Kirk Cousins House | Home Area Location Features Price Room Address

Kirk Cousins House | Home Area Location Features Price Room Address
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Posted By: joy root | December 3, 2018

One of the other hottest topic following the life of celebrities is their living accommodations as to what kind of house has their beloved celebrity has purchased. Kirk Cousins House. It a villa or a mansion or a simple house in suburbs. What is its worth and what secret doe the house has inside of it when it comes to the interior? Fans are always after the intricate details of their beloved idol’s life and that includes the house too. celebrities from NFL football world are being paid huge amounts of money in terms of salary earnings and this has been utilized by them perfectly for improving their lifestyle and the first thing they do is buy a luxurious hose.

Kirk Cousins House:-

Kirk Cousins is the star athlete for the Washington Redskins. This once underrated player of the team is now regarded as one of their best with a substantial amount of salary earnings from his franchise tagging to not let him get stolen by other teams. However, this was not the case all the time. He was not only considered as an underrated player instead he also had one of the lowest salary deals in NFL. However, now he is earning an annual salary of about $20 million and this has been for straight two years. Kirk Cousins House. This has increased his net worth and the first thing after having this much money he did was to buy himself a luxurious house.

Kirk Cousins House Address:-

The house bought by Kirk on mortgagee basis back in 2012 but after receiving his first $19 million paychecks he bought this house permanently and is its proud owner. The location of the house is the community that is on the stretch of the Pacific Coastline of the northern San Diego Community. To be more precise the city is calling Carlsbad. Kirk Cousins House.  The house is locating on an ideal piece of land overlooking the Pacific and is amongst few of the expensive communities of Carlsbad.

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Kirk Cousins House Area and Price:-

The house boasts a total area of about 12000 square feet which is decent enough to call it a small; mansion. Kirk Cousins House. The house bought at a price of about $3 million but is now currently listed at a price of $3.5 million.

Kirk Cousins House Area and Price
Kirk House and Location

Kirk Cousins House Rooms:-

The house despite being a designer mansion is capable to fulfill the need of a family. House offers three bedrooms along with four bathrooms.  Kirk Cousins House. The living room is spacious and overlooks the marvelous view of the Pacific from widening windows.

Kirk Cousins House Kitchen:-

The kitchen is designing with island theme tabletop and flooring is of the special marble. The kitchen is equipping with all the necessary equipment for cooking for a party.

Kirk Cousins House other Rooms:-

Beside the main kitchen and bedrooms house offers these rooms too.

  • Den that can also be used as an office
  • Spacious living room overlooking the ocean
  • Gym room with state of the art equipment
  • Theatre room
Kirk Cousins House other Rooms
other home feature

Kirk Cousins House other Features:-

The backyard of the house is clearly a sandy beach that is following further by an ocean.  Kirk Cousins House. Other than that other features of the house are as follows.

  • Grassy front lawn with palm trees
  • Swimming pool with a hot tub
  • Wine cellar in the basement
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Kirk Cousins House Garage:-

The garage of the house is spacious enough to hold not only his luxury car collection 5 cars but also hold in the 6th Conversion Van of his grandfather that he purchased from her grandma after the death of his grandfather.

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