Josh Tickell Married a Woman who Understands His Thoughts!

Josh Tickell is married to Rebecca Harrell Tickell since 2010.
Josh Tickell is married to Rebecca Harrell Tickell since 2010.
Born Name Joshua Tickell
Birth Place Lancaster, Ohio
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Activist, Director
Wife Rebecca Harrell Tickell
Net Worth $250,000
Weight 59 kg
Age 44 years old

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No words for Josh Tickell! This man might be one of the most important humans as his contribution to saving humankind from global warming and other environmental problems are phenomenal.

Tickell wrote many best selling novels and even his movie received a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival. His work received recognition from world-famous media like The New York Times and many more. But what is lesser-known about this amazing human being is his personal life. Is he married? Does he have kids? We are going to answer all your questions, so stick to the end.

Married with an Environment Conserver

Josh Tickell is married to Rebecca Harrell Tickell. Rebecca Harrell is an actress, however, she left her acting career behind for the sake of mankind. Tickell and Harrell first met during an event about, you guessed it, environmental conservation.

Later, they made a movie together called Fuel during which they became really close and fell in love. The movie directed by Josh and co-produced by his soon-to-be wife, Rebecca released in 2008.

Shortly afterward, they became inseparable and decided that they are made for each other. The duo got engaged sometime in 2009, and finally exchanged vows on January 1, 2008. The presence of close friends and family made their special day even more special and let’s not forget that it was New Year, so it was a double celebration for all of them.

Tickell and Harrell gave birth to their first child, Athena Rae Tickell on March of 2014. Both of them consider Athena’s birth to be a spiritual experience as Rebecca gave birth in their own home. With the help of a friend, she safely brought their first bundle of joy in this world.

Their second child, Jedi Tickell was born right before the premiere of their movie Good Fortune. Jedi was also born at home. The couple are still going strong, thanks to their passion for the environment.

A New Beginning with His Lover

After marriage, the couple felt that they need to get away from the city to start a new life and a family. All of their friends thought that it was the dumbest thing to do as their career was at its highest during the time. Without ever having double thoughts on whay they ought to do, they started looking for a new place and finally found a suitable place.

In Ojai, California, they found a 5-acre property that they quickly bought by taking out a loan. After months of maintenance, they turned it into a livable place and also a production studio from where they continued their work. The Tickell family lives in Ojai to this day.

Trivia: Josh Tickell

  • Josh Tickell became renowned all over the world in 1997 when he drove across the country with a van powered by oil in which French Fry was made.
  • One of the greatest actors of all time, Leonardo Dicaprio produced a documentary version of his bestselling book, Kiss the Ground.
  • The 44-year-old director’s Sundance Award-winning movie screened at the White House and even got Josh shortlisted for an Oscar Award.
  • The Lancaster-native has a Master’s Degree in Film and a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Living from the Florida State University’s School of Motion Picture and New College of South Florida respectively.
  • The Fuel director also made a guest appearance on Jay Leno‘s The Tonight Show.

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