is contented with his life!

Working Part-Time In A Vegan Cafe!

It is not often you find a celebrity doing work other than acting. But Harry is one of those few who works as a part-time at a Vegan cafe shop in London, Shoreditch. 

The actor revealed that he does it in order not to have success go to his head. 

Speaking about it, 

He said:

I still do part-time work, you know, I like to keep in sync with the world that we live in because acting is a very…you know, you’re pretending a lot, and your headspace is in this area and that. At the end of the day we’ve all got to pay rent, and we’ve all got to do real things.

Surprisingly, due to his character’s (In Peaky Blinders) unique haircut, which is distinct from his natural flat hair, he revealed that not many people recognize him. 

Kirton’s Earnings Form Work

The young man has only been in two on-screen performances till now, so, obviously, he can’t have made a lot of money out of those. 

The actor has a net worth of $100 Thousand from his works in acting and modeling. The average salary of an actor in the UK is $141.80 (£109) per day and around $32,523 annually. In contrast, actor Anthony Cavalero holds a net worth of $1.5 million.

Harry only television work is in Peaky Blinders in which he plays the recurring role of Finn Shelby. In the crime drama series, he plays alongside Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, and Sam Neill

Check out the clip of Harry Kirton’s T.V. series, Peaky Blinders!

On the big screen, the actor featured in the movie We Can Be Heroes (2017). Likewise, he played alongside actors Graeme Brookes, Sean Campio, Phil Davis, Natalie Dew.

Amusing Things About The Young Actor

  • Harry Kirton was only 15 when he was the first cast on Peaky Blinder.
  • He also works as a model for 777Casting Management based in London.
  • The actor revealed that he had to ditch some of his ‘leeching friends’ who used him for fame.

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