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Jade Logue

Jade Logue may not be a celebrity that you admire but she is the transgender daughter of the famous father Donal Logue. He has played the character of the detective Harvey Bullock in the television series ‘Gotham’. Besides these, she may not be famous for her work though noticed for her braveness, innocence, and unshakable personality.

However, she came in highlight after she went on missing. During mid-2017, Donal has organized the search campaign. Nearly after 2 weeks of the online campaign, he found her 16-year-old daughter Jade and safely returned to her home, according to an online news portal, Dailymail.co.uk.JadeCaption: Actor Donal Logue’s transgender daughter Jade Logue.
Source: Dailynews

Jade Logue: Bio, Family, Education, Career

Jade was born on 25 March 2001, in Brooklyn, New York, the United States as Arlo Logue. She was born as the son to the actor Donal Logue and ex-wife Kasey Walker-Smith, later she changed her gender to female. She grew up in loving and supportive parents and siblings. Jade has an older brother named Finn Logue.

As growing up, Logue determined her gender and being aware of her gender, her parents also supported the decision to undergo a transfiguration of gender. After that, in 2016, at the age of fifteen, she announced publically that she is a transgender. Moreover, she also opens herself to involve in a bully, slander, and other discriminations as well.

Jade Logue: Missing & Found

Logue has not discussed much her personal life in the media, except being transgender. Also, if you are related to famous personality automatically you will gain the attention of the media. Moreover, the person who has a popular background with a twist, he/she will gradually take the position. Despite that, Logue has been attention due to her famous father and her transgender. While growing up, he has been targeted to bullying, discrimination, and so on.

After disclosing her sexual orientation publically through social media, in mid-2017, she disappeared. Actually what happened was she and friends went out for a hangout and Jade never returned. After thoroughly searching, her parents went online and posted about their missing child. They further added she had missing but not ‘ran away’. After appealing publically, Donal deleted the post and went to the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Logue family

Caption: Logue siblings with their father Donal Logue
Source: eonline

After the two weeks of her missing, she was found 400 miles away from home in North Carolina. Then she promptly taken to her parents. However, there were no statements released about her missing. Meanwhile, Donal posted a thank you to all his supporters as well as organizations.

Jade Logue: Net Worth & Social Media Profiles

Besides having a hand of a millionaire father, she also involved in different endeavors. The eighteen-year-old transfemale is said to have a net worth of $80,000 as of now. The girl is still young to make money and indulge in her different fields of business.

Unlike her parents, she does not seem to use different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Though she had a Twitter account in the past, over a year, she has not updated the status, after her disappearance.

Jade Logue: Body Measurements

The 5 feet 10 inches tall Jade is a transgender came out openly in 2015. After that, she began to become more feminine like in appearance growing hair, dressing styles and also began to take pills and shots that stimulate hormone to develop like a woman. Moreover, there is no information on her body weight or measurements.

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