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Kelsy Karter

Kelsy Karter is a singer, musician, and social media personality from the country, Australia. She has sung the songs like ‘Crystal Blues’ and ‘Children of My Hometown’, which helped to notice her voice among the audiences. However, she gained wide public attention when she tweeted that she has a special gift on the birthday of Harry Styles. Later, she posted the pictures where she had tattooed the face of Harry on her cheek.

According to reports of BBC on 1 February 2019, the singer who had made headlines for sharing the photo of tattooing Harry Styles on her cheek. There were many assumptions and speculations of her tattoo being real. However, the BBC reported that she has now admitted that it was a publicity stunt and made it with help from a makeup artist. Additionally, she previously had drawn face of other celebrities like Kendrick Lamar and Swae Lee as well.

Kelsy making face of Harry styles on her face

Caption: Kelsy making face of Harry styles on her cheek
Source: Dailymail

Kelsy Karter: Bio, Family, Career

The singer was born on 1 August 1993, in Auckland, New Zealand as Kelsey Maree Eckstein. However, he grew up in Gold Coast, Australia after her family shifted there. She had an elder sister who was suffering from mental disabilities. Unfortunately, she passed away at a very young age due to her illness. Further, there is information on her father and mother.

Regarding her education, she finished her schooling from high school and also a college graduate. But she didn’t available information on her educational qualifications. After that, she decided to move to Los Angeles where she began to pursue her career in music. During her high school, she was involved in theatres and plays.

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From a young age of six, she found her interest in music, after which she began to learn the piano as well as other instruments. After moving to the US, in 2012, she had released her debut single ‘The revolution’ followed by song ‘Ghost Town’ in 2013. She is a big fan of musician/singer Harry Styles for whom she has dedicated song ‘Harry, Too Late for US’. Moreover, she gained noted when she tattooed the face of her favorite Harry Styles on her cheek for his birthday. Her other songs are ‘My Hometown and Crystal Blues’, ‘Kiss the Boy’, and ‘Sad Summer, and Out of Drugs’.

Kelsy Karter: Personal Life & Boyfriend

You must be wondering the big fan of Harry Styles is single or hooked up romantically with others. Regarding her personal life, she has maintained her distance when it comes to sharing her private life. There are more chances of her being single at the moment but she might be dating secretly.

However, there are any hints of her being attached romantically with any of the guys. Besides her tattooed on her cheek, she has not involved in any of the rumors or controversy. People have been assuming that the tattoo on her face is fake, its no real. Well, they were right, and afterward, she admitted it as a stunt to publicize her latest single on the former One Direction singer.

Kelsy Karter: Net Worth & Social Media Profiles

Looking at her earning, she might be amassing a good income out of her career. Furthermore, she is working as a musician and singer and had launched a few songs. The uprising singer might have an increase in her amount as she continues to grow in her career. Therefore, according to sources, her net worth has an estimation of around $200 thousand.

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Being a social media personality, she must be active over different social media platforms with verified accounts. On Instagram, she has an account @kelsykarter with 143k followers. She goes by the Twitter account @KelsyKarter with 11.4k followers. She has also a personal and verified Facebook handle having more than 3.3k followers.

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DONT LISTEN TO SOCIETY, YOUR TEACHERS OR YOUR PARENTS… …when they tell you something is impossible. if ive learned anything in my short life, its that most people are too scared to go after what they REALLY want. even the smart ones settle for normality when they secretly dream of becoming something extraordinary. now let me be very clear – im not talking about money or fame. fuck both of those things. they mean nothing. the modern day kardashian culture is ruining all of us, (but that’s a conversation for another time.) im talking about finding what you truly love and who you truly are and diving headfirst into it. if you wanna be the best garbage man the world ever saw, then f*cking go and get it!! i am lucky. i’ve always known what i wanted in life and that i was built to go and get it. sure ive made a lot of wrong turns, but i always found myself back to who i was. i am only just getting started but even getting to where i am now took me having a very individualistic mindset about most things and that can be a lonely place sometimes. i chose a career that forces me to have a unique lifestyle and i am constantly judged for it. but im cool with that. it’s who i am at the depths of my soul and i love it more than anything. call me conceited if you want, but i only got to where i am because i always saw myself getting here. when you wake up tomorrow stop listening to all the opinions around you. make your own rules and never break them. anyone who tells you you can’t have everything you dream of, is too afraid to go after their own desires. and that’s ok, we need those people too. look deep down in YOUR heart and ask yourself what really turns you on and as long as it’s not (too) illegal or unethical then go after it. be who you want, love who you want and take no shit from anyone. you’ve got at least one person who believes in ya. thank you for believing in me. here’s to another year of breaking the rules together 🚀

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Kelsy Karter: Body Measurements

The beautiful Aussie singer has an average height of 5 feet 2 inches or 1.57 meters. Her slim and fit body weighs around 52 kg with body measurements of 34-25-35 inches. She has light blue eyes color with black long hair.

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