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Joey Ahern is a Youtube content creator
Joey Ahern is a Youtube content creator
Born Name Joey Ahren
Eye Color Hazel
Profession Youtuber
Net Worth $100 thousand
Age 29 years old
Dating Shelby

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Do you love Dogs? If you do then you’ll definitely love Joey Ahern and his lovely boy, Steel the Husky. Joey runs a Youtube channel where he uploads funny videos with Steel.

Stick with the article to know more about the adventures of Joey and Steel.

Steel The Husky

Steel is an 8-year-old Siberian Husky. The Youtuber Joey mostly uploads videos of him and Steel completing trending challenges. You can see how much Joey loves his Dog Steel through his videos. Steel even has his own Instagram account with 101,000 followers.

Steel loves making videos with Joey as well. You can almost see how excited Steel is when they make videos together. Joey uploaded a video on Youtube where he does the try not to howl challenge with Steel. He also has a video in which he feeds Steel various fruits and vegetables.

Siberian Huskys live about 12- 15 years and can grow up to 20-27 kgs. Huskies are generally Gentle creatures known for their intelligence. The public also prefers huskies for their beautiful fur coats.

A New Member of the Family

On March 26, 2019, Joey introduced a new addition to his family, Stormy. Stormy is a blue merle Corgi and a cross-breed of a Pembroke Corgi and a Cardigan Corgi.

The Youtuber mentioned that although Stormy is set to bite Steel’s tail, they are getting along quite well. He added that he is really excited about the arrival of Stormy. Ahmer’s love for dogs is absolutely undeniable. Let us hope he, Steel, and Stormy are always as happy.

Is Joey Dating Anyone?

The youtuber Joey Ahern is currently sharing a relationship with Shelby. The duo is probably together from September 2018. Since their first photo dates back to the same date. It’s only obvious, don’t you think?

It seems Shelby loves Steel too. And Steel also seems to love her equally. You can know that from how happy she looks in the photo!

Is Steel Dating Anyone?

Steel is an 8-year-old male Husky and is currently single. So, if you’re a dog reading this and looking for a partner, you should definitely call up Joey to help you with!

Net Worth of Joey Ahern

Joey Ahern is a Youtuber with 231,000 subscribers. He has a net worth of around $100 thousand.

Ahern also has an Instagram account with 60,000 followers. He earns around $243 – $405 per promotional posts. Steel also has an Instagram account and each promotional post from that account earns him about $304.5 – $507.5.

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