Jeremy Buendia Net Worth, Diet, Salary, Son, Married, Spouse, Children, Kids

Jeremy Buendia Net Worth, Diet, Salary, Son, Married, Spouse, Children, Kids

Who is Jeremy Buendia?

Jeremy Buendia is an expert IFBB competition and fitness model. This model is of Filipino descent. As a young chap, following his soccer career appeared over, he focused solely on bodybuilding; trained and ready well before he participate in any contest.


Jeremy Buendia was created on the 10 th of October 1990 at Roseville, California. When he had been a young child, he had been inspired by his dad who had been a non-professional bodybuilder. This finally pushed him to venture to bodybuilding early in existence. While he was climbing up, Jeremy had this inherent aggressive character, which happens to be among the principal motives he managed to ascend the ladder of success. Throughout his years in college, he was skillful as a line-back. Jeremy managed to clinch the all-league honor in spite of the fact he developed an accident. Regrettably, he afterwards gave up on soccer as a consequence of many traumas and college duties. But he was encouraged by his doggedness to venture.


Buendia is weightlifter and an expert stylist. Due to the experience he had with weightlifting he ventured to the livelihood. When he graduated from high school, he made his mind up to get involved in competitions. His very first contest tripped him to compete professionally. Coming in at first position didn’t go well with himsohe decided to have a rest from the spotlight so as to prepare harder, learn from his previous experiences, and return with a better body. After a year or two of backbreaking work and persistence, Jeremy returned having an wonderful body to the series. He won the contest and also clinched his first series in the 2010 Contra Costa Championships. Giving credit to his speedy victory, Buendia understood that stimulation was his ardour. He also concluded the season by clinching the number 3 position in the 2010 NPC California State Building Championships and in addition, he ready for more prestigious rivals beforehand. Jeremy Buendia went to a rest for a year until he began seeing results. He won the NPC Excalibur. Following that, he started making preparations for a few of the very highly aggressive challenges he had been to experience in the 2013 NPC Amateur Grand Prix at Los Angeles. He won that series, and he clinched the number 1 place in the NPC Excalibur Championships. After Buendia won a number of the roughest displays he partook in, he moved to receive his card.

2013 Onwards

Jeremy began getting ready for a few of the most contests in his livelihood. It had been the 2013 NPC Junior Championships, and very quickly, he exhibited his full capacities. After he’d spent so much time engaging and dieting in rigorous exercises, Buendia showcased his well-built body and won the series. Jeremy Buendia obtained his card. Going on, he qualified for the IFBB Professional League contest. Jeremy knew he was likely to be one of the men who have the ideal body in the entire world at Mr.Olympia. After he had been awarded his ace card, he had been elated, realizing that his fantasy has shown. Thus, Jeremy Buendia was pitched right into a melancholic state since he arrived 2ndand he assured himself it won’t repeat itself . Jeremy won Mr.Olympia twice back-to-back; beating other opponents that partook in the 2015 and 2016 variant of the series.

Jeremy Buendia’s Girlfriend

Picture source there’s not any information about his present girlfriend, but resources show he obsolete Narmin Assria at a certain stage. Narmin was an IFBB Pro Bikini Champion.

Height And Weight

Buendia has a fantastic height and body construction. He weighs 75 kg and is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Net Worth

In the year 2017, the net worth of Buendia has been anticipated to be approximately 1 million dollars, with an yearly salary of $300,000 and a monthly salary of $25,000.

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