Jenette Goldstein Net Worth, Earnings, Married, Husband, Wiki-Bio

Jenette Goldstein is married to Aaron Noble
Jenette Goldstein is married to Aaron Noble
Born Name Jenette Elise Goldstein
Birth Place California, United States
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Eye Color Blue
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Profession Actress, Business woman
Husband Aaron Noble
Net Worth $1 million
Age 59 years old

Imagine working on your first movie and immediately winning an award for your performance. So was the acting career of Jenette Elise Goldstein, otherwise known as Jenette Goldstein.

Jenette is an American actress and voice actress who is popular for her role in the movie, Aliens (1986). However, it isn’t the only movie she is famous for! She is also the owner of Jenette Bras. Stick to the article to know more about her.

Net Worth of the Multitalented Lady

Jenette earned herself a net worth of about $1 million. It’s no surprise considering the fact that she worked in around 40 movies and tv shows including her own bra company and voice acting jobs. She did voice acting for a few video games such as Real Heros: Firefighter, X-men: Next Dimension, and Star Trek: Invasion.

Besides movies and video games, Jenette has also acted in tv shows, Six feet under, ER, and Strong Medicine. But the movies Aliens, Terminator 2: Judgement day and Titanic are what she is most recognized for.

Performance in Aliens

Aliens released in the year 1986 and is a sequel to the movie Alien (1979). In the movie, Ellen Ripley, the protagonist, and her crew discover an extraterrestrial creature on her mission in the moon. She later exterminates the creature by throwing it into the outer space.

The film director was James Cameron where Gale Anne Hurd and Sigourney Weaver worked as the producers of the film. The cast members of the film are Michael Biehn, Paul Reiser, and Lance Henriksen. The film collected a gross sum of $157 million worldwide.

Cameron wanted people with American accents for the casting process of the film. Luckily, Jennette perfectly fitted his requirements. Trusting her talents as an actress, she gave a shot at the audition. However, she didn’t have an agent at that time. And so, she mistook it for a movie about immigrants to England.

Goldstein showed up at the audition wearing makeup and high heels. She was struck when she saw others in military fatigues. It was only then that she realized she was auditioning for a marine’s role. But she came back again for a second chance after showing her dedication to the director.

Jenette came back prepared this time and landed the role of Vasquez. In fact, the director was so impressed by her act, he offered Goldstein roles in his other movies, Terminator 2 and Titanic. Her role of Vasquez won her the Saturn Award in 1987 for the Best Supporting Actress. Now, she’s popularly known as the badass from Aliens.

Jenette Bras – “The alphabet starts at ‘D’”

After having trouble finding a bra size that fit her huge bust size, she realized other people might be having the same trouble as herself. She consulted with her partner and thought about starting her own clothing line.

Although Jenette encountered some income problems at the beginning, she finally started her own company, Jenette Bras in 2009. The company creates special bras for women with larger bust sizes. Her company is now a sucessful business and celebrities like Katherine Heigl is among her regular customers.

Married to an Artist

The 59-year-old Jenette Goldstein is married to her partner Aaron Noble. The duo first met when Jenette moved to UC Santa Barbara to study acting full-time.

They started dating after a short while and later tied the knot. The couple then moved to London to pursue her further studies.

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