Kelsey Impicciche’s Wiki Height, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Wife, Family

Kelsey Impicciche's Wiki Height, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Wife, Family

Who is Kelsey Impicciche? Wiki Bio

Kelsey Impicciche was born in the USA on 11 July 1991 – her zodiac sign is Cancer and she holds American nationality. Her name has Hispanic origins, but she is also of British descent. She is a social media personality, gamer, cosplayer, actress, and a producer, currently working at Buzzfeed which is an American internet media and entertainment company. Kelsey gained recognition after she began uploading her “Dangerous At Any Speed” vlogs onto her YouTube channel.

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Childhood and education

Kelsey was raised in Los Angeles as an only child by her father who is teaching at a local high school, and her mother who was working as a nurse.

Kelsey started playing video games at a very early age, and preferred to spend her free time with boys and play sports such as soccer and basketball rather than to play with dolls with other girls. By the time she reached high school, she was an avid gamer who could beat her male friends in most of the games they played. Not long after she matriculated in 2009, Kelsey decided to focus on a career on the internet instead of pursuing a college degree.

Career as a social media star

Kelsey launched her YouTube channel on 8 February 2012, onto which she uploads gameplays and videos of her everyday life, and has gathered over 500,000 subscribers and nearly 21 million views of all her videos combined.

She uploaded her first video “Kelsey in London” on 11 February 2013, which has only been seen around 16,000 times while her two most popular videos today are “A Day In The Life of A BuzzFeed Employee | Kelsey Impicciche” which has been viewed over 1.47 million times since 18 February 2019, and “Making 100 Cereals Into A GIANT Rice Krispie Treat | Kelsey Impicciche” which has been seen nearly 1.4 million times since it was uploaded on 20 September 2019.

Kelsey is also quite popular on the Twitch platform, on which she usually live streams while playing the video game “The Sims 4”, or just chats with her fans.

She began streaming on 23 March 2017, and has since gathered almost 70,000 followers, and 24 hours in total of going live. The highest number of unique viewers she has had on her videos is 965.

Kelsey is also making money from her Instagram account, which is followed by over 230,000 people, and onto which she uploads pictures taken while she is playing video games, attending cosplay events, or simply doing everyday activities. She is also active on Facebook and Twitter, and is selling her own merchandise online.

She started working for BuzzFeed in February 2016, and is today probably best known for hosting their series “The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge”, while she can also be seen hosting the series’ spin-offs “Olive Gets Famous” and “Vampire Twins.

Credits as an actress

Kelsey made her debut film appearance in 2013, when she portrayed the Woman 1 in the short action movie “The Mastery”, directed and written by Clovis Ong, which starred Jane Hae Kim and Bob Lee Dysinger. The film follows a girl who had watched her mother being raped and killed.

In 2014, Kelsey portrayed Taylor in the short romantic comedy movie “Flirt”, which starred Nathan Bealer, Juliu Brown and Helena Claussen, and which follows a girl attending college who is trying to seduce the hottest boy there, even though she is terrible at flirting. The following year saw Kelsey play a supporting character in the movie “The Toy Soldiers”, which was a success as it won five awards and was nominated for 11 others.

Kelsey Impicciche

She then appeared as Maggie in the short adventure movie “The Changing Room”, and as Mrs. Bradson in the short comedy film “The Deep Feint”.

She made her debut TV series appearance in 2015, when she appeared in the episode “Madden Face-Off Finale” of the game show “Madden Rivals”, and in 2016, she portrayed Lacey in the thriller movie “Suicide Note” which was directed and written by Jake Helgren, and which starred Kirby Bliss Blanton, Brant Daughterty and Lexi Giovagnoli. It follows a psychology student who, after finding out her roommate Emma committed suicide, follows what Emma wrote on her suicide note to find out what actually happened to her.

Kelsey went on to appear in the romantic film “Accidentally Engaged”, the family movie “All Hallows’ Eve”, and the romantic comedy “Girlfriends of Christmas Past”, before she was invited to portray Tamra Jacobs in the romantic comedy “Love Exclusively” – also known as “It Happened One Valentine’s” – written and directed by Jake Helgren, and which starred James Maslow and Haley Webb.

Three of Kelsey’s latest roles have been in the short film “60 Second Murder Spree”, another short film “Beta Male”, and the episode “Part 1” of the critically acclaimed comedy mini-series “Just Another Nice Guy”, all released in 2017.

Love life and relationships

Kelsey has been keeping details of her love life away from the media’s attention, and because she hasn’t talked about any men she might have been with, there are inevitable rumors circulating the internet regarding her sexual orientation, and her past and present relationships.

One rumor has it that Kelsey was dating Alexander Fost, an American actor and dancer, for two years, and that the two met on the internet as Alexander is also a content creator. He has featured in several of Kelsey’s videos, and although both claimed that they were only good friends, their fans believed they were something rather more. There is also a rumor that Kelsey was dating her best friend Evan for several months in 2018 before they split, but she currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have children.

Several of Kelsey’s fans have claimed to have seen her being rather too close to a girl at a club in Los Angeles, and have talked about Kelsey being lesbian or bisexual, although Kelsey herself hasn’t commented on the matter.

Hobbies and other interests

Kelsey likes to write, and had a diary during her teenage years before she decided to create her videos on YouTube in the form of a digital diary. She likes to travel, and has been to several US states including New York, Arizona and Texas, while she mostly enjoys visiting attractive natural locations such as the Grand Canyon. She is a lover of animals, and has a pet dog which is often featured in her pictures on Instagram; she has on several occasions volunteered at a local animal shelter in Los Angeles.

She is physically active as she has three training sessions at the gym per week, and also goes swimming, running and cycling. Kelsey enjoys tasting various cuisines – her favorite food is Mexican.

In her spare time, she likes to watch movies, and some of her favorite actors and actresses are Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Emma Watson, while some of her favorite movies are “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Runaway Bride”, and “The Art of Getting By”.

How old is Kelsey Impicciche? Net worth

Her age as of June 2020 is 28. Kelsey has long blonde hair and blue eyes, and is around 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall. Her net worth is estimated at over $500,000.

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